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New website is up: Please review that site and complete screening through that website.  This .com site will remain up during the transition. I don't own the .com so in OCTOBER It will get taken down. 

Hello all, welcome to my website. You are now going to read about Wild Anita or Mistress Anita. 

For those that want me on their arm for an occasion or a dinner date or companionship, or for a light BDSM session or lingerie modeling, please read my pages in "About Me", "FAQ" and contact me with any questions via my contact form, email, text or telephone call (847-254-2171). 

Light screening is required for my new friends. Please do not waste my time if you do not intend to screen. You may use the Appointment Request form, Contact Form or contact me via email, text or telephone call. There is no real right or wrong way to lightly screen but it is mandatory for both our safety or I cannot spend time with you. 

For anyone wanting to join my mailing list, please add your email below. I will be in contact with information about a future fan page/blog and Members Only Area. At this point, I send my Newsletter out once a week either on Sunday evening or Monday during the day. 

Please visit my pages and if you should have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly via telephone or text 847-254-2171 or via email wildan[email protected]

I am fully COVID-19 immunized (Pfizer) since mid-April 2021. I have every intention of getting a COVID-19 annual booster whenever it is available. I do care about my clients and never want to put their health or the health of their families at risk. I appreciate clients cancelling due to illness and will not penalize them with a cancellation fee as long as they book within three weeks of their cancellation due to illness. For any cancellations 3 hours or less before the appointment day/time, a $50 cancellation fee (per one hour appointment) should be sent to me via CashApp ($penzack38) or Venmo (@penzack38). 

My preference is for ages 35 and up mature clients (I see many seniors, even men in their 80's). For gentlemen ages 27 through 34, full screening via Appointment Request, email or text required but they must have two (2) provider references of reputable providers that they have seen in the past twelve months or more current, that have three or more advertisements and/or a website. You must ask permission of your provider references to use them before screening with me. For ages 35 and up, normal screening via Appointment Request, text or email is acceptable. There are many screening options on the Appointment Request. Should a gentlemen have a social media/LinkedIN and work website presence, he can call me directly to provide that info to see if I can do the screening/verification over the telephone. 

I also can do a coffee place meet and greet to handle the screening in person ($120 for 30 minutes). For those gentlemen, they must provide their ID and business card before I sit down at the table to talk. Please book these a minimum of one day in advance as I do not always have the time available for same day coffee meets. 

Thank you! 


Anita Love