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With the demise of Backpage's Adult Entertainment Section, what now?

I know many Providers (Also known as "Escorts" or "Adult Entertainers") that are dependent on the revenue that was helping them generate on a daily basis (myself included). I also know many gentlemen that are hobbyists and do a lot of traveling, and depend on to help them participate in their hobby as they go to different state's on business. I wasn't surprised to get an onslaught of questions from both directions this morning after I woke up. So what now for everyone? Well, for the Providers, there are so many other websites they can advertise on, many of them that will give them much better quality clientele. For the gentlemen hobbyists, the below list can help them land on other websites that will assist them in further pursuing their hobby.

So why does Anita feel the need to let the gentlemen in on websites that open it up for her to have further competition? Because I know how gentlemen love variety. And many will still come to visit me. There are also those men that prefer the cover model/spinners and never would choose me anyway. I have always seen myself as the team player even back in the days when I was in the business world. I will always help other Providers should they need it (I am reference friendly) and in turn give assistance to the hobbyists out there.

For the hobbyists, I am going to encourage you to join one of the following client memberships that will help them meet legitimate safe Providers as they travel or even when they are home:,, The benefits of joining: meet legitimate safe Providers that have been verified by the services involved as well as be able to use those services to verify with Providers.

This morning many of the Providers that were on in Adult Entertainment section moved over to advertise at the dating section "Women seeking Men" of In addition "Listcrawlers" or otherwise known as has been the resposting spot for Backpage Ads but it appears that Listcrawlers is now allowing Adult Entertainment Ads to be posted there. I am guessing that Listcrawlers is distancing themselves from what will be the "defunct" soon and wants to be considered independent of them.

Please also note that the best place for Hobbyists to really look for Providers is on The Erotic Review ( because you can verify that the Provider has previous reviews out there and thus are "safe" and not law enforcement.

Here are a list of alternative sites for Providers to post their Ads and for hobbyists to review what Providers they may be interestered in seeing: