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Wild or Mistress Anita turns age 53 on November 8th! Come celebrate with me!

Good evening all. So with my notifying you all of the schedule for next week, I forgot to mention my 53rd Birthday is on Thursday, November 8th! I hope if gentlemen are not joining Jackie and I on November 9th that they will consider visiting me on my birthday, November 8th! I don't want to be alone to celebrate it by myself! It is hard enough getting older as it is so depressing! I do have to say that I feel sexier than ever and totally have not lost a step regarding my energy levels! 

I haven't forgotten about the 2nd part of my article "The lies that are told about the oldest profession" so please expect that posted tomorrow evening. 

I also will be sending out the 3rd Newsletter before the end of this week giving more information on the new website. The website will be a different url and will have a different Members Only Area. My regulars and those verified/screened gentlemen will need to join the Members Only on the new website so I have stopped accepting any members on this website since eventually I will be dumping it. Please keep adding yourselves to the mailing list so you do not get left behind when this website goes down for good. This website will require you to verify your email address for the mailing list as well.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,