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New website is up: Please review that site and complete screening through that website.  This .com site will remain up during the transition. I don't own the .com so in OCTOBER it will get taken down. 

I look forward to seeing you! For new clients, verification/screening required (see below for explanation). I also have an Appointment Request form or you can contact me via email, text or telephone call. 

I am fully COVID-19 immunized (Pfizer) since mid-April 2021. I have every intention of getting a COVID-19 annual booster whenever it is available. I do care about my clients and never want to put their health or the health of their families at risk. I appreciate clients cancelling due to illness and will not penalize them with a cancellation fee as long as they book within three weeks of their cancellation due to illness. For any cancellations 3 hours or less before the appointment day/time, a $50 cancellation fee (per one hour appointment) should be sent to me via CashApp ($penzack38) or Venmo (@penzack38). 

My preference is for ages 35 and up mature clients (I see many seniors, even men in their 80's). For gentlemen ages 27 through 34, full screening via Appointment Request, email or text required but they must have two (2) provider references of reputable providers that they have seen in the past twelve months or more current, that have three or more advertisements and/or a website. You must ask permission of your provider references to use them before screening with me. For ages 35 and up, normal screening via Appointment Request, text or email is acceptable. There are many screening options on the Appointment Request. Should a gentlemen have a social media/LinkedIN and work website presence, he can call me directly to provide that info to see if I can do the screening/verification over the telephone. 

I also can do a coffee place meet and greet to handle the screening in person ($120 for 30 minutes). For those gentlemen, they must provide their ID and business card before I sit down at the table to talk. Please book these a minimum of a day in advance as I do not always have the time available for same day coffee meets. 

I don't discriminate based on race, nationality, sexual orientation, disability or religion but should any disrespect be shown to me via telephone call, emails, texts or in person, the person will be blocked from any further appointments or any further communications.

If you are already a P411 member or an RS2K (RS-AVS) member, please provide your information via this contact form or via email or via text message.

If an RS2K (RS-AVS) member, I would need as matched in your ID, your legal first and last name, city/state of residence and the telephone number that RS2K has on record. 

If you have seen another provider or providers within the last six months, please provide their names, phone numbers, email addresses and/or website url links. 

If no memberships or provider references, a link to your LinkedIN account and a picture of your business card or work building access badge would do. You would still have to show your ID when you come into my work location for a session. Emailing or texting these items is fine. 

Any returning clients can contact me via phone or text or email. Phone call and texts for same day appointments.

I am senior friendly as many of my clients are in their 60's through 80's (God bless them!).  

Any email or contact form appointments would be 24 hour or more notice but I am a quick responder through screening process so we may be able to do a same day.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Hugs and kisses,

Anita Love

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