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Two Hotel weeks nearer to Woodfield Mall starting Tuesday, September 4th

Hi there all. Unfortunately for those clients that rather visit me at my home, the next two weeks will be hotel weeks nearer to Woodfield Mall because my handyman may stop over to work at my place at any given time next week. Starting Tuesday September 4th, I will be at a Schaumburg hotel nearer to Woodfield Mall. It will be two different hotels for two weeks. I will be back at my place on Monday, September 17th. 

The good, the hours go back to Mondays thru Fridays 8am thru 11pm and Saturdays 9:30am thru 9pm for two weeks in a row. Those that like night appointments that haven't fallen off the fence, maybe you want to do that now? I will still be doing one hotel week a month thereafter that will allow night appointments.

Hugs and kisses,