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The tigress returns with a brief update.

Good day all! It's been a wonderful week in Tennessee for me.  I fell in love with my first grandchild, a girl! She is four weeks old today!

The first day she didn't appear to like me at all. But the second day,  I sung all the nursery rhymes I knew to her as well as the ABC song and Itsy Bitsy Spider and well, she fell asleep on me and has wanted to spend time with me ever since. Her mom is nursing so it has given her more time to do what she has to do around the house when not nursing. The little one appears to have a bit of colic like her dad did. I remember walking the floors with him many a day and time when he was an infant. He also had a milk allergy and it is too soon to tell if his daughter inherited it but I have a sneaking suspicion that she has it too. 

I am doing the best I can not to interfere and just be here to support them in this miracle of life that they are living now. Young people seem to want to figure it out themselves as they all know it all, you know. I am simply enjoying being a grandma. Over a week ago, I met with a first time client that told me that from the time I hold that grandbaby in my arms for the first time, my life will be forever changed. He was 100% correct! Thank you to that first time client for hitting it right on that mark. Of course I will be sobbing on the drive home on this Sunday (luckily I have a 7 1/2 hour drive to get it all out) as I have to leave her behind. They are due to come into town in mid-August for a wedding so I will be able to bond with her more then. Yes, I am returning as that wild tigress Anita or Mistress Anita, whichever you prefer on Monday, July 2nd. 

I also wanted to mention that I am dancing right now! Dancing because Electronic Frontier Foundation or "EFF" as they are known as has just filed a lawsuit in federal courts to rule SESTA/FOSTA as unconstitutional or basically an infringement on First Amendment rights.  See this EFF Link.  I realize this was likely to happen but I was worried that they were going to wait until January 2019 to do this filing. By doing it now, it at least starts the clock ticking and we will likely have a decision/resolution sometime in 2019. Of course, I am hoping that this case doesn't get heard by the U.S. Supreme Court as it appears we could lose if it gets heard by them.  

So back to the trip, I did get to see "Dead Pool 2". It was a great hilarous Marvel film that I will give 3 1/2 stars.  I am headed to see "Incredibles 2" this morning and I will let you know on that. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,