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I am posting my reviews from 2016 thru 2021 for all visitors of my website to see. My TER ID is 256588. It includes the general details as well as the juicy details (reserved only for VIP clients). TER link is at the bottom of each website page so feel free to check directly on their website as well. As most of you may not be VIP's, I duplicated it word for word (and did not correct spelling).

I've included the good, bad and in between (average) reviews. Many men prefer cover model's and skinny, spinner athletic type's so I may not be for them. So please stay home or go to another provider if you prefer that type. Otherwise, come to my playground! I can guarantee if you love to play, are passionate, love GFE and are realistic in your expectations, you will have a great time with me!

HHNT0104 - Appearance 5 - Plain Performance 6 - Nice Time
Feb 25, 2021
General Details Anita is an older lady who is fun to talk to. She is not real toned, but her pictures show that clearly. Her pictures are exactly who she is... so no surprises here. Overall, Anita is an extremely nice person who is very accommodating during the session. The Juicy Details When I arrived at the hotel, standard text on where to go and room number. Knocked on the door and she opened up with a revealing outfit on. We sat down and talked awhile before retiring to the other room. We started with some DFK while we sat on the bed. She then undressed me and then started with a BBBJ. She is very good at this and was impressed with her tongue. Next she rolled over and I took off her bra and undies. I started by sucking on her tits and nipples. My fingers worked her down below. NOTE on the front page it states her pussy is bald. It is actually now all natural. She does have some cute blinding hair down there... pretty long and untrimmed. Afterward playing around I rolled over and she jumped up on top of me for some really deep penetration. She can move very well and I enjoyed watching her smaller tits bounce up and down. After exploding inside her, she cleaned me up and I was in my way
Alexlin13 Appearance 7 Attractive Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Feb 26, 2021
General Details Anita is an experienced pro, VIPs read on. The Juicy Details she delivers BBJ and covered sex and more His blow job is more than just a blow job, you feel like you gonna get transported to heaven. She goes the whole 10 yards. My balls have never been sucked and licked like this before. She enjoys DATY also. But last time when I saw her she had a big all bush going so I didn't go down there. Other than that she will do what you as for. Look wise she is okay but service is excellent.
Chicagoguy7474 Appearance 7 Attractive 8 Performance Went the Extra Mile
Jan 29, 2021
General Details Anita is a very accommodating older provider who is easy to get a hold of an easy to talk to. She will provide you the experience that you are looking for. The Juicy Details Anita is fantastic. She greeted me in a sexy outfit with a smile on her face. She uses her tongue like the expert that she is. We started with some fantastic DFK and heavy petting. Her expertise had juniors full attention before we undressed. Once naked she troll me into her mouth for an amazing BBJ. Paid great attention to the boys as well. I opted for her prostate massage that took my explosion to the next level. I would absolutely repeat and experience everything that Anita has to offer.
STRETCHBOLTON2 Appearance 7 Attractive Performance 7 Hot Time
Feb 26, 2021
General Details Communication was very easy. Scheduling appointments was quick. When I had to change appointment no problem would recommend The Juicy Details Texted her when I got there and was told to come to the door. Upon entering was dressed in a sexy manner and looked just like her pictures. Talked for a few minutes to get to know each other then proceeded to the bedroom. Services were better than I expected. Tried some things outside of my comfort zone and enjoyed them. I will definitely repeat
Feb 01, 2021
General Description Anita gave me everything I needed. She was in control and she made me hers in every way. My cock was hard and all i felt was pleasure and im so coming back to her. She was extremely professional, she gave me her personal website where I could find everything I needed before we met. The Juicy Details It was my first time with a domme but I wanted a woman in control. I texted her and she sent me her website where I found her amazing lingerie pics and all the info i needed to agree and meet her. She also said that she only takes men from 40 to 80, lucky me!. She gave me an address, it was a decent hotel and we sat down on the sofa. I put down my donation and she told me what to do. She already knew that I wanted from before so it was easy to start. She made me take my clothes off and sit on a chair. After that she did with me as she pleased and man!! I gotta say, that woman is creative!! THere were toys and ropes and my stick was hard the whole time. Her mouth is evil and at the end she lied down on the bed and she told me to eat her pussy, i made her wet really fast and then she told me to fuck her slow and I said ok. I came so hard !!! I need to see her again.
KIYOSHI15 -Appearance 8 - Really Hot - Performance 9 - Forgot it was a service
Dec 14, 2020
General Details Met at her incall location. Was easy to access, clean, and comfortable. Answered door in requested outfit (i.e., dark stockings, heels, and bra and panties). The Juicy Details Her previous reviews are true. Sat first and had small talk. Being new this was truly appreciated. Then the sessions became gradually hotter by the second! DFK for a long time, followed by hands over each other. She has a real woman's body! I worked my way down, removed bra, and sucked on her responsive nipples. She moaned and stroked my head. Felt like we knew each other for years! From there moved lower and feasted at the Y. More moaning, grinding, and hands guiding my head until she came (or appeared to). Very hot! Came up and she cleaned her juices from my face by licking my face clean. She returned the favor, working down and delivering the BEST BBBJ. It is very hard for me to cum in this manner, but I knew this was special! I just relaxed and felt it building up. I couldn't hold it any more and just released in an explosion deep into her mouth that she eagerly sucked, licked and swallowed. It was absolutely amazing!! As I said it is hard for me to finish in this manner, but with her it was incredible. That was really it for me so just lay there and touched each other. Outstanding!!
thorinoakenshield's Review of Anita - Erotic Monkey
Dec 07, 2020
General Description I think that Anita looks better than her photo's but she is the woman in the pictures. Good service, nice lady. The Juicy Details Very easy to make an appointment and was prompt to respond when I arrived at her motel. Greeted with a nice hug then we both got comfortable. I didn't think her body matched her pictures but she was nice and friendly. "We laid side by side and basically felt each other up for several minutes. She seemed to enjoy as much as I but maybe she was a good actress. After a few minutes of that, I was ready to go so put on the hat and did it mish. She felt good. Finished and was on my way. I haven't been back but I might. Again, a nice lady and she is willing to please.
MisterKrismas's Review of Anita - Erotic Monkey
Nov 10, 2020
General Description Anita is a great provider! Very genuine! Can’t go wrong with her! I was at home one night and came across her pictures, read her reviews and contacted her We arranged a meeting for the next day, I had a great time with her. The Juicy Details Anita kissed me upon entering, smelled fresh and clean, soft lips! Chatted for a couple of minutes and then on to the main event. I felt quite at ease with her from the get-go and knew I’d be in for a good time once I handed over my share. We chilled in bed and She kissed my junk, She stroked me and sucked me and her lips were so soft. My mind was racing in crazy directions but soon what she was doing to me was all I could think of. Her technique was amazing. She went from fast to slow, gentile to deep throat. It was amazing. I didn’t think such a thing was possible. she sucked, teased, took my balls in her mouth, licked the tip, deep-throated me, everything I could dream while telling how much she wanted to test my cum... that made me cum hard and she eat the last drop of it. Damn, it was insane. I'm going to try again to see her. If you like her style, definitely worth it. In a minute, I will see her again. She's got a nice butt.
LIKESBIGNIPS Appearance 6 - Nice Performance 8 - Went the extra mile
Aug 12, 2020
General Details An easy set up since I’ve seen her a few times before prior to corona The Juicy Details She stripped down and got me stripped down I laid on the bed and she immediately put my cock in her mouth and sucked for 15 minutes without coming up for air and I delivered her a large load for lunch She is a CIM type of lady. Calls it her snack as she swallows all of it She took so much out of me that I couldn’t even begin to try and feed her twice She is in my top five of BBBJ in Chicagoland
BeansooGone's Review of Anita - Erotic Monkey
Jun 18, 2020
General Description Anita is a sweet mature provider with mad oral skills, My encounter with her was good, She delivered as promised, setting up was no hard. The Juicy Details She was very friendly, We slowly got into it, she started the session with a nice talk and she was really interesting. It was amazing getting a lovely woman to fondle my package with her mouth, She takes direction incredibly well and really gets into it. She gives the wettest bbbjs and maintains eye contact. Great at dirty talk as well and kept telling me that she wanted to taste my cum. After about 15 minutes of deepthroat action, she got on her knees. She told me to come towards to mirror because it looked hot and it really did! I face fucked her for about 5 minutes at which point I couldn't hold it anymore. She jerked me off freely all over her face and mouth. The experience was felt incredible. As I was still cumming she started to suck on me more until I had to stop her. Afterward, she cleaned me up and gave me a wonderful massage as we kept talking. My time flew fast with her.
MRE1964. Appearance 6 - Nice Performance 8 - Went the extra mile
Jun 09, 2020
General Details Anita is not the youngest or movie star beauty tho I find her beautiful for me, but the skill set of this provider is amazing! Additionally she is very willing to fulfill your desires at least that was my experience. I will try to see her again! The Juicy Details Anita is a bit older but caters to a bit older crowd and provides a great service. Oral skills are amazing, rimming DATY As well for her and ass play for me...great oral skills...did I mention that? In call was nice, good neighborhood not rushed and an enjoyable time overall. She knows what guys want. I would def see her again!
jjfriend77's Review of Anita - Erotic Monkey
Mar 02, 2020
General Description Nice mature provider who likes to kiss and has incredible oral skills The Juicy Details Standard screening process completed then a date and time confirmed. Arrived at her door to a nice hug and kiss. Brought her a coffee that she loves. She led me to the bedroom and started with a nice long dfk she was weary my some sexy lingerie and smelled terrific. Our hands were exploring each other’s bodies then we undressed each other moved to the bed for some nice skin to skin contact and more dfk. She said she wanted to give me some special attention and performed a wonderful bbbj to completion with com and swallow. Since round one was complete I returned the favor with some daty which she seemed to enjoy. When finished she wanted to kiss again to taste herself which seemed sexy at the time. A little manual stimulation and some more bbbj had me hard again slipped on a cover and rode chug the som mish and doggy. Not her fault that I didn’t finish just a hazard of age and the great bj to start. She performed some more bbbj with some handy work but I was spent and pulled her up to cuddle a bit hold her tight and caress her breaths before it was time to leave. She cleaned me up helped me dress and kissed me goodbye. I left happy and relaxed thinking maybe a double with her and one of her friends should be next
old68's Review of Anita - Erotic Monkey
Feb 19, 2020
General Description Have seen Anita 3 times and each time she didn't disappoint! The Juicy Details She has lost weight over the past 6 months and is looking better than ever. Loves clothing request. I'm into heels and thigh highs which I requested on this date. Met at a nice incall in the western burbs, greeted with a kiss at the door drop donation head to the bathroom to freshin up. Come out we relax on the couch for a nice make out session. Dfk, great kisser. I stand above her while she sits on the couch and instruct her to unbuckle my pants. She complies pulls my pants and drawers down and starts a great bbbj, I eventually stripe, take her lingerie off and eat out a sweet bald pussy. More making out, oral etc. I take her by the hand and we go to the bed. I tell her I want to fuck her. Condom on, I eat her again to get her super wet so I have an easy time to slide my cock in. I spread her legs while positioning her on the edge of the bed and start fucking her, she is a great lay! Her pussy is super wet while I fuck her. I stop pull out completely and look at her pussy. Her lips now are shaped more open, finish fucking her to completion. She complements me, boy you really like fucking or something like that. Great lady!
TheGreatAbraxas's Review of Anita Love -Erotic Monkey
Jan 17, 2020
TheGreatAbraxas's Review of Anita Love - Spicy Details General Description Anita still holds really well. She is so willing to meet your needs. And will make sure you have a great time. I have been seeing her for a year now. She is my go-to girl and the reason I stay here in the hobby. Go see her as soon as possible. The Juicy Details. She is very kind, not beautiful but has a nice attractive look to her that makes you have naughty thoughts. Once I arrived, I knock the door, and she let me in. We started with a great nude massage. She caressed me, stroked me, and gave me a covered BJ until I nearly came. She wanted me inside, so we started off with cowgirl while I fondled her nice perky breasts. She has soft skin, and this went on for a while until she went reverse CG. Watching that ass had me switch to doggie to really bend her down on the bed and pound away. Watching me slide in and out of her tight pussy had been throbbing to the point of no return. I finished in the cover during doggie. I will most definitely be back to visit her again when time allows.
MARTINI1961 Appearance 7 Attractive Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Jan 13, 2020
General: Hadn't seen her in a while, last time was a hotel in Schaumburg... She still looks great! Juicy Details: Have seen her several times and really love her "specialties". Got to her place and we immediately begin kissing. Long... slow... wet kisses. We get to the bed and we slowly peel each others clothes off. She begins to kiss my entire body until she gets to my rising cock. She begins a wonderful BBBJ taking me entirely into her mouth. Getting close to cumming (she knows when to stop), she lays me on her bed, on my stomach and begins one of "specialties". She spreads my ass cheeks and starts to lick my asshole. She knows that I love this as her tongue reaches into me. I'm am writhing in bliss right now. She raises my hips so she can reach my steel-hard cock and starts to stroke it. Just before I begin to cum she turns me over so she can take me into her mouth. She sucks me dry after several pumps. We lay in each others arms for the rest of the session
JOSHSMITTER312 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 7 Hot Time
Jan 06, 2020
General Details Easy Screening with a reference by another provider. Texted her the night before and we set it up for the next day. Really good communication. Since this was my first time with her I sent a Paypal deposit. The Juicy Details She texted the room the room number and she left the door open so it was easy to walk in. Plenty of parking in the Lombard hotel location. The hotel is an extended stay so no need to walk by a front desk. I parked and went in. I really like playing around nothing too serious and this was perfect. She practices Yoga so I had her demonstrate. As she demonstrated I undressed her. Then I had her undress me. After we where both naked I spread in front of her and she ran her finger up my ass. Softly touching my hole it was so good. We played around in a few yoga posses. Then she covered my up for a blow job. I went really quick. I still had time and tried to cum again but i couldn't do it. So I showered and wen on my way, She is lots of fun laid back and an hour is an hour do what you want with the time. I will be back
DezTacos's Review of Anita Love - Erotic Monkey
Nov 11, 2019
DezTacos's Review of Anita Love - General Description I had a free evening the next day, I reached out to Anita and got an appointment for my free evening. I went to her place and was really happy with my choice. She is a mature provider and is more attractive in person. The Juicy DetailsThe kissing led to rubbing and touching and her in my lap moving led to an immediate lay back and then a blowjob. That led to wrapping me up and her getting on top and riding me, first in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. I had to slow the action down before I popped. Decided that massage that I was hoping to get in the beginning would be a good idea right there mid session. She gave me a good massage. I'd say above average on the skill set. On the flip, some more massaging and went back to the blowjob and rubbing her body on mine, strapped up again and went at it doggy and pulled out and blew the load on her tits. She got me a wet towel and helped me get cleaned up. After that, we talked for a long time, No rush. Chit chatted about life, business and state of the world. A great time with Anita.
USPAIRSFAN review 7 Attractive 7 Hot Time
Oct 11, 2019
General Details With TER site up, I thought I would review my all time fav. Anita! She is the Milf next store. Very nice person, attentive to your needs and is very open minded about sex. She has a great personality and has a full menu of options. The Juicy Details Anita is very sexual and accommodating. she will suck your dick until you can't take it any more and swallow it all. She in fact told me that my cum tasted sweet and that I must eat a lot of She loves to screw and will do you any position or fetish you want. Anita will perform pegging....not my thing...she has big toys and small toys.....prostate and any I don't....
bigtd81's Review of Anita Love - Erotic Monkey
Sep 09, 2019
bigtd81's Review of Anita Love - Spicy Details Should have posted this a while back. Anita is amazing and accommodating. Went back and forth with Anita for a few weeks trying to set something up. Finally, our schedules aligned and we met for some fun. Got the her incall, texted and got the room number. Knocked on the door and was greeted by an older woman dressed in sexy lingerie. What she lacked in youth, she more than made up for in experience and enthusiasm. Started making out on the bed and she slid my hand down to her surprisingly tight pussy. She started rubbing me through my pants and got me hard very quickly. I stoop up, the pants came down and she was on her knees very quickly. Very enthusiastic BBBJ and I almost popped right there. Laid down and she was between my legs giving a very sloppy wet BBBJ. I said I was about to pop and she went deep and i exploded down her throat and she lapped it all up with a smile. Went down on her for a bit and she wrapped her legs around my head. I could tell she was really enjoying as I felt her clench down on my fingers multiple times and moans the whole time. Flipped back over and she started sucking me again. Couldn't get up for a second pop, but Anita gave it her all to get me there. Talked and cuddled for a bit, then got dressed and left. Really disappointed that I couldn't get up a second time because I really wanted to pound her and after reading other reviews, heard she can take a good pounding. will definitively revisit in the future.
Mr.Tams's Review of Anita Love - Erotic Monkey
Aug 05, 2019
Mr.Tams's Review of Anita Love - Spicy Details Anita greeted me with a kiss and we took care of the formalities. She dropped her robe, she had a sexy bra and panties set. Damn. Great body on her. The Juicy DetailsWe sat on the bed and started with some LFK and moved into DFK. I couldn't control myself and quickly I was exploring her body with my tongue. Kissed those sweet, soft legs and soon her panties were off and I was dining at the Y. Nice and clean and responsive. Flipped her over and ate her out from behind. After a few minutes of this, she said it was my turn and I kneeled on the bed and she started in with a BBBJ. Very nice. Seeing Anita sucking on my dick was a sight to see. I was soon ready. Put the rubber on and started in with some mish. Put her legs above her head and pounded away until I had my first pop. When this woman stares into your eyes, it is hard not to pop. She cleaned me up and we chatted for a bit. Sweet girl. Soon we were on to round 2. I explored her body with my tongue and soon I was hard. Started with mish again and then moved into cowgirl and then reverse cowgirl. She's a talker. Her dirty talk as she rode my dick was worth the price of admission. I quickly popped for #2. Wow. We quickly cleaned up and I was on my way. I loved her.
Pickles61 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Nov 15, 2017
General Details Anita has a great attitude, open and really enjoys her time with you. She is easy to get a hold of and will really meet your expectations if you are into full service and not many limits. Lots of passion....this was the third time we were together.......not wasting any time for sure.... The Juicy Details I was fortunate enough to schedule an appointment last minute......text new location........she opened the door with a nice revealing top....immediately a deep french kiss....the event was on...we started making out with four hands all over the place....she pulled me to the bed and all the clothes came off....she unbuttoned my jeans.....reached into my jockey pouch and ran her tongue on the tip of my dick....she sucked with out teeth......licked the shaft and brought the boy to life.....I get hard quickly and she loved it......she pulled my pants down and socks off....shirt off and I got her top and pants off in 3 seconds......she has b cup. I played with her nipples while she continued to work my dick. I got up on the bed on "all Fours". she got behind me.....pulling my dick backwards........sucking and pulling....she stroked my dick and sucked my balls in and out while she stroked.....then....the index finger went into by now my eyes are rolling in my head......she worked the ass while sucking on my brought me close to cum and stopped.....kissed and licked my ass.....then went back to work.....happened three times....finally i couldn't take it any more.....i got up threw her on the bed..she reached for a condom..while we were both laughing and i pounded her missionary....she is flexible.......and she met each thrust with rhythm.....talking to me all the time......telling me she wanted the jiz.....finally i blew the load in three or four bursts.....You will enjoy this session as long as you can overlook the fact that she is average in looks....
Pashi2233 - Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Feb 22, 2018
General Details Anita was my first time dipping into the hobby pool. Her low cost was what attracted me, but her commitment to service won me over. If you are looking for a mature provider to put you at ease and show you a few secrets, then Anita is for you. Screening was straight forward for a first timer, you will enjoy it if your expectations are level set. The Juicy Details Anita has a blog on her website that it is fairly detailed and covers her many weekly exploits. After reading it for a few weeks I finally got the courage to give her a try, or as she puts it, falling off the fence. It was all taken care of over email with text to finalize the last details and location. It was just off a busy road and easy to find. I took the leap and upon entry to her condo she gave a warm hug and kiss. She took my hand and lead me from room to room. It was very calming. My first impression was that her bangs did not suit her face and her body left a lot to be desired. I knew this going in, but when actually standing there next to her near naked body it became very real. I thought about for about 7 seconds, but her tongue in my mouth distracted me. From that point on I didn't concern myself with her less than perfect ass, and was focused on her desire to please. She gave an effort that was second to none. After my clothes were off her mouth inhaled my cock. I've had a wide range of blow jobs in my life, but this was a top 3 all time. I blew a load in her mouth which she almost squealed with excitement to receive. She swallowed every drop. I looked over and saw 9 minutes had passed and thought, oh no... now what. We really hadn't talked much when I arrived so we cuddled some and had random chit chat. I could tell she was getting impatient so I asked if there was something I could do for her. Without wasting a second she spread her legs and almost demanded I go down on her. I dove in, closing my eyes and not thinking about her slightly flabby tits and instead enjoying her pussy. I gave it the best effort I could. I think she faked one orgasm and had a real second. By this time my cock was finally back in the game. We had maybe 10 minutes left and I was determined to pop a second time. Her mouth went to work to confirm I was fully ready and she put a condom on and turned over for doggy. I went at it as hard as I could and popped in just a few minutes. She cleaned up, I suddenly got nervous again, and was getting a deep kiss goodbye. She really liked to kiss, deep french kisses. She looks in her late 40's and is actually in her early 50's, but she went after me like a horny teenager. It was a great first time. I immediately began looking up my next encounter in the car. I think I'll spend a little more to see what that brings, but Anita was a really great mature provider. I'm not going to spend any nights jerking off to the thought of her in lingerie, but her oral skills will be remembered.
TwoMints Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Feb 13, 2018
General Details If you like good performance Anita might be the lady for you. For details get VIP. I'd see her again. The Juicy Details Anita is a small bbw provider that has it seems lost quite a bit of weight in the past. You need to know that. She's a 50+ nice/average looking lady. I knew all of this and she even warned me about it. I was there for the 150.00 hr. I wanted a bit of GFE, bbbjcim and massage. I got all of that and more. Set up was mostly easy. Time was set, location is clean, safe and easy to find. Got in the door, a bit of DFK at the door and off to the bedroom. She watched as I stripped while still in her nightie. Once naked we got on the bed. A bit of LFK but mostly DFK until she moved to bbbj/bls. Lot's of bbbj/bls. Then a good session of rimming. Then she dropped her hairpie on me 69 style. Back to bbbj/bls/rimming. Rolled for a bit of a massage. (I had mentioned a long the way that I like bbbj and massage) Rolled back over bls/bbbj until I finished in her mouth and she swallowed it. Cleaned me up well. Talked a bit, showered and out the door. She isn't 20. She isn't thin but she sure can suck a dick. At her going rate, I'd consider seeing her again. Pleasant lady.
RDRACING Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Feb 06, 2018
General Details Anita is an older provider specializing in older men. My first time I saw her she tried to tell me I wasn't her type based on my other reviews. She looks like her pics and really has some skills. Easy to set up but I have seen her before. Condo is in a complex with easy parking. Knocked on the door and she answered in black lingerie. Walked upstairs and well, you know... I will repeat because she gets it done for me. The Juicy Details I had taken ED meds thinking something else was going to happen so I was scrambling for an alternative. Anita is great for guys who need a little more time and effort. She is carefree and accommodating. Not sultry and seductive. I put the envelope on the sink. She said oh thanks. She asked what I wanted to do so I had her turn around why i got big handfulls of her ass. I am an assman and she has a great one. Smooth skin but squishable. Then I got on the bed and asked her to 69 me. She blew me while I played with her ass some more. Well, a lot. I could not see what she was doing but she is an ass girl. Loves to get a finger in there and massage the boys while she is blowing you. She uses multiple techniques. She loves to run her tongue up and down the shaft from the side so we switched positions. I stood up and told her to show me how deep she could go.. yeah, all the way. Not a huge feat:( Then we went back to 69 and I told her to use a little lube and get me to come. She loves cum in her mouth. Its her thing. She also likes to rim you after. We had plenty of time left but I just got dressed and left. She didn't rush me but I was just done:) Her rates are on the website and she is a bargain. Not a model but fantastic oral skills.
ChicagoGodFather Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 6 Nice Time
Jan 09, 2018
General Details Read her reviews thought I’d give her a call. Gave her a call and set up an appointment. Nice lady good at what she does. But will not repeat The Juicy Details Made the appointment got to her place and was greeted by a nice lady ready to play. Nice clean home. Went upstairs took care of donation and I jumped in the shower to clean up. Got on the bed and the fun began. She started stroking my cock and the she went down licked my balls and cock. She has some decent skills. She then started rubbing my asshole. She slid a finger into my ass. Back to sucking my cock. She knew when to back off and keep me on the edge. When I did cum she took it all. Nice lady great skills just not my type to see again
ReallyGotLucky75 - Appearance 8 Really Hot, Performance 9 Forgot it was a service
Dec 18, 2017
General Details I finally got to see Anita after her surgery She met me at the door with just a robe and nothing underneath. She gave me a DFK and we sat on her couch and did a little DFK and I played with her Pussy The Juicy Details We then went to the bedroom and got in bed and started DFK Anita is a great Kisser. While we were Kissing I started to play with her Sweet Pussy I then started to suck on her Beautiful Breasts with the long nipples.Her Nipples are always at attention and she puts a raspberry jel on them and they taste so delicious Then it was time for me to eat her Sweet Tasting Pussy Anita has a bit of hair on her Pussy which I really like I got her to cum 6 times Then she went down on me. Anita really loves sucking cock and balls Then she did something to me that I have never had before. She licked my asshole and I mean she really licked my asshole great it made my toes curl She went back to sucking me off until I came in her mouth Then I went back down to that Sweet Pussy and got her to Cum 6 more times Then I gave her a full body Kissing and licking and spent a lot of time sucking her Sweet asshole I love sucking on her asshole Then it was her turn to go back to my Cock I Love watching her suck on My Cock she is terrific at sucking Cock Then we went back back to DFK and went back to her Sweet Pussy and got her off 3 more times I got her to Cum 15 times in our session She said she was surprised she got off so many times because of her medications But “The Pussy Muncher “has a reputation to live up to You guys that think older women aren’ Great Lovers are out of touch with reality Anita will make you feel better than when you first got there I have been seeing Anita for over 6 months twice a month and as soon as she gets back to work I am going to set up more appointments Give Anita a chance to show you what she can do You wont regret it
Boredone - Appearance 8 Really Hot, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Nov 16, 2017
General Details I've seen Anita three times now, so yep, I'll repeat :) Nice clean incall, meets you at the door in a sexy outfit. A quick introduction the first time, and up to her room. She is a nice down to earth person. Check out her website, accurate and delivers as promised. The Juicy Details After going up to her room the first time chatted briefly about session expectations (as an example I'm not interested in full service, but is definitely on the menu) but then down to business, and she loves her business! I like to start out with DATY, and boy does she enjoy her pussy licked and fingered and her clit sucked on, and I'm only too happy to oblige. A little dfk, which she loves, with her juices on my mouth and then she's ready to return the favor. Rolls me over on my back and starts a great bbbj. One time right after eating her sweet pussy I couldn't wait and just moved up and put my cock in her mouth with head against the headboard and she sucked and swallowed every drop. Tried to cum again that session and Anita tries hard to make it happen but I just didn't have it in me, so to speak. She takes her time with her blow jobs, her tongue roaming down your shaft and towards your ass, wanting you to enjoy. She takes every drop every time. She enjoys toys, I've used a vibrator on her and she has used it on herself while I watched. So, I ask you, what's not to like?
SSJL1000 Appearance 7 Attractive, Performance 7 Hot Time
Nov 14, 2017
General Details Contacted her via E-mail and the entire process was painless. Non VIP's she is a nice lady and I would repeat The Juicy Details I arrived at her incall location on time and texted for apt #. Went in to find a nice mature lady waiting for me in negligee. We kissed and moved towards the bedroom. More kissing by the bed as I undressed and removed her negligee. She gives good head and rims also. I let her blow and rim me to completion for the first shot which she swallowed. A little chit chat and off to the races for round two in doggy where I pounded her pretty good and blew in the bag. Overall a nice time
MurphysLaw1776 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 9 Forgot it was a service
Nov 13, 2017
General Details Anita is my go to. I saw she was going to be out of commission and decided to visit her before that happened. called her up then headed over there for a great time. The Juicy Details Anita greeted me in sexy nightie, with a big kiss. i love kissing her, she is so passionate. we head upstairs, i take a quick shower, and she is laying in bed naked when i get out. i couldnt help myself, i mount her and start kissing her all over, especially eating that sweet pussy. After a few minutes, i lay back and she treats me like a king. She somehow managed to get even better at oral, i didnt think it was possible. she spends a lot of time licking my ass too, which i absolutely love. she swallowed the first load greedily, then gave me more full body tongue attention. I needed a little something extra for the second pop, and she obliged by biting my cock and balls and giving me a rougher toothy (by request) blow job. the first bj and pop was intense but sensual. the second, she used more pressure, suction and teeth (again my request) and really went to town treating my cock like the naughty boy it is. simply amazing and cant wait to see her again.
Antiron Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Nov 06, 2017
General Details I have seen Anita's ad for a while, I decided to finally go for it. I drove up to the location, she has a condo in a quiet area. She opened the door, told me to come in, and gave me a hug and kiss. I will repeat, Non vips give her a shot. The Juicy Details So I undress, and lay on her bed, thats when the action starts. She starts giving a bbbj, I wouldn't say Anita is the most attractive women, but for her age and performance, looks didn't matter. The blow job was great, she was slurping and would use her spit as lube to give me a hj half way, than she started to lick my balls, I thought the ball licking was great, next thing I know, she started to rim me. I have never had anyone do that and all I can say is wow, it was great. Once she was done with that, she went back to the bbbj, I was about to explode so I stopped her, than she put the cover on and I fucked her doggy, than I had her lay on her back and finished missionary. After we were done we had a nice conversation and I left. This lady was amazing
ReallyGotLucky75 Appearance 8 Really Hot, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Oct 12, 2017
Jobee - Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 6 Nice Time
Oct 09, 2017
General Details Do your research!!!! Know what you are looking for and you will find it. She has a full detailed list and even blogs... I suggest reading it all. From there... The Juicy Details Well... this one has a back story. I recently had a tease of a rim job and to my surprise I loved. So I was looking to find someone with a rimjob and bbbj combo.... kind of hard to find, not many advertise the rim job. And this lead me to Anita. I wasn’t crazy about her age and appearance... in fact I made strong efforts to not look. I know this sounds really mean, but I feel I should be honest. Now eyes closed, she gave a very impressive blowjob! And she certainly wasn’t shy about the rimjob either!! I mean she went to town.... it was a big leap from getting a sample of one to now becoming the buffet for one. And she did a great job going back and forth as I asked for.. I exploded in her mouth and she took it all. We tried for round two but I was spent.... she was extremely accommodating and a true professional. So I did my homework before going there and I knew what I was going to get and what I wasn’t going to get. I feel I was looking more for a specific experience and I got it.
NewOrder413 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 6 Nice Time
Sep 15, 2017
General Details Had a trip planned to Chicago and started looking for an older provider. Found Anita and read up on her reviews and her blog. She offers great sessions at a very reasonable price, so I was looking forward to a great time. I had a good time, but I think I had higher expectations based on my research. YMMV - all the other reviews can't be wrong. The Juicy Details Went through her screening in advance so was able to make appointment a few days ahead. Arrived on time and was greeted at the door by the woman pictured on her website in a sexy outfit. A light kiss and a few words and we were off to the upstairs bedroom. She started with some DFK that was a good start and then started to undress. When I was done, she went back to DFK and then slid down to her knees to take my erect little friend in her mouth. She did a good job of getting us going and then had me move to the bed. Back to DFK while I started my roaming hands, then roaming mouth to her nipples for a taste. I settled back on the pillow and asked her to continue where she left off. She slid back onto junior with her mouth and moved around from shaft to balls and back, with and without hand action. Overall, a pretty good showing until I could hold out any longer and exploded in her mouth. A little clean up, resting and chatting until I said I’d go for a second round. A little DFK to get started while I provided a little finger action and she did a little stroking herself. Asked her to play with herself with one hand while stroking me. As I hardened, moved junior up to her mouth while we both stroked her kitty. Once we were both ready, I proceeded to have her ride me to start then turned her around and banged away doggie style with her on the bed and me standing up off the bed. She can really take a pounding and gets into it. To finish off, I laid back on the bed while she swallowed me again and lightly worked a digit in from behind. I exploded for #2 and felt satisfied. Overall it was a good time but based on all of my research on her blog and reviews, I had expected more of a thrill. I would try her again if I’m in the area to see if I could get to that high.
SlapPappy1 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Sep 06, 2017
General Details If your porn searches include terms like "amateur", "milf", "gilf", "neighbor wife", then Anita may just be the woman for you. I saw her profile on TER and visited her website, followed by a text message. She promptly replied to my text message, in which I referenced the security screening I had submitted on her website. She had a customer coming over shortly, but within a few hours got back to me that my screening was AOK (and I have to say it was very painless for me, shouldn't take you more than a couple of minutes). We arranged something for the following day. I parked in her residential community, as per her instructions. She met me at the door wearing something revealing. Went upstairs and that's where the fun began. The Juicy Details I really liked Anita. If you haven't already done so, you should read her exceptionally well written blog. I generally couldn't care less about people's blogs, but this one was a delight. Very informative and useful for the 'hobbyist' and really gives you a feel for what kind of person Anita is. She's very creative and intelligent. Anyhoo, we went upstairs, got nekid and commenced to kissing: DFK and LFK. She says that she is really down with kissing, including DFK (read her blog). Her technique was a little odd (stick tongue in my mouth, hold it there, and vigorously shake head back and forth) but definitely an A for effort. Whatever I wanted, she was more than willing to provide (she does make a point to note however that Greek is not on the menu). I enjoyed a CBJ, some FS, some dining-at-the-Y, and even some dining-at-the-O. When I requested the latter, she was up on all 4's in 2 seconds, allowing me to dive right in!! Without my requesting, she even gave me a little rim job (she asked what I thought and quite honestly, receiving is not my thing but if you like that sort of thing...AND YOU ARE CLEAN...I'm sure you will find her to your liking). She has nice decent-sized nipples and is not one of those sensitive types who won't allow you to really get in there and have a nice long sucking session. They point pretty much at her toes but I find the whole older woman thing (well, at this point in my life, my age not really older) to be quite sexy. Droopy boobs are part of the package and I do like the package. I like also that although she doesn't have a full bush, she does not have a bald little kitty. In fact, it was a very nice pussy. Finally, I requested that she get on top in sort of a 69 position, with her ass and pussy in my face and give me a hand job. She was happy to oblige and that's what generally sends me over the edge, as it did this time. I had mentioned earlier my interest in being on the receiving end of a golden shower and she was ready for that also, but I decided to pursue that on a subsequent visit. All-in-all, Anita was great. I highly recommend.
Escortlooking Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Aug 25, 2017
General Details Seen her ad on TER Called Got verified thru RS2 screening was painless made appointment for next day called when I got there and she let me in we talked for a few and Definetly will REPEAT The Juicy Details Asked to freshen up so went an took a quick shower then was invited to bed room I needed a good massage so I on the bed I layed face down . She started a nice massage on my back then went down my legs and paying special attention to my ass next thing I feel her tounge my ass and licking my balls I was rock hard as I hunched up so she could get a better view of my friend she started to give me a BBBJ I flipped over and she got naked we started to DFK she then put a cover on Jonny did cowgirl asked if I could blow in her mouth she obliged not a drop was missed. We rested for a. While and started to make out again I sucked her nipples she loved it then on went another cover and we did missionary I couldn't hold out much longer so I takes off the cover and blew in her mouth again . Will return
nighthawk508 Appearance 7 Attractive, Performance 7 hot time
Aug 17, 2017
General Details Anita looks exactly like her pictures and delivers exactly what she promises. Very safe, clean and comfortable location. The Juicy Details Anita loves to kiss and will do so the second you walk through the door. After removing my shoes she escorted me upstairs to her love den. I took a quick shower and when I came out of the bathroom she immediately started sucking on my cock. Lots of ball play and linking. We moved over to the bed where she "tasted" every inch of me. She loves to kiss and lick. She removed what was left of her clothes and spread her legs WIDE open. I dove in, paying very close attention to her clit. She played with her nipples while I gave her multiple orgasms with my tongue. She gets very, very wet. She ground her pussy hard into my face. She wanted to make sure I was happy so we traded positions. Flat on my back she started sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow. She lifted my leg so she could lick my hole. Lots of spit and precum so I was wet. She kept licking, sliding her finger in my ass. OMG! I was at the edge of blowing my wad. She said she wanted to taste me and wanted me to cum in her mouth. Happily, I obliged. She swallowed every drop, going back to lick up any left overs. I was totally drained and left a very happy man!!
jdog1976 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 7 Hot time
Aug 07, 2017
General Details Anita offers a clean, safe, fun, good time. She is the person in the photos for good or worse. Every thing was exactly as advertised. She is a great kisser. Services were good. VIP's read on. The Juicy Details I found myself in Schaumburg with some time to kill and rub and tugs can be hit and miss so I hopped on TER to see what I could find last minute. Found Anita with a lot of positive reviews, picked up the phone a couple of rings latter it was all set up. Standard two call system. Pulled up in a nice, safe area area (it's Schaumburg after all) I was greeted with a kiss ( maybe LE check). She's the girl in her photos. Older than I like, I would bet she's pushing late 40's maybe even 50. She still looks good for her age though. Left my donation and we started some DFK. We stripped and spread her legs and slid a finger in while we made out. We made to over to the bed and I went down on her for a bit. We 69 for a bit and she teased with some bareback but before she did much she put a cover on, bummer. After she gloved up she went to town on my rod like there was no tomorrow. I told her to slow down but she just picked up pace, when I was about to cum she shoved my cock to the back of her throat and I blew my load in the hood. She cleaned me up and gave me a light massage for a few minutes to get me ready for round two. When I was hard again she suited me up and climbed on top this time going slow rubbing her love button as she used me as her dildo. After about about 5 minutes of this I decided it was time for me to cum again, i got her up, bent her over the bed and rubbed my cock up and down her crack. I stopped at her perfect little rosebud but she said no so I move down to her pussy and in one long hard thrust rammed it home and pounded her hard until I blew load number two. I am torn on Anita. She is a great fuck. If only she was 15 years younger, even still I might repeat.
bhawks4 Appearance 6 nice, Performance 6 Nice Time
Jul 06, 2017
General Details Verification and appointment setup was a breeze. Arrived at her incall in Schaumburg and was texted to come to the door. Anita opened the door and we immediately did a LE check. I could tell right away that she was gonna deliver as expected. She is honest about her appearance and is very clean. The Juicy Details Anita was my "first" provider. I'll always remember her :) After leading me to her bedroom we quickly got naked. We laid down on her bed for some DFK. Since this was my first time and I was a little nervous all I wanted this visit was a BBBJ and Anita eagerly obliged. Anita spent as much time as I wanted on the BBBJ and never rushed or seemed like she wasn't enjoying pleasuring me. I blew in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. As I am new to this I wanted to relax the rest of the time and I got a good, not great, but good full body massage for about 15 mins. We filled the rest of our time with good conversation as she is a great listener and understanding if you want to vent about your life. I'll always remember my first! Would repeat but will be trying many other providers to experience what's out there!
TXWILDBLUE Appearance 6 nice, Performance Nice Time
Jun 26, 2017
General Details Short and simple verification was no big deal. Set a date and time and she text the address with parking instructions. Parking is good and location is in a quiet condo area, nice and safe. Promptly answered the door with a warm smile that puts you at ease right away. Went straight to the room and discussed the session details and safe word. Very simple. The Juicy Details Started with some light bondage, very effective. She is a good dom. She rubs all the right spots and tells me what to do. Tits are tasty and she reacts to every touch. She did an amazing BBBJ and sucked on my taint with good effects. She has a decent massage. When requested she saddled up and climbed on. She's snug and rides it well. Once activities were concluded she cleans you up and will even wash you down in the shower. Walked out very satisfied. Anita is well worth the price and time.
Wanderer48 - Appearance 5 plain, Performance 7 Hot Time
Jun 23, 2017
General Details After a couple of calls and some light screening I was on my way to her home near Schaumburg. She answered the door in a robe and we went to her room. The Juicy Details We kissed (DFK) and I dropped the donation before washing up. I took off my clothes and jumped on the bed and Anita joined me. She is okay looking but makes up for it with her pleasing attitude. Her body is flabby but I like naked woman and she was naked. We kissed some more then she went down for a preview BBJB, I had to stop her before I blew. I tasted her for a bit but wanted to get to what I was there for - to have her tongue my ass and play with my balls from behind. Anita started with a great back massage with teasing then she teased my ass with her tongue. I propped up on all 4's for better access and she went to town burying her tongue in my ass then sucking my balls all while stroking my cock. I had to lat down to stop her a couple of times but I kept getting on all 4's because I loved it. After about a 1/2 hour I rolled over and she asked if I wanted to fuck but I just wanted to lay on my back and let Anita worship my cock. She was exceptional and I finally blew my load down her throat. After a quick clean up I was off but will return.
Bigguy12231 Appearance 7 Attractive, Performance 7 Hot time.
Jun 19, 2017
General Details Basic two call for the initial contact got close called got room number went in and was greeted by a sexy ass woman in a slinky robe kiss hug me check then fun began The Juicy Details Was a quick thing great body really good bbbj then doggy finished in the bag and left will repeat when I have more time hit it mush also but before that ate her out and good dfk is def. Worth it try it out a little older but that's OK great body pretty face ymmv but I had a great time likes to make you feel good and doesn't rush.
Mujea2 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 7 Hot Time
Jun 16, 2017
General Details Found Anita's website and was intrigued so I gave her a call. Two calls later I was at her NW suburban incall. She answered the door in lingerie and I could tell I was in for a good time. After some small talk we moved the the bedroom where the fun began. Anita is a great option if you are looking for an open-minded lady. I would repeat The Juicy Details Once in the bedroom we quickly shed our clothes and began with some passionate dfk. This lady really knows how to kiss and it was a huge turn on. Our hands were all over each other and we eventually made it to the bed where she had me lay down and gave me an incredible bbbj. She made great eye contact and it was so good I couldn't hold back and exploded in her mouth. She took it like a champ and just smiled. After a couple of minutes she had me lay on my stomach and gave me a decent massage. On the flip she started rubbing me all over until I was ready for round two. On came the cover where we had a spirited session of mish, doggy, and then back to mish where I finished in the bag. She helped me clean up, gave me a kiss on the cheek and I was on my way. I had a great time and found her to be an excellent provider.
Martini1961 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Jun 14, 2017
General Details Easy to set up appointment with Anita, as always. Greets with a hot kiss and then up to her room The Juicy Details I haven't seen Anita for a while, but she made me feel comfortable right away. This lady loves to kiss and really makes you feel comfortable. She's wearing sexy lingerie as I follow her up the stairs- her sexy ass swinging right i front of me. I always like to start with a body rub- Anita always remembers what I like. During the rub Anita starts to lick my ass... I could have her do this for the entire session! After a while, I flip over and Anita's mouth goes straight to my cock. She can get me harder than anyone else I know. I fill her mouth and she happily gulps it down. She asks me if I want to go another round. I'd love to but those days passed a while ago. Anita goes back to the body rub and makes me feel so good. We chat as if we were life-long friends. She treats you like a King
ReallyGotLucky75 Appearance 8 Really Hot Performance Forgot it was a service
Jun 05, 2017
General Details This was my first time with Anita and I have already booked 3 more 2 hour sessions. She gives you exactly what she advertises. Anita is pretty and has a creamy white body. She put me totally at ease. I really had a great time and am looking forward to our next sessions. She likes making out and so do I so that was a big turn on for me.She met me at the door with a red teddy and no underwear and we sat down and started French kissing. God is she good at it. I really liked it that she let me suck her tongue. that is a turn on also for me. We went up to her bedroom which was very neat and clean. Her bathroom was clean also. I have read some reviews that say she isn't worth a second look. Believe me she is worth a 4th and 5th look. As I said before, she is very pretty and very sensual... once in the bedroom, like the song says "I had thee time of my life".If you are looking for a very pretty woman who will fulfill your desires give Anita a call. You will not regret it. It has been 3 hours since our session ended and I wish I was back in her arms. God how I love the way she kisses. I never realized a tongue could do so many tricks. Thanks to Anita I feel like a man again. The Juicy Details When I first walked in Anita was wearing a red teddy and no underwear. she brought me to the couch and we started French kissing, I fondled her very nice breasts and then put my finger inside of her . she led my finger to her hot spot and as we were French kissing I kept rubbing her clit until she just let out a moan and convulsed and came. Then I started sucking her breasts and her nipples stood at attention. We kept on deep tonguing each other and she put my hand between her legs and my finger on her clit. We started to French kiss again and I kept rubbing her until she came again. Now we haven't even gone up to her bedroom and she has had 2 climaxes. I know she wasn't faking. I could feel how wet she was.. when we went up to her bedroom we both got naked and laid down in bed.. We started to French kiss again(I guess you can tell I like French kissing and so does Anita) I asked her if I could go down on her. She was more than glad to oblige me. I love eating pussy. I was licking her for about 10 minutes when she started to really move up and down and she took her hand and pushed my face deeper into her pussy(which I did not mind at all because that told me she was getting ready to cum again. And she did. Then we kissed some more and she asked if I would like her to go down on me. I said yes. She has a very warm and talented mouth and tongue. She took her time and mad me cum and she swallowed my juice. then we went back to kissing and after awhile I went back down on her. And again she started writhing and moaning and pushing my face deep into her crotch. after a few minutes, she came again. Then I asked her to roll over so I could lick her asshole. She is very clean and smells good. Her asshole was sweet to the taste. I licked and sucked on her asshole for about 10 minutes. She then went back down on me and made m cum again and again she swallowed. We then started to French kiss again and I started fingering her and theen I went down on her again. She has got the tastiest pussy and after she came again we started kissing because she said she likes to taste herself after being eaten. Then she went back on me and while she was sucking me she put her finger in my asshole. God that was great. The last time I had that happen when I was in Vietnam and a "boom boom" girl did that to me. Just as I was getting ready to cum she shoved her finger in my ass and I exploded. Anita does the same thing. You have no idea what you are missing by not giving Anita a call. Just don't take my time slots. I am going back on June 20th and July 5th I'll have my 4th of July on the 5th and the fireworks will be much better with Anita than any outdoor show.
ZIRCONASTRID Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 6 Nice Time
May 16, 2017
General Details Had Anita on my radar for awhile and set up an appointment sometime in advance, which I like to do. Location and atmosphere was great, plus she was very inviting and affectionate, but it just did not click for me. The Juicy Details She greeted me at the door with warm dfk and led me upstairs where my dfk ink and groping followed. It had been looking forward to this as her other reviews have stated. Unfortunately it was not that much of a turn on for me. Not sure why. We went to the bed where I Icked her very responsive pussy and then had her hump me. She was quite turned on, but for me her body was a bit too jiggly. Her nipples were responsive and she is one horny lady. She turned her attention to me, but I was just not feeling it that day or with this wonderful lady, for whatever reason. We finished up and thought I might repeat, as her price point for the services she offers is quite reasonable, but as of yet I have not and likely will not
IGiveOralSex Appearance 7 - Attractive, Performance 9 - Forgot it was a service
May 13, 2017
General Details: I met with Anita last week (May 13) at her INCALL location. Her incall is a nice townhouse in a quiet residential community. She greeted me, at the door, wearing just a mans shirt, as i had requested. Anita had posted recent pictures of herself and freely admits to having saggy breasts and stomach. If you visit her website, you will see exactly what to expect at the door. What does not show up on her website is her fantastic attitude. Anita genuinely enjoys having sex (I think she may be insatiable) and it shows. The Juicy Details She will do practically anything you ask as long as it is safe and not Greek. I have been with plenty of attractive young girls but I will take Anita's enthusiasm any day of the week. I plan to make Anita my regular provider. Anita met me at the door wearing only a man's shirt. I gave her a fresh cup of coffee (which she suggested in her wish list) and she responded with a very though French Kiss. While kissing her, I reached down and felt and then played with her pussy and she did not flinch. Anita has a natural bush but it is not long and wild. It is a nice curly blond bush which I find very exciting (of course i have always been a bush man). After making out, behind the front door for a while, she took my hand and led me upstairs to a Master Bedroom suite. It had an attached bath and I took a quick shower so as to not give her any reason to not want to apply her tongue to my body (I have found that a quick shower, at the INCALL, generally produces a better session as the woman knows you are clean). When I cam out, Anita was lying on the bed totally nude and I had a great shot of her pussy which got an immediate reaction from my dick. As mentioned, in General Details, Anita is a MILF who is not ashamed of or try to hide her saggy breasts and tummy. Her website picture are an accurate depiction of what you will find when you arrive. What Anita lacks in physical looks she more than makes up for with her attitude and enthusiasm. Anita likes having sex with men and it shows in her performance. We started with lots of deep French Kissing while embracing each other as tight as possible. After awhile, I asked for DATY. She laid back and spread her legs. I pulled her lips apart and locked onto her clit. I did not stop until she had her first orgasm. If you work her right, it is not hard to give Anita multiple orgasms. I decided to keep going until she has a second orgasm. Then I asked her to blow me and she did so with gusto. Anita gives BBBJs and she Swallows. She aggressively started working on my dick but I stopped her before I popped and asked her to RIM me. Anita had be ly face down on the bed with my ass in the air. Not only did she tongue my asshole, she licked every part of my inner cheeks over and over. I have never been rimmed with such enthusiasm (the shower paid off as she was not afraid of finding an unpleasant surprise). I then returned the favor by RIMMING her. I tried to get my tongue into her asshole but she was too tight so I settled for licking every part of her butt as she had just done. Anita told me she showers before every session so RIMMING her was a total turn on for me. After I finished rimming her, I laid on my back and she started another BBBJ. I asked to fuck her and she got a condom and put it on me. We started Cowgirl but I really like missionary so I flipped her on her back and pounded her. Anita hadf her third Orgasm while I was fucking her. I laid back on the bed and her finish me with a BBBJ. Anita really gives an excellent BBBJ and I think it turns her on. I eventually popped and Anita kept going and extracted every last drop of my CUM and swallowed with a smile. When my dick came out of her mouth, their was not a trace of CUM. As we talked, another drop of CUM started coming out. She went right for it and swallowed it also. mI left the 2 hour session totally drained of all stress. I am done with spinners and young girls. Give me a saggy breasted MILF with great attitude and skills any day of the week. I will repeat many times.
CHICDUB Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 6 Nice Time
May 08, 2017
General Details Once verified Anita is super easy to get a hold of and scheduling is no problem. I had an afternoon meeting and she was ready to rock when I got there. If you have read her website(and I suggest you do) you will know exactly what to expect. Brought her some wine, which she offered to open, but I declined. We then headed upstairs. Anita is sweet lady and has no illusions about herself. She does not advertise herself as a feisty spinner. She is a humble middle aged lady who knows how to take care of a man. If you are good with that you will leave happy. The Juicy Details Once upstairs I stripped off and lay on the bed face down. She started with a light massage then started stroking my balls and ass which led to some light rimming(which was possibly the main reason I went to see her). I got on all fours and let het at it. She loves it. Licks your ass and sucks your balls nicely. Next I got her to the side of the bed and got on my knees for some DATY which she liked. She is shaven and sweet. We then got out her toy and while fingering and vibrating her I slipped on a cover and while standing up dove in. I think she really likes fucking because she says most guys she see are older and want a BJ. So a ride is always welcome. After finishing we lay on the bed and talked for a while. She was more than willing to get me up for seconds. Gave me a good HJ to get hard and went at it doggie but I was not rock hard yet so had to go back to standing MISH. I did not have a second one in me today unfortunately. That was no reflection on Anita. All in all I had a good time. Her location is a hike for me so not sure how often I will see her, but will next time I can get out there.
GLENBAILEY Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Mar 02, 2017
GeneraL Details Easy to find incall. Very responsive with her texts. Typical screening and she gave me her discrete incall location in a quiet part of town. She quickly answered the door and let me in. She was dressed in a nice nighty and led me upstairs. The Juicy Details She Greated me in a nice outfit and guided me upstairs. We made some small talk and she is very nice to talk to and seems to be a very well rounded person. She was always smiling and was in a good mood. I was already showered so we went right to business. I undressed and laid down on the bed. She started kissing my body and started kissing my balls. Lots of ball licking and cock sucking. She is talented with her tongue and knows how to stroke with her hands. She also takes direction very well and knows how to please. I was in a hurry so I released quickly. She swallowed everything without hesitation. She is a pleasure to be with and never felt rushed. I will repeat any time I am in the area. Take care of her guys !!
CaptainDave Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 9 Forgot it was a service
Feb 13, 2017
general details OK, here's my thoughts on my time enjoyed with Anita...I've seen her a few times already and continue to look forward to my next time. She’s in her late 40's, MILF and willing to please. No rush at all. The Juicy Details Once in her hosting room, she gave me a great big hug and started some unbelievable DFK. She immediately started to rub my dick through my pants and got me super hard. Still with her tongue in my mouth, she undid my belt and pants and said I need to suck that cock! She went to her knees, pulled out my hard cock and began sucking! She gave me the most incredible deep throat BBBJ!!! Taking my whole dick down her throat with no gagging!!! WOW!! She sucked the head, balls, stroked it, and kept her eyes locked on mine all while deep throating me. This girl can take you to the brink and then know exactly when to back off just enough to keep you from coming. This can only come from experience and is just not something you get from younger providers. Her intuition and skills are simply the best. She then put me into her favorite position, doggie. What an amazing feeling. She was with her face flat against my ass & asshole. She reached underneath and started stroking the head of my dick. The dual sensation put me in a trance for 15 minutes. Anita was very playful and my dick was raging & pulsing with her touching & licking. As, I feel myself about to come and ask her where she wants it; her reply varies “anywhere you want, baby, my face, tits, anywhere”. I alternate during visits for variety. I turn over and she strokes my cock and sucks it into her mouth. As I got ready to explode, her mouth was open wide and more than half my load hit the back of her throat. We collapsed in a heap and she looked at me, smiled shyly and said, “did I mention I like to be eaten too?” I just smiled and we started kissing once again. She has nipples that simply begged to be sucked…so I did. They really respond and get hard & long. Great set of nipples (if you’re a nipple guy). Started rubbing & licking her blonde haired pussy and rubbing her clit. She’ll let you know when it all is working and you get her close to O’ing. Once there she’ll wanna rim you some more so why argue☺ Anita is the MILF you’ve dreamed about after watching the porn dvd’s wishing you could be rimmed like that. I suppose YMMV, but if you treat her well, I promise she’ll return the favor. Anita is awesome! IMO, the best in town I’ve experienced at rimming.
BREAKDOWN Appearance 7 Attractive, 8 Went the extra mile
Feb 10, 2017
general details I had contacted and got verified by Anita a few days beforehand. Anyhow I made contact and was able to schedule an appointment. Non VIPs, I would recommend. The Juicy Details Anyways I made it to the Incall location, she told me where to park and texted when ready for me. Met at the door she had on a nice red nighty. Headed upstairs to the bedroom. I quickly washed up then started with some LFK which I enjoy. After a while we headed to the bed for some mutual touch and then she started a Bbbj. This is really why I was there and she has a pretty good technique. Anyways she blew me for a long time, and rather than fuck her I just enjoyed it. Eventually I blew in her mouth and she happily swallowed and continued sucking another favorite thing of mine. Anyways I recommend and will probably go back as my schedule allows to try the rest of the menu.
GMAC59 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 6 Nice Time
Feb 03, 2017
general details She meets what I was looking for. Older mature women who seems to thoroughly enjoy her occupation. She is the lady next door that you would like to hook up with. You meet her at her apartment, very clean, well maintained. Will definitely repeat. The Juicy Details The directions were easy to find. She opened the door and I entered and saw exactly what I was looking for. Mature, great smile, was the MILF in the pictures. We moved into her bedroom after I used the bathroom. We sat on the bed and chatted to get to know one another. As we talked and held each other she slowly started caressing me and we started to remove our close. Once I was hard as a rock she put on a cover and did an above average CBJ. I almost popped and she knew it was time to ride me. We changed position many times as I was close to popping several times. We finished in mish as we had great eye contact as I unloaded in the cover. We chatted, cleaned up and I was on my way. She is definitely someone you want to see. She is not a young hottie but extremely mature and experienced provider.
BTHOM60'S Appearance 5 Average, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Jan 09, 2017
general details I sent in the form on her website and she contacted me the same day. We made a date to meet the next morning. I arrived on time and called her. She said to pull onto the driveway and come to the door. I did and she opened the door. I walked in and as requested, removed my shoes. She led me upstairs to a nice master bedroom where I washed up and removed my clothes as she removed hers. The Juicy Details We lay on the bed and began DFKing for a while. She was good at this. While kissing she grinded her pussy into my knee and had a great O which she loved. She then went down for a BBBJ followed by some great rimming. More DFKing and I asked for a condom. She applpied it and asked for me to be on top. I obliged and entered MISH where I pounded her long and hard as she had another O followed by my finishing in the bag. I was pressed for time so I cleaned up, got dressed and kissed her goodbye.
Kurkkass Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 6 Nice Time
Nov 09, 2016
general details: I was going to be in her area the following morning. I texted the day before to set up an appt. for first thing in the morning. She is as advertised, mature, friendly and horny. For the price I will see her again. Non VIPs give her a chance. The Juicy Details: Arrived at her lovely townhouse. She greeted me at the door with a LFK with tongue. Her mouth smelled fresh. I took care of the donation. We went to the bedroom. Got naked and laid face down on the bed. She run her fingers on my back and before you know it she was rimming my asshole. I was in heaven. She rimmed me for a long time. I turned a around and she performed a BBBJ and more rimming. I wanted to taste her pussy. got into 69. Her pussy was clean and sweet. I did not want to cum yet so I asked her to put a cover on me. She got got on her back and I fucked her hard for at least 15 minutes before I came inside of her. She got a towel, removed the condom and cleaned me up. We talked for a while, kissed and she played with my dick. It was time for me to go. I Kissed her goodbye and hoped to see her in 2017.
pS2489 Appearance 7 Attractive, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Nov 07, 2016
general details Anita is the consummate MILF, absolutely wild. Meeting her at her townhouse was painless. Would repeat! The Juicy Details What Anita lacks for in youth, she makes up for in energy! After she welcomed me in we chatted briefly. She then proceded to rip off her clothes and mine, and we went at it. Her pussy was tighter than I thought, and she rode me while starting me dead in the eyes. After a bit of that, I flipped her over and we went at it doggy style. I finished quicker than I wanted, but we went at it a second time, and this time was much longer....
Corsica15 Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 6 Nice Time
Nov 04, 2016
General Details: Met Anita at her place. She greeted me in a black leather outfit and nice kiss. Anita is a very nice person and very aggressive in bed. Too aggressive for me. She is wild and all over the place. The price is right and just about everything is on the menu, but I won't see her again. She's not my type. The Juicy Details We went to her bedroom and got right to it. There is no "leading into it" with her. She immediately dropped her black leather outfit and I got comfortable on the bed face down. Expecting a massage and some teasing she just when straight for the balls and then started rimming. It's kinda wild and sloppy at the same time. It may be other guys thing but not for me. After about 15 minutes of rimming I rolled over she continued with the rimming but with my leg over her shoulder. She did this for another 15 minutes before she began a very sloppy BBBJ. Again it was wild and something I've never experienced but not my thing. I eventually CIM and she swallowed to end the session. I gave her a "6 - Nice Time" rating but really she's also an "8 - Went the Extra Mile" But that is deceiving. I won't repeat, but you get a lot for your money.
Likesbignips Appearance 7 Attractive, Performance 8 Went the Extra Mile
Nov 03, 2016
General Details Easy setting up date. Had seen her with Jackie and didn't have to do another LE check She's in a quiet private home. Got the address and was on my way she was ready at the time we agreed Worth the time. She met me at the door in black lingerie with a big hug and deep kiss Very beautiful woman takes the time to give her all. Shes accommodating to your desires. Very limited rules. Comfortable not rushed Guys go meet this sensual sexy MILF. She is very sweet and gets the job done. Well worth the donation Will Repeat. VIP's read on. The Juicy Details Kissing. Stroking. Nipple tweaking. Ball licking. Cuddling relaxing she's a very horny woman who likes sex. She teases your anus. Rubs balls gently. Loves her pussy to be played with Starts sucking and teasing your cock slowly and knows exactly when to deep throat you. She swallowed every drop! Her nipples are as big and thick as the small tootsie rolls she lives them played with and sucked She said I could cum on her tits or face. I chose the throat She requires protection if you want to have vaginal sex overall a great experience.
ELEC277 Appearance 5 Plain, Performance Average
Oct 28, 2016
General details: Very nice neighborhood. Easy to find. Would not repeat The Juicy Details Possibly one of the nicest people I have ever meet. Just not attracted to her at all. Met her at door she was wearing nothing special. Went up stairs to her room and took clothes off and laid on bed stomach down. She did a light massage which turned into a lot of rimming she does really like to get in there. From there I told her I was ready to fuck her. We tried missionary but it wasn't working for me. So we did doggie for a bit. I really didn't want to finish that way So for a 20 to 25 min I laid on my back and let her switch from sucking me to rimming me until I popped in her mouth. She was nice as hell. But had trouble getting over her looks. Not trying to be mean just honest.
Smartin58 Appearance 8 Really Hot, Performance 9 Forgot it was a service
Oct 13, 2016
General Details: I'm an older guy (late 50's), and have decided that while the young, spinner types can certainly be fun and sexy and all that, I'd actually prefer someone closer to my own age. Not just for the sex stuff, but for the conversation and the chance to actually make a connection with another human being. Anita fit the bill for me PERFECTLY. Some of her reviews, especially the most recent just before this one, almost scared me off, but considering her relatively low rates - as well as the more positive reviews that she's also received, I figured I'd see for myself. Set-up was a breeze - a couple of texts and everything was arranged. Anita was hosting at her very nice townhome in Schaumburg. Apprehension built when I rang the doorbell, wondering what she was going to look like. (Her pictures are a bit dated, and don't really show much of her face.) All apprehension melted away when she opened the door and greeted me with a nice kiss and hug. Once we got to know each other a bit, I enjoyed an absolutely wonderful time with her. I will DEFINITELY repeat - hopefully regularly. VIPs - read on. The Juicy Details I had texted Anita in advance and asked her to dress in "casual dinner wear" - what someone might wear to Olive Garden. I'm not a huge fan of providers answering the door in sexy clothes or even naked. It suggests that sex is the ONLY reason you're there, and you aren't there to try to make any sort of connection with another person. I know that seeing a provider just for the sex is what a significant majority, if not vast majority, of hobbyists are looking for, but in my opinion that stuff isn't much better than jerking off if you don't connect with the provider at least somewhat on a personal level. Anyway, I was absolutely DELIGHTED when Anita answered the door. She had done exactly as I'd asked, and had on a nice pair of slacks and a pretty blouse. She also had on just a spritz of perfume and a little lipstick and makeup. I hadn't asked for any of that, but I appreciated the effort she put in to getting ready for me. I thought she looked GREAT. I could see that she didn't have the body of a 20-something or even 30-something, but, unlike what has been said in some other reviews, she is definitely not "fat" or a "BBW". She has a nice body for a 50 year-old woman. I found that "really hot" (hence the "8" rating for appearance) - and we weren't even naked yet. We had a nice period of small talk on the little couch in her living room - during which I realized that this is a very nice REAL lady with a real life - not just as an escort. I had told her that I was a "take it slow" guy, and she obliged by just having one arm around my shoulder and holding my hand with the other. She was so nice, sweet, and gentle, that at one point I felt the urge to lean over and kiss her, which I did. She genuinely responded to my kiss, and we engaged in a brief time of DFK. She is absolutely great at kissing, and it would almost be worth the price to just do that with her for an hour. She's that good at it. After awhile, we headed upstairs to a very nice bedroom with a little music playing, tuned to an XM radio station that I enjoyed which suggested that she'd put some thought into what station a guy my age would like to have playing in the background. (I can't stand it when there's dead silence where the provider hosts - whether it's their own place or a hotel room. Turn on the TV/radio or bring a damn bluetooth speaker, for crying out loud!) I asked her to just take off her clothes but leave the underwear on. She happily obliged, and had on a nice lacy bra and a matching thong. I could obviously see her full body shape, and was totally turned on by it. No - she doesn't have the body of a strip club performer or a porn star. She has a real 50 year-old woman's body with some real flab and a bit of sagginess. (If you don't like or want that, then don't go see her and proceed to rip her in your review!) Her belly had the look of someone who had been larger at some point and lost weight. She said that she had, and had worked hard to bring herself down to where she is now, and was working to lose a bit more. (I give her a lot of credit for doing that.) Anyway, I thought she looked great, and after a bit of massage-giving on my part, I realized that the bra and thong had to come off. I then got to see her breasts - also a bit saggy, but very attractive to me and with amazing nipples that just beg to be licked and sucked (which I did, happily). I also found her pussy to be very attractive and inviting, with just enough hair to really turn me on. (Not a fan of completely shaved pussies.) I spent some quality time DATY - she smelled and tasted just fine, like a woman should smell and taste, in my opinion. Her moans were subtle and seemed real - not like some that seem forced and faked. I wish I would have stayed down there longer to make her happier, but I never wanted to spend too much time away from her mouth, since I enjoyed kissing her so much. At this point, most reviewers spend time describing all kinds of pounding, sucking, slurping, rimming, changing positions, etc. Sometimes I wonder how much of that is intended to provide information about the provider, and how much of it is to tout the reviewer's own sexual "skills". Anyway, I'll dispense with that. In short, I'll just say that Anita is very VERY accommodating. There wasn't a single thing I asked of her that she didn't do. (Mind you, I'm relatively "vanilla" in what I'm looking for.) Her oral skills are phenomenal in every sense - she kisses great, she gives great head, and she's a great person to talk to. I even extended my time with her to two full hours, and every minute of it flew by for me. When I was standing in her foyer getting ready to leave, she gave me one last, long, tongue-filled kiss. I'd have been happy to go another couple of hours with her just to "make out" like a couple of teenagers. Anita is a lovely lady. She literally made me forget it was a service, because I felt so at ease with her on her couch and in her bed. Hence the "9" rating for performance. Obviously, I will return - as often as circumstances and my budget will allow.
Baby Duck Appearance 7 Attractive, Performance 9 Forgot it was a service
Sep 28, 2016
General Details: I have seen Anita several times before this current visit and to be very honest, I have never submitted a review before until now. I was taken back by the September 2016 review from a person who said, If you are drunk I should have stayed home!!! This is not true...Anita is working very hard to put herself back into shape, but it doesn't take away her performance in the bed room. The Juicy Details: Anita met at her front door of her new Townhouse and greeted me with a nice hug and kiss which got my motors running. We went up stairs to one of her bedrooms which was very clean and laid out like any master bedroom. We underdress and started kissing like two teenagers in High School. The French Kissing was great (which I enjoy) and Anita none rush approach is by far the best I have been with from other providers. She always gives a great bbbj and more then probably most wife's due. She makes every effort to make sure you are satisfied that you want to come back for more. This woman has the energy of a 30 year old. I enjoy giving and receiving oral and Anita always hits the right button to relieve me the stress & pressure from a hard work week. The gentleman that gave her a bad review needs to look in the mirror. Maybe his wife is not attractive and does proved the services Anita does. I recommend he has a few drinks before sleeping with his wife. Thank you Anita.....see you soon!!!!
Fattrombone Appearance 4 Ok if you're drunk, Performance 2 Should have stayed home
Sep 22, 2016
General Details: easy to set up and find and she accommodated me around my schedule. Nice place in nice town. Met me at the door and led me upstairs. I've read a lot of great reviews about her so I thought I'd give her a roll. The Juicy Details Everything I've read about her is accurate, she's sucks cock great! rimmed me which was a first for me and we 69'd. but..... I couldn't get past her saggy tits and her 25 lb belly. After a while I was just done and totally lost interest. Had to leave Maybe some guys are ok with it but her great attitude couldn't offset her looks for me. Sorry baby. Diet some and hit the gym once in awhile
JMB3000 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Sep 15, 2016
General Details We'd been texting for a while--seems our schedules finally matched-up. She did, however, respond quickly to each one. She's at a decent place in the NW suburbs. Anita is a mature provider, please keep that in mind. I will repeat. VIPs, read on! The Juicy Details Let's start by saying my time with Anita was very interesting (in a good way). She is willing to please--and really good at communicating this desire. She is older and not some 20 year old hottie. I like that she does NOT provide a 15-minute session. Basic 2-call system, arrived at the residence and was invited in. She does have a couple of well behaved pets that stay on the lower level. Talked for a few minutes while undressing--asked me about what I like / don't like and our time *really* began. Enjoyed a BBBJ, enjoyed some amazing rimming (my first time doing this). And, could have gone all the way to a prostate exam. She's open to just about anything except Greek. We did some 69-action, not my favorite with her--just the way our bodies lined-up--not her fault. Flipped around, some more BBBJ... Moved over to Doggie-style and came quickly! I pulled off the cover and she finished nicely with some suction. Will definitely repeat.
CCO22INF Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Sep 06, 2016
General Details Got a hold of her on the 2nd try. She answered and then it was texts from there on out. She was in a nice place in the NW burbs. She's a no nonsense lady who is mature. She's good at what she does and is there to please. Treat her well and VIP's read on... The Juicy Details Wow! For a woman of her age (i'd say mid 50's) she's got a lot of energy. Started rubbing my crotch as soon as I walked in. Laid out the donation and promptly whipped it out to match her enthusiasm. Her body is ok. She was likely thin in her younger years. Kind of floppy and saggy now. What she lacks in looks she makes up for in effort. As if on queue, she drops down and starts sucking my cock will good technique. She stops in between to tell me how much she enjoys sucking dick and whatnot. She's really fun, took direction well when I wanted to use the mirror. I gloved up and proceeded to pound her mercilessly. She can really take a pounding. We tried mish and doggie in front of the mirror. When I asked her what my cum option were, she just asked what do you want. On your face, please! Dumped my load on her cheeks and tits, cleaned up and was on my way. Quality service from older plain looking woman. Great price.
Murphyslaw1776 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 9 Forgot it was a service
Aug 25, 2016
General Details Contacted Anita after reading her reviews on here. So glad I did. I set up everything via text for an early appointment. She gave me the address the night before. Showed up until to a nice private townhouse in the buns, she greater me in and leteven in. That's when we had a great time. Will definitely repeat. VIPs read on. The Juicy Details Anita greated me in the blue lingerie that your see in her pictures and a blue g-string. First let me say, not sure what the other reviews are saying when they bash her looks. Yes, she looks and has a 50 year old body. Nothing wrong with being 50 and looking 50. Personally, I still found her attractive because all of her was real. I like an older woman that embraces her age fully, that's sexier than a 50-something that tries to be a 20 year old Maybe that's just me. I walk in, and we start making out in her foyer, felt like an LE check, but it was a nice passionate kiss, rather than a business like check. I groped her everywhere to let her know it was cool. She led me up to her bedroom and that's when the fun began. We stripped naked and made out like we have been lovers for ever. I sucked on her tittues, her nippers get hard and are nice thick juicy nips. I ate her pussy and licked her ass for a bit too. She tasted sweet and fresh. Then she proceeded to give me the most amazing blow job and rim job for the next 50 minutes. She does a great job of licking, sucking, teasing. A blow job and rim job are epic events with her, not just a transaction to get you off quick and no out the door. She takes her time and make you feel like a king, licking every part if your body. She even gave me prostate massage, just phenomenal. When I was ready to cumulative, I asked her to pinch my nipped hard while by dick in her mouth and she happily obliged. I came down her that and she stalled levery drop and thanked me for breakfast. In will definitely repeat. This first meeting she blew me and teased me until the hour was up and then took the load. Next time, I'm trying to give her multiple loads since this girl loves cum. Anita is awesome!
Salmonella420 Appearance 3 homely, Performance 6 nice time
Aug 19, 2016
General Details She is as advertised, mature provider, tries hard. Friendly and nice. Overall, not my type, had to close my eyes and concentrate to get the job done. The Juicy Details Comfortable private townhouse location. Took care of donation, started off with enthusiastic blow job, should of let her finish me there. But decided to play with her pussy and have her break out a vibrator. Did that for a little while got bored, put on a rubber and started pounding away, this wasn't doing for me either. Back to the blow job, gave her directions, very willing. Closed my eyes and thought of someone else, nutted and left. Very nice woman, just not my type.
Bebot1 Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 6 Nice Time
Aug 15, 2016
General details I wanted to try a mature older woman so I booked with Anita. She was very nice and did as I asked but I was just not attracted to her and will probably not repeat The Juicy Details Got to her townhouse and texted that I was there and she texted me to come in. She seemed like a very nice lady but was older than what I was expecting as the pictures were a bit misleading. Went upstairs and dropped donation then stripped. Laid on the bed and asked her to give me a bbbj which did feel very nice and she used a lot of spit which I like. I was playing with her pussy while this was going on but then I stopped because I just wanted to concentrate on the sensation from what she was doing. She started talking dirty and told me to feed my cum whore and then I lost it cimnqns and the swallowed it all. She did everything I asked her to do but I just was not into her. Her blowjob skills are worth giving a try as nobody has ever done her technique on me before and the price will not sting too bad if you are not satisfied but I will not repeat as I prefer women 40 years or younger.
Prvtpilot4 Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 5 Average
Aug 12, 2016
General details I had a morning appointment and contacted her on short notice. She was available and I went right to her comfy convenient condo in the west suburbs. All contact was through text and screening was a breeze. Texted upon arrival and went to the door. A sexy older woman answered and let me in. She was wearing a pink and black teddy which looked good on her. A brief kiss and she led me to her bedroom....... The Juicy Details Anita is an older attractive woman with some awesome pictures on her site. The pics are real but show her best on the site. In reality, her body is average and not for those looking for a "fit and young" woman. With that said, once in her room she showed me some of the toys she has available for me to use on her. She watched me undress as she slipped off her teddy. I layed on the bed and she joined me. Some kissing and groping went on between us when she flipped feet towards my head so I could watch her suck my cock. After a while of this I had her grab one of her toys and use it on herself while she sucked me. I believe this woman could be very submissive in the right circumstance and while she was toying and sucking she kept saying things like "I love being your whore with a cock in my pussy and yours in my mouth" and "I want to drink your protein shake for breakfast". I asked her if she was going to be my cumslut and with my cock in her mouth she went off like a rocket. After she calmed down a bit she resumed sucking me until I could hold back no more. She swallowed every drop without spilling and smiled when she slowly took my drained cock out of her mouth. Her enthusiasm is fantastic and I look forward to another meeting with her.
VICDEMOAN Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Jul 22, 2016
General Details I have seen her reviews collecting over time. Wasn't sure if she was right for m based on looks, but she certainly delivered on the services and at that price point and location, I had to at least try. Easy screening and several texts got me to her location. She is the mature, bigger woman in the pix and she def brings her A game when it comes to fun time... The Juicy Details She met me at the door of her townhouse and escorted me up the bedroom with a nice big bed facing a mirror. I dropped off the donation and then we chatted a bit. I started getting naked and joined her in bed. She is def bigger than I was expecting, but I was horny enough to get it going. Some kissing led to aggressive DFK and she started her way down. She pulled off my boxers and devoured my cock. This was a PSE BBBJ. Plenty of licking and stroking, spitting, sound effects and just treating it like the tastiest lollipop ever. She started working down towards my taint and kept going and ended up rimming for a while. She didn't tease around the rim like most, she licked like it was the biggest sno-cone ever, just reckless abandon from her tongue. She was playing with herself while doing this and said she needed to get fucked. She covered me up and hopped on. She was a lot of woman and I wasn't too turned on but then I could see my cock go in and out of her in the mirror and I pumped until I was done. She kissed me some more. Cleaned up and on my way. She is very nice and truly wants you to have a good time. She insisted next time she was going to swallow my load right after getting there and then fucking me again afterwards. Not sure there will be a 2nd time....
Sensitive2pussy Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Jul 20, 2016
General details: Called and set appointment the week before. Set up was easy with phone and text. Told and gave her my TER# so she was at ease. Went on early morning in a nice private neighborhood. Called and text once in the area then gave location of private place. Greeted in a nice sexy outfit. Had a great time for the price of a MILF. Will repeat. NON-VIP she's worth it. The Juicy Details She opened door and was greeted in nice lingerie. We went to her bedroom which clean. Laid the donation and I got naked then she asked me to lie down and says "I'll take care of you". She's a bit chatty but once we were both naked in her bed she gave decent massage. Maybe it was me but I really get turned on by perfume or someone who smells good. Although she just had a shower I kinda wanted her smelling better like a woman. After the massage we started with LFK and in a minute she started going down on me. And since Iwas kinda tired from work so I just opted for her BJ which was so amazing. She did not give up easy. So she moved to my ass and gave me a rim job which was 1st time experience for me. That gave me a different sensation down there. So once she noticed that my dick was in better mood she went back to it and gave it a champion performance with her lips and tongue. In a few minutes my dick reach a frenzy then I released. She kept on licking until I was spent and to my surprise, she cleaned me up and swallowed. Wow! Just for the French job alone it is worth the bucks. I will repeat if I am in the mood for a MILF again.
HopperG Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 6 Nice Time
May 25, 2016
General details Setup was easy. Everything was done by text. Told her I was RS2K and that was that. She is only available M-F days but she starts early which is nice if you need a quick one before work. She is more fun than some of her reviews would lead you to believe and her mind blowing French needs no translation. Would repeat for that alone. The Juicy Details To start off, she is probably in her early 50s and looks it, but I do not mean that in a negative way. If you are in the same age group as her go you look at yourself naked in a mirror then you get the idea. You’ve probably aged a bit too, we all do even you work out. She probably is not a good fit (no pun intended) for a guy in his 20s-30s. It is just how it is. She is not slim and youthful but she is definitely NOT a BBW as some have implied. Her pictures are old but not deceitful. She has a nice face, nice smile and is easy to talk to. She is somewhat forward in making suggestions of what might be fun to do and it may seem a bit business-like but she is really just very concerned with making you happy, thus the questions. She is a good kisser. I think she does everything except anal and raw. (I did not ask for anal and I do not go in raw.) Met her at her incall and after the formalities we both undressed and moved to the bed and she went down on me immediately with great enthusiasm. She sucks cock like there is no tomorrow, DT, lots of eye contact, attention to everything down there. After a bit we moved to 69 and she was sweet and very wet and while I think she enjoyed it but did not come. Eventually she wanted me inside and offered K9 but I opted for missionary. I like missionary because I like to kiss and fuck at the same time, but mainly because on a woman that age her breasts are more attractive when she is one her back. I massaged her breasts and sucked her nipples (nice nipples) and she on mine while we were going at it. She is tight, tighter than you might expect on a woman her age. My cock was loving it there. We fucked like rabbits for a while and at some point she commented that it would be a shame to waste all my come in a condom. I agreed and after a bit more fucking and a lot of kissing I pulled out and pulled off the condom and she took me back in her mouth again. This is where she excels. She is totally BBBJCIMNQNS. I came fairly forcefully (it had been a while) and she swallowed it all and did a thorough tongue cleansing of my cock. After that she cleaned me up and we kissed and chatted for a while then dressed and I was on my way. I do not think she offers QV but if she did I would go back just to get head. I would probably go frequently, LOL. The fucking was good, fun but not wild, but she can suck my cock any time she wants, She excels at that and gives many of the young ones a run for their money. If you like getting head, good head with a swallow, she is well worth the visit.
ALTMIKE Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 6 Nice time
May 11, 2016
General details Easy to set up appointment and meet in her apartment in the suburbs. She is a bit older however very sweet and truly aims to please. Worth the trip and will return. The Juicy Details Anita met me at the door with a night gown and a smile. We made small talk for a few minutes while I undressed. She started tugging my cock until I was hard and she got down on her knees and began to suck me until I was rock hard. I'm small so she was able to take me all the way in to the base which feels sooo good. She started with a nice massage and I was pleasantly surprised when she started licking my ass and balls. I had to fuck her and she seemed to enjoy however not as much as sucking my cock. I came and laid down for a few minutes when she began sucking me again. I told her I probably wouldn't be able to cum again however she got me hard after about ten minutes and I was again pleasantly surprised when I can again after about ten more minutes. She's moving to a new place and I can't wait to see her again for the price she's great.
SCR5540 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 7 Hot Time
Apr 20, 2016
General details For the heck of it, I was looking through various ads to see what was out there, and Anita's ad caught my eye. Not sure why but it did. So I checked out her reviews on TER and came away pleased with what I read. Nothing really more to add other than she truly aims to please. Anita is a cute, mature woman who goes out of her way to make sure you are in a good place when you leave. Her pictures in her ads are accurate so there should not be any surprises to anyone. VIP's read on. The Juicy Details On the morning of the appointment, I followed Anita's instructions when I got to her location. It's easy to get there, and easy to get to where you need to go when the session is over. We exchanged greetings and I put my donation on the end table in the living room.. Anita was wearing an outfit that I requested which highlighted her mature body. We started to kiss and make-out a bit as she loves to kiss. I undressed and she grabbed me and started to stroke me while standing at the end of the bed. We both stripped and climbed on the bed. We kissed for a bit before she started to worked her way down my chest and alternated between very nice oral - sucking and licking - and having me turn over and rimming me. As good as it was, I had to have her stop a number of times as I'd rather prolong things. When it was time, she didn't miss a thing and happily takes it all - no, loves to take it all. Anita is a very, very nice and a passionate woman who wants to make sure you're satisfied. She will allow multiples, but you need to let her know. Will repeat, and already have set up another before work session.
Martini1961 Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Apr 06, 2016
General details: Picked up right away and easy to make an appointment. Anita answered the door in a sexy negligee with a warm kiss. The Juicy Details Anita made me feel comfortable right away. We went to her bedroom and I laid the fee on the nightstand. This woman really loves to kiss! We stripped down right away and I asked her to start with a massage. Her hands felt great on my back and she started rubbing her tits all over me. As she started to spread my ass cheeks I asked her to lick me for a while- I really like that. y while we changed positions and I began to rub her body. After a while I started to lick her ass also. I then rolled her onto her back and started licking her pussy. After a while I rolled onto my back and she climbed on top of me in 69. She was swallowing every bit of my cock and it felt great but I really wanted to fuck her. We started out in doggy style for a while as I pumped in and out of her. She rolled onto her back as I continued. After I could not last any more I wanted to cum in her mouth. She swallowed every bit that I had, grabbed a towel and cleaned us off. Anita may not be the sexiest woman but she really gives her all to satisfy you. I hope to return and see her soon
JEFFTHEACCT Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Apr 05, 2016
General details Anita is a sex maniac. She just likes it and wants to please. The Juicy Details I had been trying to set up meeting with Anita for a while but my work schedule did not fit with her working until 6. Finally had time off and met her. She is an older lady who just wants to have sex and please men. She met me at the door in bra and panties. She started with some very nice dfk and allowed my hands to roam everywhere. She helped me undress, dropped to her knees and started sucking. She really is good at bbbj and gave nice attention to the boys. Her oral skills are very good and she gave me a great bbbj and swallow the load, which is what I came for. She then started a very average message. Tried to get me going again by playing with the boys but I didn't have another load to give and we just laid together and talked. I enjoyed my time with her. She is a women I would not take 2 glances at in a bar but I am glad I met her here and will be back when our schedules link up.
MrCFKane41 Appearance 7 Attractive, Performance 9 Forgot it was a service
Apr 01, 2016
General details I met Anita twice. The first time in a hotel and the second time in her place. Both times were spectacular. She says she has great skills. Well, she does! She is a very nice and attractive lady who lives up to her reviews. Non-VIP’s, this is the real deal. Get on her dance card! VIP’s, read on. The Juicy Details OK. Let’s get one thing straight. Well, in a manner of speaking...If you are looking for a 21-year-old spinner, you are reading the wrong review. With all due respect and affection, it has been a while since Anita has been 21. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve been 21. Quite a while! I remember Ike. So we are going back a bit. Having said that, I don’t want a 21-year-old provider anyway. I want a mature provider with skills and without drama. That is certainly Anita. Both sessions were quite similar. And they were amazingly good. Well, that is an understatement! However, it is also a testament to her skills and her friendly, easy-going, make-you-comfortable manner. And her willingness to please! There is no shortage of that. She greeted me at the door with a hug and a DFK. She does like to kiss and does it well. Put donation down and included a tip in advance. Her reviews said she works hard and this is certainly true. She lay back on the bed and I started DATY. Her hygiene was good and she got off in due time. Well, I don’t like to hurry this and Anita was both responsive and appreciative. Followed this with party hat and mish for a while. Then she asked me if I wanted a message. I rolled on my tummy and she got started. She is good. Unlike others, I got the sense that she really enjoys doing this. I have noticed that some providers seem to use a massage as a way to fill time. Not always true, but this has been my impression now and again. So, in my humble opinion, a massage does not always fit with the rest of the session. Not so with Anita! She massaged me just fine. Then she licked down my back and rimmed me. Oh my! She is good! Then I rolled over, she straddled me, and she started a BBBJ. Her skills are so attuned that she can bring a man close, back off, bring him close again, back off, and then “cut to the chase,” so to speak. All the while, I was hugging her calves and enjoying myself immensely. She even paused to say how she enjoys bringing a man close and then easing off. Finally, I came in her mouth and she swallowed every drop. Oh my again! And here is a point I noticed both times. She did not run to the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. I have seen this more than once. She likes to please like this and is comfortable with it all the way through. For me, this makes her a real gem! We cuddled for a few minutes and got to know each other a bit. Then I got dressed and we kissed goodbye. Will I repeat? Yes! Did I already give her number to another hobbyist I have known for some time? Yes! And I recommend Anita to you as well.
Slimz69, Appearance 3 Homely, Performance 6 Nice time
Feb 25, 2016
General details Had her on my radar for quite some time. Exchanged texts, response time was great and we met at an agreed time at a hotel she was hosting at. I knew the pics were dated, but didn't realize they were so outdated despite other review. It's like I had to find out for myself. Honestly, as pleasant as she was and as much as she tried, she wasn't really my type as far as looks go. She's definitely my type as far as effort and overall attitude towards trying to please her client. She puts in tons of effort so I can't dock her for not trying. I wish I would've caught her in her younger years. She would've been dynamite I'm sure. The Juicy Details So I arrive and she's wearing nice lingerie. Unfortunately, I was turned off by her rather older than expected and saggy looks. I knew this was one of those times where keeping my eyes closed would be to my advantage. So she's big on DFK, which was fine. She loves to cuddle and rub up on you and then sure enough she's rubbing my back and ass. Starts kissing/licking my body and as other reviewers stated, she's all about giving a rim job and BBBJ (about 35 minutes between the massage, rim and BBBJ). She seems to enjoy it plenty. It was new for me. Being that I didn't have to really look at her but still get a good time, I welcomed it. Shortly thereafter she gets on top of me, and we basically went with missionary until I blew my load. I kind of had to force it because I think I was bored by this time and just wanted to get what I wanted. She asked if I wanted to go w/ multiple pops, but I opted out. I won't be repeating to say the least, but it was nice to get this off of my TER "Bucket List"
Raildem Appearance 5 Average, Performance 6 Nice time
Feb 19, 2016
General details Has been on the radar for sometime and finally decided to give her a try. Easy to setup all via text. Arrived at the address given, texted to let her know I was there and was buzzed into her building. She lives in a very large apartment complex but was right off the expressway and easy to find. Greeted at the door by Anita, wearing bra, panties and stockings which I had requested earlier. Headed right into her bedroom. Apartment was a little messy. VIP's ready on The Juicy Details She offered to kiss but I declined. Not really my thing. Anita is a mature provider so if you are looking for some young thing or even a MILF I would pass. I would guess she is in her late 50's. She is in decent shape for her age. Boobs are saggy, but she has decent legs and ass. I got undressed and laid down on her bed. She begin a very good uncovered BJ. She did indicate she allows CIM and swallows. Nice thing was she didn't rush things along. I think she blew me for a good 10 minutes. Towards the end I almost came a few times and asked her to slow down. If you are looking for BBBJ CIM she is good one for a mature provider. During the BJ she offered me access to her pussy. Used my fingers and she was already wet. Finally decided to stop the BJ and suggested doggy. She readily agreed. Like I mentioned, she has a decent ass and legs so the view was nice. She lubed up and guided me in. While I pumped she reached back to rub my balls. This combined with the earlier BJ and I didn't last very long. Laid back on the bed while she removed the cover and offered some wipes. Small talk while I got dressed, Not sure if I will repeat. Maybe for the BBBJ CIM since that was good.
rus1956ty Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Feb 09, 2016
General details I was looking for a mature Provider and ran across Anita's ad. Set up was very easy and I scheduled a appointment. She only works weekdays until 5:00 so timing was a issue for me but we were able to schedule a time that worked for me. She loves to Kiss as she greet me with a kiss. She loves what she does and is very good at her job. I would recommend as I have been back and plan on seeing her again. VIP's read on. The Juicy Details I have seen Anita a few times and every time has been better than the last and the 1st one was great. On my first time she started giving me a back rub and the next thing I knew she was rimming me. What a shock and pleasant surprise. She has taught me a few things and I hope I have taught her as well. We have had sex in many ways and they are all great. Anita will do almost anything to make you happy. She remembers what you like and don't like which is a lot different from most providers you go to more than once. Her kisses are not fake as I believe she likes them also and boy does she love to kiss and not just your lips. I have brought toys and I used them on her and she asked me if I wanted her to use on me and I did but I did not have the time maybe next time. We usually finish with me Cumming in her mouth as we all know woman need their protein. LOL. She could charge a lot more but she loves what she does and I am thankful as I plan on becoming one of her regulars and I recommend you definitely see her. I disagree with some of the reviews as I think she has an inner beauty maybe not the photo shopped ones you see in Playboy but not unattractive at all. I promise you will have a great time with Anita.
DennisL Appearance 3 Homely, Performance 7 Hot time
Jan 28, 2016
General details not the best looking thing. but not all that bad for the price, what she lacks in looks see makes up in attitude. she has skills and does know how to please easy to reach and no games fun. I would use her again. The apartment could use a bit of work very dirty. The Juicy Details I arrived at her apartment text her she immediately text me back with the apartment number she greeted me at the door wearing a bra panties and some thigh high stockings which I had requested. She definitely has a little bit of mileage on her but all in all not too bad. she hugged me and gave me a DFK she escorted me to her bedroom I placed my donation on the table which she didn't even count we begin to kiss passionately and feeling each other up. as we were kissing she reached down and began to rub my crotch,I immediately responded with my hand rubbing her pussy I begin to finger fucker her which she seemed to enjoy immensely as she began to moan. She unbuckled my pants and pull them down, got down on her knees and begin to give me a BBBJ it was very wet and sloppy and she got me super hard after about 10 minutes we got in 69 position and to my surprise her pussy was very tasty and very sweet smelling she was also super hot and wet down there she was moaning and seemed to really get into it I began to talk dirty to her telling her how sweet her pussy was and how I loved eating her and that I wanted to stick my cock in her sweet wet pussy I told her to get on your knees I got up behind her and entered her wet pussy with my hard cock I began to pump very slowly than faster and faster She begin to moan more and more this woman may be old, flabby, and homely. but she sure knows how to fuck I fucked her every which way doggy, cowgirl. missionary, and standing. She has one nice hot tight wet pussy and she really knows how to work a cock with it. After what seemed like 20 minutes of fucking her, I pulled out of her pussy stuck it in her mouth and came up a storm.swallowed every drop As we talked I began to play with her pussy, and she went down on me again. managed to get me hard again then we were off for round two of a super fuckfest and I dropped another load on her pussy. The girl really knows how to please and I definitely will be a return customer.
BENUNIV Appearance 5 Plain, Performance 6 Nice Time
Jan 21, 2016
General details I had been seeing Anita's postings for a while, but due to my long works hours, I couldn't meet up...I like em aged and refined...MILF's are great and willing to fulfill...I managed to get out of work early, I called and she picked up, typical 2 call...i rang to bell, she opened the door and the fun started....vips, read on, non-vips, give her a shot!!! The Juicy Details I see Anita and honestly, she is not ugly and not a super model and she got my hard, right away with her awesome kissing skills...with the tongue and nice and wet. She was wearing a see thru nightie and as we walked to the room, i had more clothes on than she did...she stripped me down and I lay the donation on the table....we started out with a very light massage and I loved the teasing...generally speaking, with MILF's I am not aggressive @ all..I actually sit back and let me please me...Anita puts a fully blown effort into what she does and is willing to fulfill...I opted for the massage and a HJ, this time time...I will go further....on the flip side, she actually gave me a CBJ and it is something I will not forgot for a while. I will return over and over again!!!!! she is awesome!!!!!
S2D2JAY Appearance 2 Ugly, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Jan 15, 2016
General details This is the easiest setup ever. You can text Anita directly and she responds and if she has time will see you ASAP. A definte cougar ready as soon as you enter her apartment. The Juicy Details Wow. This woman is obsessed with all things sex. Its nice that she is in her own apartment for complete privacy. You barely make it to the bedroom and she has her tongue in your mouth. Next you are on the bed and she starts right on my cock. No condom. She immediately positions herself so I can lick her pussy. Shaved and smelled nice. She rolled me over and gave me a rim job. This was my first time with this and it did nothing for me (which I am happy about). So I ended that quickly and turned back over, put the condom on and she started riding me hard. Turned over to missionary and finished quickly. Took a shower with black mold all over the wall. A bit gross. This session was something out of a porn movie. This woman will do anything. She says nothing and won't look you in the eye but if you are looking for uninhibited this is your woman. Downside is that at 50 she has some mileage on her. Definitely flabby and not in shape. But very clean and willing to go the extra mile. And not expensive for everything you get. Definitely worth it.
rickyz23 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 6 Nice time
Jan 12, 2016
General details: Not too far from her area. Have seen her advertise for a long time. Was looking for something simple and she delivered. Might repeat, VIP read on. The Juicy Details Met her at a cheap motel in the area. Wasn't worried because of past reviews and my familiarity with the location. I booked for an hour but I knew I wouldn't be there that long. I like to get in and out. I was looking for a little massage and a Bj and she delivered. Her massage wasn't the greatest but it wasn't the worst either. I set donation down and began with a massage. We talked for a bit and I let her know what I was there for. The real fun began when I rolled on my side and began to rub her breast. My engine started roaring and my request for a Bj was met. She slowly took her time and aimed to please. She made some pleasant noises as she was slurping on my dick. Everything was covered by my choice and it still felt decent. I laid back and relaxed until completion. I actually enjoyed her enthusiasm and attitude. She was very pleasant and treated me well. I don't care for older women but she makes up for it with her skills and personality. Will repeat if the time is right.
DEREKM67 Appearance 6 Nice, Performance 8 Went the extra mile
Jan 06, 2016
General details I was looking to relieve some stress and came across Anitas ad in the afternoon, it was perfect because she had an incall in Rolling Meadows which is where i had a business meeting prior. Shes on the mature side which is what i was looking for as i appreciate an experienced woman and is she ever! It was a great time as shes quite open minded and very willing. The Juicy Details I arrived at her incall and she answered the door in some nice lingerie. She had candles lit so it smelled good and the ambiance was comfortable. We head to bedroom and i sat down while she took off my clothes and began kissing on my neck, which felt real good since i was quite stressed. She worked her way down and began a bbbj. Lets say she truly enjoys using her mouth, she slobbed and sucked making great noises and also gave the boys plenty of attention, she went back and forth from rimming to licking my balls. This is why i like an experienced woman, they know how to get the job done. She sucked on me and let me let one go in her mouth all while taking every drop. I laid her on her back and began fingering her til she got nice and gooey. I gave her a taste while rubbing her clit and could tell she was enjoying it. I take it she doesnt get that much attention so being able to give that to her and hearing her moans got me ready to go for round 2. i slid in her and started pumping with her legs over my shoulders. She rubbed on her breasts as i continued to fuck her hard and then popped it all over her breasts and stomach which she took willingly. She got up to clean herself off and came back with a warm rag for me. Anita's pretty much up for anything and is quite eager which is what i like in a provider. Will most likely visit again next time Im in area