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Wild Anita's new February 2018 pictures are in "PHOTOS"

Hi gentlemen, sorry I am a bit behind of sorts. I just posted the new February 2018 pictures in "PHOTOS" but I realize I still owe you all the Anita Diaries from the weekend.

SexyAss Jackie and I were up to no good on both Friday and Sunday (yesterday) so I will do a Anita Diaries just for the double days and an Anita Diaries for the remainder of that week. We were up quite late last night with our frisky gentlemen after the big Superbowl game. Superbowl Sunday was unbelievably fun! Stay tuned, I'll be giving you those articles later this evening before bed. 

If you like or love the new pictures, please drop me a line as I love to know my "fans" thoughts. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,