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When untruths are spread by possible jealous providers, what do you do?

Well, gentlemen, this wild tigress has been knocked for a loop. I go to Escort Babylon and check into my review account that is under Anita and in the comments I do see someone (''Degenerate 1776'') made a comment that "good service" but he caught me looking through his wallet after he went to the bathroom.

No, gentlemen, I do not look through men's wallets and I do not ever touch their personal belongings. I had one gentlemen set me up while he showered and when he came back in his wallet was on the floor where he left it. I told him I don't steal, and he handed me an extra $20 saying I earned his return business for my honesty.  

So, yes, this tigress is blue today as my business hasn't been busy this week and now someone (likely another provider) is trying to make problems for my business. I do want to say that the proof of my honestry is right here in the blog as there has been very little that I have not shared with my blog readers.  

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,