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The Anita Diaries - September 9th thru September 15th, 2018

Hello all! Your wild tigress checking in for my weekly update. This week I was at another Schaumburg hotel for longer hours of hosting. Thank goodness there are almost a hundred hotels in this area.  The thing is I only had one night (this past Friday duos day and night) that I used the hotel in the evening. So really I do think that for all those business men that complain of my bankers hours, so many don’t necessarily ask to make appointments when I host evenings until 11pm. This week had it’s ups and downs on business but I can say the Friday duo day with SexyAss Jackie was totally awe inspiring to say the least! It made me hiding out in a hotel for most of the week all worthwhile! 

On Sunday night, I did have a regular client, one of my travelers, contact me that he would be coming through Chicagoland that evening and asked if I could see him then rather than Monday. I don’t have a problem doing that since I was checking in at my hotel that early evening anyway.  He loves me taking charge and picking on him and making him service me. As usual, I made him suck my titties, pussy and lick my body. I rode his face with my pussy. I made him suck my cock (my strapon was on with my dildo) and spanked him with my dildo, gave him a real spanking and then finally rubbed my dildo all over his body. I then pushed on his balls with my dildo, then rubbed his balls and he came all over. He left happy.

On Monday, I had only two gentlemen, one regular and a newly verified client. The regular is a businessman that comes to visit every few weeks. He loves my mouth on his “Skippy", however. I was on my knees giving Skippy a warm welcome. Then he got on the bed and went to talk to “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit”. He gave lots of licking and sucking down there. We then did a 69 and then he blew in my mouth. He says my blowjobs never disappoint!

Then the second and last client was a guy around the age of 30, he proved to me by his providing all that I need on his completing the appointment request form that he wanted to see me. He was looking forward to deep French kissing and lots of mutual oral. We started out with a nice make out session, he then asked if he could lick and suck Penelope and Cleo, then sucked my nipples, both stood to attention after his attentions. We went on to some 69, mutual oral, he then wanted to do a bit of intercourse, then we switched back to oral where he blew in my mouth. The second “pop” came by totally oral, I got him right back up, much licking and sucking of his balls and then some shaft love up and down, then sucking Skippy and he blew right in my mouth for number 2 pop.  He said, “You aren’t going to block me anymore so I can come back and see you?” I think I had blocked him two years ago when he had tried to see me then. I probably thought he “chatted too much” so I blocked him. I am serious in that all the younger guys do shoot themselves in the foot. I consider texting and emailing simply for setting appointments. No explicit talking, texting or emailing. It isn’t just the younger guys as some of my older clients make that mistake as well.

On Tuesday, I had a few clients that visited, one newly verified (fence faller, yes!) and two regulars. The first was a gentleman regular in his 40's year old who travels from northern state once a month for a 90 minute appointment. We have a very scintillating make-out session, some mutual oral, naked body to body,he blows into my mouth for a delicious protein shake. The second pop also resulted in a protein shake as well. We always have a nice visit when he comes over. The second client is a senior regular that likes the BDSM. He loves me spanking him, making him suck my strapon dildo, lots of spanking him with a dildo, then I made him suck my titties and pussy, then face road him a bit, headed into the bathroom and gave him a golden shower in the tub. I gave him lots of hot urine on his chest and on his hands and mouth. Then after a quick shower, he joined me for some more spanking and then he blew in my mouth after some hand/mouth combination. The third client was a newly verified client that called me early that day for an over the phone verification. It worked just fine as I was able to research him and get back to him for him to join me in the afternoon. He definitely loves the GFE as we had a make-out session, some naked body to body, some 69 and we did some more making out and then he enjoyed my oral skills, a lot of shaft and ball worship (the “twins” loved the attention) and then he blew in my mouth. That finished my day on Tuesday.

On Wednesday and Thursday, it was a bit slow. I can’t say why but I did have a couple of my regulars on Wednesday and one regular on Thursday. On Wednesday, the “Pussy Muncher” joined me for a two hour visit to lick and suck me all over starting with our usual wonderful make-out session and then he gave lots of nipple attention, sucking the twin titties until they both stood at attention. He loves my long nipples. On his exploration all the way down, he always give a lot of attention to Cleo and Penelope! Again, lots of attention and orgasms into the double digits. Of course I visit Skippy multiple times in the two hours as well. He always ends with confirming his next appointment in two weeks. He also took a beautiful shot of my ass (see the blog from Wednesday night of this week). The second and last client, a long lost regular who hadn’t seen me since I moved from that ugly Rolling Meadows apartment. Having lived in that place still gives me bad dreams! I love my beautiful townhouse. He said he won’t wait so long for the next time as we had a wonderful getting re-acquainted time with some making out, lots of naked body to body and then some 69 and then back to providing me with that protein shake. On Thursday, just one gentlemen came by to visit. Another senior regular that made sure he took good care of my nipples and pussy and a lot of making out. He of course ended in my mouth. He also has been seeing me since 2014, one of my originals.

On Friday, it was a wonderful Girlfriend Fun Day with SexyAss Jackie and myself. We had a swarm of wonderful regulars and one newly verified gentlemen (a wink of thanks in his direction for “fence falling” at just the right time). The first gentlemen was the one that had paid extra for Jackie and I to get together on a Saturday a few months back. Some of you readers remember the Anita Diaries where this gentleman requested the double penetration, with him getting “Greek” with Jackie and I was fucking Jackie via strapon (underneath her) and she gushed/came all over me. Well, this time, he wanted Jackie and I to take turns fucking each other with a strapon and then he took his turn fucking the both of us. Frankly, I hadn’t been fucked all week as most of my gentlemen regulars are oral only clients so I was “ready”. So Jackie and I had our fun, I did some licking and sucking of her pussy and she returned the favor after a nice deep French kissing. He had both of us line up, added the condom and fucked both of us via doggie, then we switched to some “mish” and then he pulled the condom off and came in my mouth. The second gentlemen was the one that had just verified/screened on time and came over as a “lunch hour” visitor. He loves BDSM, so Jackie and I spanked him, did some hitting of his balls, then he sucked our nipples and played with our pussies, then watched the two of us serving each other and deep French kissing each other. Then she licked my pussy and sucked my clit. Jackie has a soft tongue! We then went back to kissing each other and then we started abusing him again. Then pulled and hit his balls some more and then I handled his balls hard and rubbed his shaft until he exploded in my hands. 

The third gentleman visitor was a longtime regular of mine, an “original” from 2014 who is always wonderful fun, and always good for two pops. Jackie and I did lots of deep French kissing both with him and each other. He loved sucking both sets of titties and playing with our pussies. He then wanted to fuck both of us, first doggie and then “mish”. We covered him up for intercourse and he pounded away at both of our pussies and then pulled the condom off and came in my mouth. Jackie and I worked on getting him up the second time, fighting over his “Skippy”.  He then wanted to watch us do each other, so she went down and sucked and licked my pussy and clit and then I returned the favor. He was ready for round two by then so I added another condom to him and then he got behind Jackie as she licked and sucked my pussy and then fucked her doggie. It was another one of our “trains” that we do to please each other. Then he popped in the second time in the condom. Our fourth gentleman visitor was a long lost favorite who raced from work to come see us at 3pm. He loves for two women to fawn all over him but enjoyed the “bi show” as well. We first worked at fighting over his Skippy and then he enjoyed deep French kissing both of us. Then he enjoyed a lot of naked body to body with both of us. He then enjoyed watching Jackie licking and sucking my clit and pussy. He decided to start doggie fucking her from behind. He popped the first time in the condom. The second round we both worked on him, lots of shaft work and lots of ball worship from both Jackie and I. We got him up and then he gave me the protein shake this time!

The 5pm gentleman on Friday was a longtime regular of both of us that has come to see both of us together multiple times. He just loves doubles! He loves women fawning over him. We then did lots of passionate kissing with him, a lot of naked body to body, then he loved us licking and sucking his Skippy and lots of shaft and ball worship. He got hard, we added a condom and then he fucked Jackie from behind and then fucked me from behind, he then went back to fucking Jackie and blew in the bag.  Then the 6:30pm client cancelled. It was another 30 year old guy that flaked for the second set of doubles he made an appointment for so I told him to get lost as he obviously is a big “talker” only. A friend of mine came over and brought Jackie and I dinner as we were famished. It isn’t easy doing that many rounds of entertaining in a day as both Jackie and I aren’t young ones anymore. But everyone that has seen both of us has been thoroughly entertained and we definitely give the young ones a run for their money regarding our skills. The 8pm gentlemen was a long lost regular of mine who wanted the bi show and wanted lots of deep French kissing, lots of naked body to body and then wanted to fuck Jackie from behind as she serviced my titties and then my clit and pussy. He then wanted us to finish him orally and we fought over his cock and I sucked him dry.

The final client of the Friday night was a new regular of mine (a 30 year old downtown businessman) that had just seen me the week before. He commuted from his north side high rise (an hour commute each way) to see us and had visited me a week before too (a kiss of thanks in his direction for being such a wonderfully generous young man as well as ambitious to take the long drive twice). He loves prostate fun on top of enjoying servicing two women. We both loved his sucking our titties and pussies, and then watched me going down on Jackie, sucking her titties and then I licked and sucked her pussy until her cum gushed in my face. We got him off once, he fucked her and I both, then blew in the bag. The second pop was via a prostate massage, I played with his ass after adding extra lube and then used a toy, he then decided he preferred me using my fingers on him, and he then blew in my mouth as I played with his ass for his second pop.

All in all, a wonderful Friday and a special thank you to all those great regulars and a new “fence faller” client that came out to enjoy Jackie and I on a passionate and wild Girlfriend Fun Day. We were exhausted after our long day! I am sorry for those gentlemen that we had to turn down due to being booked at the times they were looking for. I think the marketing of this day via this blog and on Twitter really payed off.

On Saturdays, I had two regulars, one for a one hour GFE and the other for his three hour every two week appointment. Both are so wonderful to spend time with, I didn’t worry that only two visited me. The first gentlemen loves the naked body to body, some mutual oral, 69 and then he decided to do some missionary (taking a ride on Penelope) and popped in the condom. We tried for round two pop but we had to settle for “one and a half”.  The second regular, my three hour every two week “athletic senior," came in on a mission to get me off as much as possible! What a treat he was! Yes, he got me off a lot too. We did some making out in between as we love to deep French kiss each other. Then the finale was getting “Skippy” off and it took awhile but it finally worked and he provided me my protein shake!

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave tips and gift cards this past week. It is never expected and always appreciated.

I really don’t know what I would do without my regulars. The last two weeks haven’t been altogether the best weeks business wise (other than the Girlfriend Fun Day on Friday) but if I did not have my regulars, I do not know what I would do. Big hugs and kisses sent in their direction! For all of you out there that haven’t visited in a while, please give me another chance to prove how wonderful I am at this business! I have improved greatly over the last few years since the year I started in April 2014.

For the next two weeks (September 17th and 24th) I will be home at my townhouse on the West side of Schaumburg. I am that no drama girlfriend that loves to have make-out sessions! Please give me a great welcome back to my place this week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,