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Wild Anita's Day in Court!

Well gentlemen, I survived Jury Duty Tuesday August 15th. It was a lot of fun because I was chosen! Yes, you read it right, this wild tigress was chosen to serve on a one day (thankfully) traffic incident jury. Even more than that, I was Madame Foreperson!

I arrived to the Daley Center in Chicago early in the morning after taking the METRA train into downtown. I used to work downtown Chicago in law firms early on in my Paralegal career (in my 20’s) so the Daley Center was easily found by me. I was enjoying the nice breezy walk to it from Union Station.

I tried to keep my spending down today since I didn’t want to incur a lot of extra expense as I was told I would only be getting a bit over $17 for the day. Because I was chosen for jury duty, they did give me a free lunch. I met some very nice people that were serving with me. The case involved a para bus (for handicapped) that was hit (with driver and one passenger) while sitting at a stoplight. The driver of the Para bus was not moving when he was hit. The driver of the pickup truck was sued by the driver of the para bus for negligence.

On the day of the accident, no one reported any injuries and all said they were "fine". The following day the bus driver walked a block to the ER with back pain (level 8 or 9 out of 10) and had some scans of his back. He was given medications and sent home. When he reported to the pickup truck driver that he had gone to the emergency room and had medical bills from the one day later, the pickup truck driver reported it to his insurance company that said they were not liable as they could not tie the para bus driver's back injuries from the next day to the previous day. 

Ultimately we found in favor of the Defendant as there was a lot of things that did not make sense and the plaintiff’s case had a lot of holes in it. 

Hopefully you all had a great day too!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,