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Week of January 26th, 2020, Monday thru Wednesday in Arlington Heights private location and Thursday and Friday in Schaumburg!

Hi all. Yes, if you missed me in Arlington Heights due to the weather the last couple of days, I will be in Arlington Heights private residence on Monday thru Wednesday, January 27 thru 29th and moving to Schaumburg on Thursday, January 30th and Friday, January 31st! 

Let's finish out this dreary cold and icy January together and keep each other warm! Also, you can see the incredible shrinking Anita as my Keto diet and alternate day fasting is going wonderfully. I have been doing Yoga and Pilates but I'm adding in a "Boot Camp" HIIT workout several days a week as well. I'm mixing it up and my new knees are helping me! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,