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Hello all, welcome to my website. You are now going to read about Wild Anita or Mistress Anita. 

For those that want me on their arm for an occasion or a dinner date or companionship, or for a light BDSM session or lingerie modeling, please read my pages in "About Me", "FAQ" and contact me with any questions via my contact form, email, text or telephone call (847-254-2171). 

Light screening is required for my new friends. Please do not waste my time if you do not intend to screen. You may use the Appointment Request form, Contact Form or contact me via email, text or telephone call. There is no real right or wrong way to lightly screen but it is mandatory for both our safety or I cannot spend time with you. 

For anyone wanting to join my mailing list, please add your email below. I will be in contact with information about a future fan page/blog and Members Only Area. At this point, I send my Newsletter out once a week either on Sunday evening or Monday during the day. 

Please visit my pages and if you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly via telephone or text 847-254-2171 or via email [email protected]

Please note during this COVID-19 Pandemic, I will be limiting my clientele to mature age 40 and up clients through age 80's (God bless them!). Should you be in the appropriate age range and either are regulars or new clients that have completed my required screening, I will ask questions of you to make sure you haven't been traveling (flights, trains or buses have a lot of people traveling on them and not necessarily social distancing) and have been careful in not attending large gatherings (gatherings above 10 people) and indoor seating in bars and restaurants. Also, I need to make sure you haven't been sick within the past 14 days.  Even though there is no national mask mandate, please wear your masks and maintain a social distance of six feet distance (or more) from others.  We are doing this to protect everyone. I want this pandemic over with as much as you do. Please let's do the right thing together. 

Please note that I do get COVID-19 tested once a week to make sure I am not an asymptomatic carrier. When the clinic does give me results in writing (some clinics don't), I try to post the results on my Blog page. Please note that should i ever be ill, I will cancel any made appointments and provide all gentlemen a $20 credit towards any future appointment dates (for obviously when I have verified via testing that I am well and negative).  

I do care about my clients and never want to put their health or the health of their families at risk. 

Thank you! 


Anita Love