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Wild Anita is back!

Good evening all! I am officially back as today was my first day hosting after the week off! My hours have changed back to my former hours of Mondays thru Fridays 6:30am through 7pm (last appointment 6pm) and Saturdays 9:30am through 9pm (Sundays are off days as no incall hosting). I am back hosting at my private residence on the west side of Schaumburg. 

I will host one week in September, the week of September 10th thru 14th, as a hotel week in Schaumburg near Woodfield Mall. For that week, the hosting hours are longer as it will be Monday thru Friday 8am through 11pm and Saturday hours the same as usual. I am hosting the hotel weeks so my gentlemen evening lovers and those travelers that have only evenings available will have a chance to spend time with me. As of now that will be one week a month but I am willing to possibly do that two weeks a month should the need be there. I basically have missed being home more so I am truly happy and excited to be home this week.

Please note that the outcall schedule does remain the same. I can do outcalls to suburban upscale residences and hotels (no condominiums or apartments) Mondays through Saturdays 7:30pm through 11pm and Sundays 7pm through 11pm. Please note for outcalls for unverified clients, please remember to lightly screen twenty-four hours before our date. I have many businessmen and/or out of towners contact me a week or weeks before coming to the area to handle the light screening. If you have handled that ahead of time, you get first priority for an appointment when you come into town. It is a minimum of a 90 minute outcall. For those gentlemen in downtown Chicago, unfortunately it can cost anywhere from $120 to $140 round trip Uber to get me downtown to see you. The Uber costs or parking costs are covered by my date.

Thank you to those last week that completed Appointment Request forms or sent me texts and/or emails to lightly screen in order to see me. Some did not realize I was off on vacation so I had to let them know that. But all is not lost as when they come back to town in the future or happen to be driving through Schaumburg at another day and time it should work out. 

I have reflected the schedule changes on the schedule page as well as on the Calendar. I should know the week in October that I will entertain in hotel for longer hours shortly!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,