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Tigress Mid-week Checkin

Hello all, yes, it has been a challenging week, one that I have had to bite down a lot of swear words along the way. Anyone that knows me knows that I rarely if at all swear and I am usually very composed, with a happy demeanor.  Yesterday, Tuesday posed some real challenges to me as I had two disrespectful gentlemen. I had a walk off in the morning mainly because the African American (“AA”) gentleman sought to walk in and get a quickie after I had already verified/screened him and told him that I do one hour appointments the first time (gave him the donations even). I told him I don’t do quickie 15 minute rates and no, I don’t offer the half hour to first timers. He proceeded to say all right, made up some excuse about work calling him and left without paying or even offering a cancellation fee.

So let me just tell you that this was common practice when I took AA back in 2014 for AA gentlemen to either walk off without paying or only wanting to pay a quickie donation. It all boils down to a lack of respect. This isn’t a racial issue, this is blatant disrespect of what I charge and wanting to not pay in full when they seek out escort services. So from now on I will be going back to my previous stance on AA (for those that have not screened with me) and if they seek an appointment, the burden of proof will be on them for them to prove they have the means to pay. In this case, as the gentleman worked in management, I believe he did have the means to pay but he felt that “I wasn’t worth the hour donation amount.”

So many ask why no 15 minute appointments or why no 30 minute appointments for first timers and it all boils down to one thing. If a gentleman only does quickies or half hour appointments, he will never graduate to hour appointments. Those kind of appointments take away from my being able to take my hour appointment regulars. Instead of making money, I lose money. Taking quick appointments also takes away from building intimacy with clientele. With every new client I seek to make them a “regular “. Eventually I won’t need to advertise, I’ll just live off what I make from taking regulars.

The second disrespectful gentleman was one that had screened with me a few weeks ago and had visited my girlfriend, Lauren before. She had mentioned he was great. The first time he made an appointment on Monday he cancelled with almost no notice. Yesterday he said he would be there at 6pm and he had contacted me at 5:30pm to say he was almost there. I told him that I was in the midst of eating dinner and I couldn’t take him early or before 6pm. Well, he proceeded to no show me for the appointment after that. I am guessing he presumably was unhappy he couldn’t get me to drop everything and see him early. 

A reminder to all, if you choose an appointment time, make sure you are satisfied that it works with your schedule. Most providers do not take gentlemen clients before their chosen appointment time. In other words, don’t count on being taken early. I have a schedule and in my free time, I shower and brush my teeth, I clean up the bedroom to get it ready for the next client, I verify gentlemen that complete the Appointment Request forms or send emails or texts with they're screening information, I return texts, emails and phone calls, I eat a meal whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, I do some reading on my Kindle and sometimes I also work on blog posts. I do have a schedule and I have a lot to accomplish during my day. So please respect me enough to wait quietly until I send you a text to let you join me in my room.  The fact remains that this gentleman did not respect my time regarding the cancellation the day before and he didn’t respect my time when he no showed me the day later.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses.