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Wild Anita Recuperation update and Important items to note regarding Backpage and Advertisement issues

Good evening, gentlemen, yes, I will be back on Tuesday, December 12th and I’ll basically be working every day (with exception of Sunday) until Wednesday, December 20th. After that, my kids are in town for the holidays and I am uncertain yet of when they are leaving to go back to their homes so I can’t provide a return date yet. Did I miss being Wild Anita, well, I can say wholeheartedly, I missed my regulars so much!

Any of you that verified/screened either before I took my time off for my surgery or during the last few weeks, please get with me on a future date/time so that we can work out the meet. I am not kidding when I say that many have already pre-booked for next week so I would request you all open up your calendars and get back to me. I know it is a hectic time of year so if it isn’t possible until 2018, I understand. I do wish all of you the best holiday season full of merriment, folly and lots of sensual, passionate fun and frolic.

So the past week has really sucked big time for this tigress. My stomach is a mess, lots of digestive issues, nausea, diarrhea, you name it, yes, just a shitty time. I had to stop taking Diclofenac Sodium (nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory) for a couple of days and then when I started back taking it, it all started up again. If I don’t take it, my knee swells a lot more and there is more pain. So I have to grin and bear that as I continue my rehabilitation.

I started outpatient rehabilitation this week, three days with ATI that luckily is less than a mile from my house. My flexion is good but I am struggling with keeping my leg straight and utilizing my quad muscles which I guess haven’t been used much lately. I have to teach myself how to use those again. So after this week, another five weeks of outpatient physical therapy and these ladies that are working me over are not sympathetic to my whining.

Regarding Backpage, please note that Backpage in the “Women Seeking Men” section are now only allowing women advertisers to post phone numbers and pictures only. Nothing can be posted besides that. I do believe that Backpage is likely dying and there is extreme pressure for them to dump the providers off of their website based on their legal troubles from last year. So in addition to not allowing us to post anything, they doubled their advertising rates. So I can’t afford to advertise there much and if I do, it is a lame ad that says nothing and it would be hard for you to find me as my name “Anita” or “Mature” or any of those searches pretty much lead to nothing.

So what are the options for those gentlemen hobbyists to find providers? I do know that some of the escort providers are now advertising under “Massage” on Backpage so you could try there. As soon as the editors of Backpage figure out the migration to “Massage”, that might end as well. I would suggest that all of you gentlemen check out the following websites to help in your search for sexual, sensual frolic with a luscious lady of your choice:!/chicago   (Review Site and Ads)         (Review Site)             (Review Site and Ads)

I do suggest that any of you that have been sitting on the fence should consider joining P411.  It makes the verification process much easier and there are so many escort/providers for the choosing. You can spend hours looking for your perfect date for when you are out of town on business in various parts of the country.  I do give references for my regulars and there is an option to pay annually by Money Order.

I did write a blog last January 2017 right after the Backpage Adult Entertainment Section was shut down that provided a comprehensive list of websites that escort providers advertise on but I think most men don’t go back to the beginning of my blogs and I can imagine since Backpage started pulling their shennanigans in the last few weeks there have been many cranky gentlemen with hard-ons holding themselves as they freak out at what Backpage has turned into. No worries, gentlemen, there are so many websites to go to (sending subliminal licks and rubs of encouragement to “Skippy”). 

Regarding Twitter, many escort providers including yours truly have Twitter accounts that includes links to their websites. The link to my Twitter is on the left side of my website pages. Come follow me!

I will try to write some more tidbits this weekend. I have to admit, being on the multitude of medications has made it difficult for me to have a clear head which is what I need to write stories. I’m not saying I am in a drugged out stupor because I am not. I’m doing my best to wind down on the heavier pain killing medications by Saturday so I am ready for next week. I have a doctor appointment with my Doctor at Rush Midwest Orthopedics on Monday, December 11th, hence my Tuesday, December 12th start date.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,