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Why I am reasonably successful as an escort companion

Years ago, you had to be a size 5 or 7 maximum to be able to make it as a female escort companion. Most of the work was done through escort agencies and someone that was an older mature MILF or GILF (above age 40) with a chunky or full figured body such as myself would have been laughed out of those offices. 

Fast forward to the year 2014 when I am basically SOL in a lot of final interviews and not landing the job. I was a Contracts Manager in my prior life and had gotten to the finals in many interviews. My son was in his Senior Year of high school and he made his final pick of college choices (a small private liberal arts Catholic College in Iowa). I couldn't let him down on his dream of attending a four year college. Yes, he could have settled for a community college for the first two years but he was a top 5% student in his high school. He deserved a four year college. 

What could I do? Me an undersexed woman watched a television show that has since been cancelled about a young mom that was a therapeutic masseuse whose husband left her and she was forced to provide "happy endings" in one of those store front massage parlors. I wonder if I could do massages with "happy endings". What are "happy endings"? Yes, all of that ran through my mind. Never having given one, someone had to be the "first". Yes, I was thinking seriously about this as a temporary money making solution while looking for permanent employment in my former field of choice. Little did I know that I would still be involved in the business almost three years later.

The first months of doing this started in March 2014. It was massages with oral and I started out on Craigslist. You couldn't bring up compensation in the Ad and 9 times out of 10, the Ad was taken down after a day but it was enough to get me started. My apartment in Rolling Meadows was the venue. The first blowjob I gave was probably quite comical. Every day I got a little more comfortable. Eventually beyond blowjobs I got into more GFE, long deep french kissing and allowing DATY or men to please me. And then in April came full service with intercourse. Many mature gentlemen above the age of 50 seemed quite happy with me overall. Even some in their 40s at times. Overall, the first year of reviews weren't that great. I don't think I had the total enthusiasm back then that I do now or have had in the last 12 months anyway. 

Where did this enthusiasm, the great attitude and my overal enjoyment of this escort business come from? It came from me realizing that I have a real purpose, a mission even, in providing both pleasure and acceptance to both businessmen and retired gentlemen. Acceptance? What does that mean, you say? 

Let's just say that every man has a different turn-on button that makes him sexually excited. Some men get turned on by watching. They love watching a woman pleasure herself. They get off by watching me get off. We'll call him "The Voyeur". Some men love kissing, deep french kisses. They prefer the GFE (the girlfriend experience, without the drama). The bedroom sexual experience doesn't work without it. Some men get excited giving a woman pleasure (DATY or dining at the table) and can't even think of orgasming until they can get a woman off. Some men require their butt played with, either rimming, or a toy or even a strapon. Some men prefer a woman dominating them along with toys, spankings, even some form of cruelty used on them. Whips on their balls, butt. Some men want a woman to pee on them or want to pee on the woman (Golden Shower). Alternatively, some men want to dominate the woman, using some form of power over them, even tying up, or spanking, use of anal sex on them, etc. Some men love cross dressing or foot worship. This of course is not an exhaustive list or turn ons or fetishes. 

I accept the gentlemen as they are with all of their turn-on's when they walks through the door of my townhouse or hotel room. The only no I have is to no greek. Question, would these men be accepted the same way for their turn on's, wants and needs, by their wives or significant others at home? In some cases, maybe. But in most cases I am guessing not. Hence their involvement in the "hobby", some are involved in seeking escort companions weekly, twice monthly, monthly, quarterly, and even yearly or annually. 

So my mission is to be there for these gentlemen, pleasure them, turn them on (with whatever turn-on works best for them), work at the final "culmination" for them and even get pleasure for myself. Yes, I seek pleasure as well, when I can get it that is. Some men don't come here to please me and that is fine. But for those that do, I love the attention. After all, I was not given hardly any sexual attention for a good 26 years of marriage. 

See, I have niche market in this business. The men that love spending time with me are mainly the mature above age 50 gentlemen that don't need the perfect bodied woman, they can handle the saggy breasts and belly, big ass, and the wrinkles around my eyes and mouth. I do have some regulars in their 30's and 40's but for the most part, much of my regulars are in the age 50's through 80's. Most of the men that I see are GFE seekers, they love the passion, both in giving and receiving. They enjoy the fact that I follow through and I do allow cum in mouth and I swallow. For those gentlemen that can only do oral either because they can't get as hard for intercourse or they may lose it a bit during intercourse, I give them compassion and gladly go or go back to orally pleasing them, sucking and licking until the final culmination. I have a lot of patience, hence many retired senior gentlemen regulars keep returning. 

Why I am successful at this business is I have a natural ability to accept gentlemen, pleasure them, make them feel comfortable at my place, make them not be ashamed of their wants and needs in the bedroom and build a friendship with them. It is an uncomplicated no strings friendship (no drama) that they can feel comfortable in talking to me, sharing things with me, coming back to me periodically when they want to get their juices flowing again, or just when they are feeling stressed or lonely. In addition, I have a lot of patience and I never rush my clients. They have choices of half hour, hour, or even longer sessions but there is never any rushing. I always wait for the gentlemen to get up and start dressing before I do (unless they have gone over on the alotted paid for time). 

So in handling a more niche business of mature gentlemen companionship, I have found my niche, my mission and my calling in life. I truly enjoy the time spent every day with my gentlemen visitors, both new and returning regulars. I have gotten much more responsible in screening/verifying new gentlemen because I do not want to jeopardize my business and any of my gentlemen regulars real lives/marriages. I want to keep doing this with all the enthusiasm, excitement and passion that I am known for. I am Anita Love. Those that like what they see and read can seek me out! Hugs and kisses,