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Those loving weeknight appointments (6pm and later), please sign up on my mailing list!

Gentlemen, just a reminder to those that love weeknight appointments (6pm and later), please sign up for my mailing list! A couple weeks ago I sent an email to those on my mailing list that I had a Thursday evening available at my private residence in West Schaumburg and no one responded back that they were interested.

I want to be busy in my rare evenings that I host so I ask that those interested in joining me for a weeknight evening appointment, please sign up for my mailing list. I will also send important emails about doubles days as well.

Do not worry that I will become annoying and send daily reminder emails of my existence. No, Anita is not like that. I am no DRAMA! I do not harass gentlemen to come see/visit me.

I am very respectful and I would only use the mailing list to send an email when the option of a weekday night appointment, a switch of a weekend day (such as a Sunday instead of a Saturday) or a doubles day notification (yes, I know all of you secretly fantasize of being with more than one woman even if it isn't in the budget).

Hugs and kisses,