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Where it all started from for me and why I'm still here!

Good evening, gentlemen! One of the most common questions I do get from my first time clients: how and why did you get into this business? I guess I am an odd duck in a very long list of providers in the world's oldest profession. I don't quite fit the mold. Well, whether you believe this or not, I was born on November 8, 1965 to an WWII Air Force Veteran turned Executive Vice President of Sales for a company and a loving housewife, Thomas and Kitty. I have two sisters and one brother, there were four of us.  My dad was a very high achiever, intelligent, first in his family to graduate college. He insisted all of his children, it didn't matter the sex, girl or boy, would all go to college so all of us did. My oldest sister and middle sister both Doctorates in their chosen fields, my brother has a bachelor's and MBA. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and a Master's in Project Contracts Management.

So now, back to how and why I started in the business: I was laid off a few years back (2013) from one of the largest Chicago based companies. My youngest son was entering college as a freshmen and my oldest son is in the Army (still active duty 7 years). So it is the case of at the time in 2014, desperation that I needed the money for my youngest son's college. I watched a show where a girl was doing massages with happy endings in order to get money. That gave me the idea, BINGO! Of course, I never had given a blowjob before and was on the outs with then husband (hadn't been touched in 10 years). So, well, it couldn't be that difficult to give a blowjob, could it? Well, after my first client, yes, it could be difficult! I have a mouth full of teeth. A nice smile I have been told but too many teeth is a drawback in my business.  Teaching myself how to do a blowjob when so many men that visit, well, some are just not gentlemen. Men that aren't gentlemen, well, they shove my mouth down on their cocks, and for someone that has no clue what they are doing, that can be painful to the recipient of the blowjob. Also, back in 2014, probably not the best kisser in the business at the time as I hadn't kissed in a long time. So working at getting better at being a GFE for those gentlemen that want that.

So in 2014, the TER reviews were awful. And men were even cruel regarding my looks, I didn't know how to dress or even how much makeup to wear and I was a lot heavier than I am now (85 pounds heavier). Much more of a BBW, whereas now I am more borderline at 5'7" and 185lbs.  So to be honest, I think the men since just parrot what the previous TER reviewers say on the looks even though now in 2017 I do much better with my lingerie choices, my hair looks nice and I wear just the perfect amount of makeup and light scent of perfume (never overbearing). I work much better at being sexy. According to the TER reviews in late 2016, much better at the kissing as well. No tattoos or piercings though and I speak in complete sentences, I don't smoke, drink or do drugs. I write this blog like I am an educated person which I am and even my text messages and emails, well, I know how to spell.  So when I say I am an odd duck in this profession, it stems from the fact I definitely don't seem to fit in with other providers you may have seen in the past.

So I said it was desperation for money is how I started in this business but being the frustrated housewife of the past, well it helped that I was that too. See I never knew back then that I even liked sex. But what I found out, well, with the right male partners, I LOVE SEX, in all its forms other than the greek islands that is (I know, an "awe, darnit", just came out of some of your mouths). I love to kiss, I love the mutualness that is reached when both of us can work at making the other feel euphoric before the final culmination boom! The bedroom playtime with toys, used on both partners even. Who knew that both of us could enjoy any of that? Finding out what makes the other happy is why sex should exist and be there for all consenting adults to enjoy! So yes, I do enjoy a man pleasing me and I LOVE pleasing a man. Am I bisexual, well, no. I have had experiences with women and found that I am definitely heterosexual but I do give a great performance of a bisexual when I do doubles with a friend of mine, Jackie.

Anyway, back to pleasing a man, yes, I do love it and I am not robotic in the least.  Do all men love me, well, probably not. I do not have "enhanced" breasts so I am a modest 36C cup with great nipples. Many wouldn't call me if they are big breast lovers (and don't like sag) and many wouldn't call me if they don't like thicker, chunkier girls with a belly. But if the gentlemen is looking for enthusiasm, great attitude, eagerness to please, loving every moment of playtime, loving to be pleased as well, a true GFE in the deep french kissing department, and not minding that my body isn't perfect, saggy breasts and belly, well, BRING IT ON, BABY! Have a great start to your week, gents! Love and kisses, Anita.