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Vacation Tidbits from Oshkosh, Wisconsin EAA AirVenture - Part 2

Good evening, gentlemen. When I came back from vacation today, yes, I was a horny wild tigress. I had orgasms galore today, thank you very much! A few gentlemen came over and took care of me quite nicely, thank you boys! I did have one interlude on the weekend that I will talk about later on in this article. What I can say about this past weekend, just thankful that the weather was so beautiful. It was 78 - 81 degrees and sunny pretty much all weekend and just 65 degrees at night, perfect weather and no rain!

So I had no problems with camping as it was mighty easy getting back and forth from the tent that my special friend nicely put up and took down this weekend to the bathroom and showering facilities. There was buses and shuttles to get us around on the main grounds and back and forth to the campsite. So really no stresses of driving around while there. As I said in the last article, just impressive talented pilots (and as I told you yesterday, I loved hearing from the retired astronauts (from the 60's, 70's and 80's) of the Apollo and Gemini space programs) and I learned alot about planes and also about Ultralights, Drones, historical vintage aircraft and warplane aircrafts.

One thing I am thankful to my special friend is that he is great at opening up opportunities for me to learn more. I am not limited at all in the learning capacities but I just have very little time to pursue other interests than being Wild Anita and writing this blog. I am going to do better at it though. I want to take more classes and maybe pursue some more creative and hobby outlets that keep me interested and give me more pursuits beyond the bedroom.

I think I have always been driven to be the best at whatever I do.  As you can tell by what I have written, since I started at being an escort in spring 2014, I have worked at improving daily at being an escort. From improving at my oral skills, deep french kissing and to losing a bit of weight and to being let's say more "involved" and energetic in the bedroom, this wild girl has evolved into being a wonderfully talented and extremely passionate mature provider that is better than many providers that have been in the business much longer than I. 

Besides learning more about the evolution and history of flight and aircraft over the weekend, I was entranced at the talent of the pilots that showcased their abilities in the air this past weekend. On Saturday evening (after dark) we saw pilots that flew planes that emitted sparks and fireworks from them. I mean it was totally unbelievable that it was even possible to do that (I was thinking, wouldn't the planes blow up possibly?). It was mesmerizing as was the beautiful fireworks display and "Wall of Fire" that followed it. I had thought that Saturday night air show and fireworks display couldn't possibly top the Astronaut tributes from the night before but I was wrong. 

On Sunday before packing up and returning to Illinois, I took a ride in the Bell 47 (M*A*S*H) helicopter for the first time. Yes, it was a weekend of firsts from the beginning to the end so why not try some new things and just enjoy the time away in its entirety. I was able to take some pictures that I have attached to this article. 

I will say that this Wild Tigress was not without another first this past weekend: having sex in a tent. Yep, this wild girl did get some action under the covers on a queen air-mattress in a rather confining tent. I didn't think it was possible to even have this work so I hadn't even planned ahead. I didn't bring any toys or lubes along as I was thinking it was highly unlikely. Of course, I was wrong and we had the "rocking" tent going. This wild girl was a bit more vocal as was my special friend so I was rather embarassed when I realized the "audience" that was around us, we had neighbors on both sides sitting next to their RV's and tents eating breakfast when we came out. Yes, I was all shades of red and I don't blush easily anymore but I did that morning, he he! 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,