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What I am thankful for on the several days prior to my 52nd Birthday (November 8th).

I worked part of today (Saturday, November 4th) and left around 4:30pm to head to my niece’s townhouse to spend some quality time with her and her three young children (oldest, a girl, age 7, autistiic, in a special autism school, only says some words), the middle child, a boy, age 6, in first grade, more high functioning autism (asbergers spectrum) and the youngest, a girl, age 5, in Kindergarten, also autistic and behavior disorder).

As usual, I bring the kids and her dinner. I have been helping her financially for awhile as she is the sole breadwinner, a hair dresser and her “other half” is a jerk that can’t hold down a job.  As I came in the door, the kids were on all sides of me, jumping in my arms. The oldest girl that jumped in my arms first called me by name first time a couple of months ago but it still makes me tear up to hear her call me by name. These kids make everything worthwhile just as my sons and daughter in law make my life worthwhile. The middle child, a boy brought me a gift bag that had cards in the middle, and all were saying “Happy Birthday, Aunt ______”.  They asked me to come to the table and sit down as they wanted me to open my gift from them first thing as this Wednesday, November 8th I turn age 52.

As my eyes start tearing up, it brings me back to thinking about the last two weeks that gave me pause as when you start thinking about your life and are faced with your own mortality everything comes under purview. I started thinking about what I have done with my life and how I have so much more to do, that I should do more for the world, hence my joining the Salvation Army a couple months back. My knee replacement surgery the only thing keeping me from becoming more active in the organization and finally now it is imminent that in two weeks, November 17, I will be having that surgery. With the good news that the doctor gave me this week, it brings me to all that I am grateful for:

  1. I am alive and healthy! The news is giving me a second chance opportunity to become healthier, in the future losing any additional weight and to become an even better, happier, vitally alive me!
  2. To know I am loved by my family, sons, daughter in law, siblings, nieces and nephews and great nieces and nephews, the entire extended family as well as my special friend.
  3. I can continue to help my adult children, see my youngest adult son get married eventually and be a part of any future grandchildren’s lives. 
  4. I can continue to be a part of my niece and her children’s (great niece’s and nephew’s) lives and to be a part of all of my nieces and nephew’s lives and the extended families. 
  5. To continue to love my furry family, my 10 year old kitty, Mittens and 3 year old pup, Belle and spend quality time with them.
  6. To work to make a difference in those lives that really need love, support and material means to get along in this world. For the Salvation Army, it starts with a free meal. 
  7. To make a difference to all those furry friends that don’t have homes, give them a chance to be adopted and loved by their forever home families.
  8. To continue as “Wild Anita” or “Mistress Anita” and make enough to pay off all bills and retire eventually to Tennessee in a few years down the line and then be able to work full-time at those sideline causes, Salvation Army and possibly having my own animal shelter as well. 
  9. Working as “Wild Anita” or “Mistress Anita” allows me the opportunity to make a difference in my client’s lives, I feel it is more of a worthwhile mission or noble calling in that being a “GFE provider” is a way of showing love and support to my clientele that are missing that at home.
  10. To have the opportunity to write books eventually to reach a wider audience as well as work at editing as an additional job. 

I will forever be grateful for that second chance and will continue to strive to make a difference where I can.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,