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Young men and flaking/cancellations and yes, Anita wants to hump and no one wants to....

Hi all. Yes, it is Wednesday and it is official, yes, I am feeling the crunch as I am slow on hump day, again. Yes, it's official, Backpage downage has now hit my business as well. I think last week was mainly a lot of holdovers from the week before. 

There is a big reason behind not taking gentlemen in their 20's and besides them being as young as my sons, they make appointments and flake and don't show up. Two men in their 20's in the last couple of days had convinced me they were mature and both are no call no shows to my place. So all of you young gentlemen out there wonder why this wild tigress feels the way she does about it, please thank all of those young gentlemen that make appointments and don't keep them. If a gentlemen (of any age) gets cold feet, he should at least tell me via text (ahead of the meet time) so that I know. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,