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Wild Anita returns from Sin City without committing sins! He He!

Gentlemen, yes, I have returned from Las Vegas, totally enjoyed my time there but glad to be home and with total quiet. Yes, Wild Anita is wild with you but not really attracted to large crowds! Totally recommend both Cirque du Soleil "O" and Penn & Teller! Would love to go back and see "O" again as there was so much beauty and just unbelievable choreography, synchronization, and just outright talent but so much I missed because I couldn't have my eyes everywhere at once. It was unbelievable! Stayed at The Venetion, didn't like it as much as I thought. Too many snooty employees and visitors!

In Las Vegas, I spent the time with my family, two sons, son's wife and my sister's family so no sins committed! I did get slapped on the ass a few times when I was walking the strip (by both girls and guys, he he!). So yes, I need a screwing and lots of attention, deep french kissing, nipples sucked, dining at the Y, and cum swallowing as I miss is but I won't be back until Thursday, June 1st. Schedule Thursday and Friday 8am-6pm and Saturday 12pm-8pm. Let me know if some of you that are still sitting on the gigantic fence, would like to jump off and verify with me. Many men just think it is awesome to be the first after Wild Anita has not gotten any sensual tintillations for awhile! 

I may go back in a few months by myself to Las Vegas to see if I can make money there. For right now I'll be in my usual place at my West Schaumburg townhouse. 

Otherwise, I'll look forward to hearing from gentlemen that are ready to book for this week. My sweetie regulars, miss you boys! Time for some yeehaw action! I still have a family member here that isn't going back to his place in Iowa until later Wednesday hence my Thursday start!

Hugs and wild voraciously hungry kisses,