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What I learned on my travels to Oshkosh EAA AirVenture - Part 1

Good morning, gentlemen, it hasn't been long since you heard from this Wild Tigress but I am back at my place, just not hosting today. I am going to visit my niece and her three little ones and we are going swimming. I needed to sleep in today as I haven't slept comfortably for several days due to the "camping". I am returning tomorrow Tuesday, August 1st 630am-630pm (regular hosting hours). 

So now about my travels to Oshkosh, Wisconsin AirVenture hosted by the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), I thoroughly enjoyed the air shows! Everything from independent fliers to the Navy Blue Angels, with such spectacular tricks with their planes. It isn't something I can describe other than it surpasses the Chicago Air Show by miles. 6 hours daily of air shows. It is a 7 day spectacular though this Wild Tigress was only there Friday through Sunday. My special friend and I sat and listened as the seven Navy Blue Angels gave us their stories on a stage on Friday night and then we sat as the "Salute to Apollo" part where David Hartman interviewed seven from the 60's, 70s and 80s living astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Frank Borman, Walt Cunningham, Joe Engle, Fred Haise, Jim Lovell, Al Worden, and flight director Gene Kranz.

All I can say to this part, just wow. I was born in 1965 but I remember from an early age sitting in front of the TV as my family were watching the takeoffs and triumphant returns (and those in between recorded videos) of our astronauts from their missions. Do you know I cried a bit during this? You know why I get emotional? It brings me back to a much simpler but just memorable time of when our Executive and Congressional Leadership didn't act like such a morons in public and when all of us just had hope. Hope for great things to come. I know we don't all have the same beliefs or the same politics but I hope you can understand the differences of the 60's, 70's and 80's, and what it is today? It is totally depressing now comparatively.

I was so impressed as all of these elderly astronauts are still so articulate and gave such behind the scenes views (information never revealed to newspapers) of their missions. It got the audience laughing at some of their more funnier stories. I must say even though Gene Kranz is retired, he could still be working that same job today. Such a fantastic mind, he seemed remember so much and just knows so much. I could of sat listened to them talk for several more hours and I do believe the remainder of the audience felt the same. 

I was impressed with the "KidVenture" part of this as their was so much there for the kids to learn about aviation. The EAA museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, it is a must stop for anyone traveling through there. I think the message is you can do anything, regardless of race, sex or creed, just believe. Trying to give hope to our young people these days, well it's a daunting task but in this pocket of the country for seven days the EAA hosted AirVenture to try to inspire everyone to have hope. Taking flying lessons and getting your pilots license, why not? Joining one of the branches of our military, why not? Becoming an astronaut, again, why not?

I don't want to get into the politics and the fact that our space program today hardly resembles the one years ago in the 60's, 70'S, 80's and 90's because then it becomes about politics. I think we all know that the world is much different now than then. We have to watch what we say more as we seem to offend more people. Some great minds were sitting on that stage on Friday night and any one of them if they could slice ten years off their age would be fantastic choices to run for President or for Senator or Congressmen. Now it is hard to even remotely sell those jobs as such extremism in views exist. 

So the weekend just taught me so much and brought back many wonderful memories of being back with my parents who have long since passed away and growing up with my siblings. We had such high hopes back then and I just wish that I could feel the same about today and our future. Our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren all deserve that king of country, not the country that exists today. 

Part 2 and juicees of the weekend to come tomorrow Tuesday. 

Hugs and kisses,