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Wild Anita sells toys in addition to the toy shows she puts on in her bedroom

Yes, gents, Anita is doing a little moonlighting in addition to the fun passionate sensual sessions I enjoy with my gents on a daily basis. I posted a picture as seeing is believing. Pretty much a toy for every occasion. Anita spends so much time with cocks that she even enjoys holding little plastic cocks in her fingers as it just reminds her what she is missing when gents aren't over visiting and showing theirs. Of course when I get down to fully selling these toys, they will be mainly sold to women during Bachelorette parties or girls evening parties. But feel free to let me know when you visit with me if anything is of interest to you.

One of the pics is of a male masturbator. Yes, gents, that means your hand can get a full rest. Those of you with carpal tunnel? Well, think of the male masturbator as your answer to no longer needing to handjob Skippy on a daily basis. Yes, I know the plight of many of you and I understand. The hobby is a bit expensive isn't it? I realize this Wild Tigress can't have her mouth on you on a daily basis or you would have a lot of explaining to do with the ever depleting bank account so buying a toy that you can have in the meanwhile until only Wild Anita's mouth will do can be an absolute GODSEND! Well, where to put it, maybe hide it in your golf bag or maybe your glove compartment or some secure location? Anyway, just ask me for the demonstration of it the next time you see me.

In the meanwhile, I'll keep myself occupied with a toy called "The Womanizer"..This toy is guaranteed to get me off multiple times in a single session. It has multiple pressure points for the clit. Those of you wanting to use it on me while in a session, let me know and if I MUST, I'll get it out. He He!  Hugs and kisses, 

Wild and voraciously hungry, Anita