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Paid Phone, Face Time, Skype and Sext Sessions

For those that have been longtime blog readers of mine know what an imagination I do have. I also can play any character in a role play in a convincing fashion. I had been hoping to unveil my telephone, FaceTime, Skype and sex chat ("Sext") sessions before now but I just never had the time. Now with so many men no longer "hobbying", I have decided to unveil these service alternatives. For those of my "snowbirds", it may allow them to have a session of sorts that works for them while they reside in the warmer climates. 

All participants must be 18 years of age or older. No screening required for these services. 


$60 half hour for Phone Sex session (10am thru 10pm Monday thru Sunday)

$60 half hour for Sext sessions (10am thru 10pm Monday thru Sunday) 

FaceTime or Skype sessions $100 for 30 minutes.  

For late sessions after 10pm through 7am in the morning, please add $20 to total.

For pictures, add $10 per pic (up to a max of $30 for 5 pictures).  

If wanting more specific role play session, please add $20 to total of any chosen services above.  

Payment is required in advance of all services. Amazon Wishlist Items are not accepted in payment of Paid Phone, FaceTime, Skype or Sext Sessions.   

Cash payments made through the following Apps: 





PayPal email: [email protected]

Additional Forms of Payment: 

Credit Card:

Credit Card over the phone payment. Please note that paying by credit card over the phone will require a 6% upcharge added to total amount for bank fees.  

Gift Card:

All Gift Cards must be delivered to the following email: [email protected]

Gift Cards for the following vendors (no other vendors please):

Amazon Gift Cards

Whole Foods Gift Cards

Al gift cards must be payable for the rates listed above of the designated service types. No partial or half rate gift cards accepted.

No Lowballing of these services EVER.  

Please complete the Contact Form on this website or send me an email to [email protected] or a text to my telephone 847-254-2171 with the date and time interested in having your session and the type of session requested.  

Thank you. 

Hugs and kisses,