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What a sting in Lake County, Illinois tells us about being more careful in choices of providers

Gentlemen, your wild tigress saw the below story in the news last week and I am assuming many of you did also:

So before you all run and hide under a rock thinking the stress of keeping the "hobby" secret is too much, please note the facts:

1. Many of the eighteen (18) arrested gentlemen in Lake County are Hispanics, Asian/Indian and African-American minorities with only two caucasian thrown in. The reason I mention this as the minorities are famous for not wanting to screen/verify, they are the ones that usually call me and say in broken english (or difficult to understand english) "Are you available?". I hang up on many of these as they are time wasters, they don't want to verify/screen for both of our safety as it is too difficult and takes up too much of their time. I just verified someone within an hour of their screening form being received tonight so I can tell you it's a lot LESS painful than being arrested in a sting in Waukegan and having to tell your wife. Remember Tiger Woods? He hasn't been the same since his ex-wife Elin took a golf club to him on his driveway as he was trying to escape her wrath.

2. The advertisements they answered were likely on a site such as Backpage though unnamed and the prostitutes were female undercover police officers. This is where I recommend all of you join P411 as it is much safer and a lot less verifying than having to verify/screen every time you see a different provider. I still advertise on Backpage sometimes ("Woman seeking Men") but you all know that I also advertise on EROS (I verified with EROS so it indicates I am a real provider), P411 (I verified with P411 too), CityVibe, RS-AVS, Twitter, AdultSearch and Slixa. Of course each has a link to this website which after gentlemen research me via reading this blog (A police officer would never spend eight months writing a blog, those that accuse me of being law enforcement are NUTTY) and my eighty-eight TER reviews. 

3. The stings in question took place at hotels. I've already mentioned in prior blogs that more arrests happen at hotels than at private residences so this just backs up that point. 

4. The gentlemen in question likely did not do any screening whatsoever other than being given an address to come to see the escorts in question. Yes, see what I mentioned above. I am not kidding that it is for both our safety and a lot less embarassing. 

5. These gentlemen also likely did not do any research to see if these escorts even had existing The Erotic Review ("TER") reviews. I've said before, only make appointments with escorts that have five or more TER reviews.  TER is very good at ferretting out fake reviews. TER does take gift card payments for VIP accounts so it allows you to see the juicees as well as the general parts of reviews. If you are brave enough to write TER reviews, writing two reviews gives you a free VIP membership for two weeks. I say brave enough because TER really reads the reviews and may reject your review a couple of times for you to make changes so that they have the review "they" want everyone to see. Yes, I did an eyerole when I typed that. 

Finally, just researching the providers, reading their websites (yes, again providers that have websites are more likely legitimate), reading their reviews and also making sure the providers are not going to just rattle off an address and not check you out. The providers that just invite you over with no questions asked really should be avoided. You know why, because even if they are not police officers themselves, they are one step away from being arrested and their phone confiscated by the police. Those providers that screen/verify are doing it for both their safety and yours. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,