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Venue - West Schaumburg Townhouse or Hotel

Hi all, just want to clarify that the venue that I host at is usually a townhouse (individual unit with its own private entry) in West Schaumburg M-F 8am-6pm. A couple a days a month I do hotel (near Woodfield Mall - Schaumburg) so I can do late appointments (last appt 9pm). And now I am also doing Saturdays at my townhouse 12pm-7pm.

The difference between the townhouse and the apartment in Rolling Meadows is that it has a driveway and its own private entry (no longer meeting up with other residents in the hallway) and the bedroom is upstairs and has a master bath in the bedroom (for everyone to feel free to both freshen up either before, after or both).

It is a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhouse so it is sizeable. My dog and cat stay downstairs away from the bedroom. My place is beautiful, I have cleaning ladies every two weeks but I do keep it up, all the rooms and bathrooms are meticulously clean. So in that way, much different from the Rolling Meadows apartment as well. 

For parking, I do let some of my elder gentlemen clients park in driveway but for the most part many of my more able bodied clients are also parking down the street at guest parking (guest parking is available on my street and the neighboring streets). This is so it won't make neighbors wonder. 

I keep my appointments separated farther apart, I don't have clients waiting on the streets as some escorts do (some double book). So in that way, even though some escorts have high volume, I do not. Mine is more of a normal volume, not high volume. 3 clients a day is more usual these days rather than large numbers. Again, I am as fastidious about my body and hygiene cleanliness as I am about my place being clean. 

Hope to meet you all soon, 

Hugs and kisses,