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Where were my humpers on hump day? 'Nita ass come find me!

Good evening all! My Wednesday wasn't that busy so I guess I had to ask the obvious question? Where were my humpers on hump day? Yes, it was a bit quiet but I did have a visit from a favorite, the "Pussy Muncher "and he was nibbling and licking everything he could. He finally said to me after he licked everything, "Why don't you play up your ass, Anita? Your ass is so nice and round and delicious!"

I guess I never thought of it that way. I mean, Jackie is known as "SexyAss Jackie" and I always have been trying to hide my ass in pictures. Frankly, I always blamed my mom for my fat ass as no matter how much weight I would lose, my ass stayed the same size. Other clients have told me "fat asses are IN!"

So here I am, after Pussy Muncher took the picture today showing you my ass.  Yes, it is round and lots of meat on it alright. I didn't do any doggie style positions today. I really am hoping that Thursday, September 13th is a busier day. Someone please come over and grab my ass. I do love it squeezed! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,