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Wild Anita's hump day Wednesday!

Hi Gentlemen, I guess I found that men don't want to hump on Wednesdays (yes, it's my way of saying it's slow today) but this wild tigress loves humping! So I guess the only way for me to hump is to play with my toys, even the "Womanizer" is looking inviting and I frankly prefer real cock to toys. Let me know if you want to go through my toys with me and buy anything that would also please you or please someone you live with. I can't add the link to this site as the website does have my real name on it (I don't want the men in blue visiting me at home, do I?). 

Yes, I know, gentlemen, many of you have wives or significant others/girlfriends and the "hobby" is just a way of feeding your urge for variety. I realize some of you have some wild home situations still. I had a guy visit recently that had a wife, girlfriend and still periodically visits me. So obviously he loves sex in all facets and if he gets it multiple times a week, he is happy. More power to him and all of you that make time for "cock time".  

Seriously gents, I sense you are feeling skippy under your desk right now and wishing you were with Wild Anita or someone that can get rid of that "Morning Wood" that you never got rid of as you woke up this morning. Poor skippy, hard as a rock and needing of attention. "Daddy" doesn't understand that work isn't going to help him get that itch scratched. And Wild Anita does love her protein! Whenever skippy imagines those lovely red lips around the shaft..well, lots of kaboom's happen that way. 

Hungry and kissable, and yes, very very flavorful, that is your wild Anita. Another thing your wild Anita is? She is patient. I do know many that are on the fence that don't want to provide two forms of verification (email or texted pic of business card, LinkedIN account info, pic of work building access badge or RS2K or P411 info or provider verification (another provider you have seen within last 6 months)) but love wild Anita's style. We will call them the "lonely cock's club". But should they jump off that ledge and decide Anita is worth the visit, believe me, skippy will be jumping out of those hanes briefs like he won the lottery!

Have a great hump day, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,