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Wild Anita is Back!

Yes, gentlemen, it is me, your tigress, ready, willing and able to frolic in my King Size lovely comfortable bed with you.  I went to the Doctor on Monday, December 11th and was given the go ahead to resume normal activities and keep up the Physical Therapy.

The Doctor was quite impressed at my progress. I have been doing everything possible to get regular mobility, flexion and extension in my new knee.  Roughly five more weeks of Physical Therapy to go. I am feeling better in that my nausea stomach issues are gone. It may have been a combination of a bug and medications as well but whatever it was, I am glad that it is gone. 

This week I am hosting Tuesday, December 12th through Saturday, December 16th. Hours of availability are Tuesday through Friday, 6:30am through 6:30pm and Saturday 12pm through 8pm. 

Next week Monday, December 18th through Wednesday December 20th 6:30am through 6:30pm, before taking off for the holiday through January 1st, 2018. 

I would have liked to hosted longer this month but family visiting and all makes incall's unlikely after December 20th. 

Looking forward to meeting many famished regulars and newly verified clientele.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses, 

Anita Love