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Tigress wild and free! It's the weekend!

Hello all! This wild tigress has been extra naughty this week. I had complained that it was slow the earlier part of the week but boy did my girl Lauren and I get a very wonderful response to our girlfriend fun day! Thank you to those gentlemen that kept us in line and took great care of our bodies! It was one newly verified client and the remainder were our regulars that joined us. I had a couple of my regulars that asked and weren't able to get in. Keep your eye on my blog as I will make an announcement within the next week regarding the next girlfriend fun day!

Today I wasn't able to be a lazy cat as I was given quite a bit of lascivious attention. Fridays could go either way normally but today was busy. To those that fell off the fence this week, thank you! To those regulars that heard the pleading call that I made on Wednesday, thank you. 

I can't give out any further tasty tidbits as you'll have to wait for the Anita Diaries that I write on Sunday night!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,