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This week Lombard Monday Dec 9th thru Wednesday, Dec 11 and Arlington Heights Thursday and Friday, Dec 12th and 13th!

Hi all, a reminder of what you probably found on the schedule but Monday, December 9th thru Wednesday, Dec 11th, I'll be in Lombard for the last time in 2019! As I have stated before it's in a private location that is set up like apartments or condos with their own private entrances. It will be all day and all evening. 

On Thursday, Dec 12th and Friday, Dec 13th, I'll be in Arlington Heights at a private residence. It will be daytime through late evening. 

I don't actually live in either location so if anyone wants early morning appointments, please contact me the day or night before you'd like the date and I'll meet you early. If I don't know, I will be walking in closer to 930am. 

Looking forward to lots of lovin and attention this week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,