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The Anita Diaries (short week) - September 17th thru September 21st

Good evening, gentlemen! It’s a short week for me as I am heading out of town this weekend for my son’s senior year family weekend at his Iowa college campus. I had some regulars and new clients mixed in this week. I had one of my sweet senior retired "originals" (a regular from 2014) came to see me at my first appointment of the week. He's always hot and passionate, I am so glad he was able to fit me into his busy schedule as he is usually up at his vacation home in Wisconsin during the summer. On Tuesday I had a visit from a P411 gentlemen that last saw me in 2015 at my old run down apartment in Rolling Meadows. I do believe he liked my new place. I gave him a sensual welcome back, he totally loves deep french kissing, the two way street, but loves fucking this tigress’ throat. He finally gave me some of that hot protein at the end of the appointment. He was just teasing me of course.

I also welcomed back a retired client that was one of my “originals” that I hadn’t seen since mid 2016. I gave him the long deep passionate French kisses that he missed and took a ride on his “skippy”. I was just happy to see that he was still healthy and enjoying life!  That’s one great thing about being retired, you can wake up and do whatever you want! Or you can sleep in and well, no one needs you at work. I have to admire my retired gentlemen clientele. Yes, they still love the sensual passion, deep french kissing, wild hot and horny sex, oral and intercourse, and sucking and feeling those soft titties and why not? There is never a guarantee of tomorrow, enjoy what sensual pleasure you can get!

Make cock time a priority, gentlemen! Move it up on that list. I see so many gentlemen working 50 hours or more hours a week in their 60’s, some even around the ages of 65 and older. Did you ever hear the phrase “you can’t take it with you?” So many stories of men dying from the stress at work and for what? 

I had a couple new and one regular clients that joined me for both prostate massages and one was a strap-on lover. For many gentlemen, prostate massages and the sensual cock sucking or hand job they get along with it provides a euphoric release. One gentlemen after his prostate massage said it had been a long time since he had that kind of cataclysmic orgasm. I had a gentlemen that liked my selection of dildos for the strap-on as I truly have so many sizes but definitely smaller thinner dildos for those “virgins” that come to get fucked by this wild tigress.

I had my usual every two week retired 70 something gentlemen join me for three hours today. He had read my blog article regarding the erogenous zones and decided to visit every one of mine in very slow sensual teasing manner using his tongue and gave me a massage too! He beat his last visit and gave me 21 orgasms (he has a very talented tongue named “Tom” that loves spending time with “Penelope the pussy” and “Cleo the Clit”).  He is relentless with that tongue. He said he is an avid reader of the blog because I give lots of hints of what sends me over the edge! Smart talented man! 

Thank you to those thoughtful gentlemen that gave me tips, coffee, flowers and wine! I love the romantics that are thoughtful!

I am posting a picture here of some new items that I have just added to my bedroom collection. One is a nympho cream and yes, I know I am a nympho but I am going to use it with my new toy, the Womanizer and see how many times I can make myself cum! After all, I won’t be having any male attention until Monday!  I also have a new double motor cock ring so those of you that visit me next week, please remind me if you’d like to try it while fucking me. I also have some raspberry nipple cream that is supposed to tingle and also be tasty as it’s edible! Those of you that want to see my nipples grow and pop out, (I have very long big nipples, their are advantages to having natural soft, not fake, boobs) remind me to bring it out for use. It’s surprising how many men really love the hard “enhanced” breasts however. It befuddles me a bit.

Have a great weekend, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,