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Website back up, what a scary day!

Hi there, everyone! It's been an awful Thursday for me as I had my college age son come in due to an infected tooth issue and his Endodontist sent us to a nearby Periodontist for emergency tooth removal surgery. In the midst of all that, my website disappeared for almost the whole day and I was left wondering as I was between the two dental offices whether my website was gone due to SESTA. SexyAss Jackie and I both use the same webhoster and both of our websites were down and she was busy working on bookings for Friday April 20th's Doubles Day and I was busy on my end while clients were trying to reach me to tell me about my website.

Thank you all for your concerns, I appreciate it. It did make me see that the reality is that I should have had my website backed up somehow so my wonderful special friend who is an electronics genious spent his whole day today while working his real job copying/backing up all the information on my website including my blog which he said was the hardest part of all of it (thank you hun, I love you!). 

So I am ready should my website go down again. I did buy a domain last week (ten years) because I am worried about the .com issue. I will keep you all advised as I envision my website looking somewhat different than it does now but still with the blog of course. If anyone out there is a web developer, I might need your help. I would like it done within the next couple of months (I will keep both websites simultaneously and phase out this one to move to that). It would still have to be webhosted offshore in Europe.  

So I thank all of you for your support and readership. I am hitting the hay early tonight because Jackie and I have quite the day planned tomorrow. Don't worry, I will write an Anita Diaries that will not miss any details on Sunday. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,