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The Anita Diaries - September 24th thru September 28th, 2017 (Short week)

Good evening, gentlemen. I am sorry I have taken so long to get to this Anita Diaries excerpt. My oldest son, the one in the Army, came to spend the weekend with his Mom and help his Dad find a newer car to replace the 2003 Jeep Liberty that badly needed to be sent to the junk yard. He spent some quality time with me and did help his Dad out. He’s an auto mechanic for the army so knows a lot about cars. He just received his promotion to E-6, Staff Sergeant, so we needed to celebrate that as well.

He’s a man now but when he was a child, he had tremendous learning challenges that included reading and writing disabilities in school. I spent a lot of time advocating for him in the school system and believe me, I left no stone unturned. He had an individual educational plan ("IEP") throughout school and got the best education he could have and finished high school on a very good note before he enlisted in the Army. He’s almost three quarters through college now, studying via online learning, hoping to finish his Bachelor's and Masters degrees while he is in the Army (he hopes to stay in the 20 some years).

So he brought his dog Lilly, the pit/lab mix along (his wife had to work so couldn’t come in with him) to play with my pup, Belle. They had a frolicking great time as my pup loves playing with other pups. Lilly was badly abused by her first owners prior to my son and his wife adopting her and though she seems so much better than she was two years ago, I saw a glimpse of what horrors she was put through when I opened her crate after I was out with my son over the weekend. She was shaking and wouldn’t come out initially. Her eyes looked a little glazed over as she was likely remembering someone doing something to her while she was in her crate. I imagine the owners threw things at the cage to scare her and terrorize her when she was young. I am sure the abuse was a lot worse than that but once she came out of the crate, I embraced her and reminded her in soft words that no one would ever be allowed to hurt her again. She of course licked my face then and I lovingly accepted that.

Now, back to the Anita Diaries you all know. It was a quieter than average week. I really thought that I must not be on the “list” of providers to go to this past week. I mean, so many other providers I talked to were busy. I figured, well maybe it’s because I have average breasts and so many of my friends are bigger breasted and have enhanced breasts. Maybe natural nipples are not that interesting.

Well, in any event, I did have a few new gentlemen that loved this wild tigress and promised to visit again soon. One gentlemen was effusive. He was only age 32 but he convinced me he was mature enough and so earlier last week we had a wild frolic, lots of oral and lots of intercourse, multiple positions, and he gave me my protein shakes! It’s always great to get some rambunctious exercise! I also had a few of my mature age 60’s and up regulars. It’s always fun to catch up with them and just enjoy each others bodies. They always act like they enjoy my body and love the deep french kissing and more. Body worship is an art and I have worked at the craft of it and learned how to sense the rise and fall of my gentlemen’s breathing and their excited responses to my kissing and licking up and down their bodies. See I feed off of their excitement as it gets me excited as well. Yes, I do get wetter as the time goes on in that hour or longer spent together and many of the men last week were interested in seeing how much they could get me off in comparison to that senior gentlemen that I talked about the prior week who got me off 20 times. 

One new client that saw me this past Thursday, he had a special gift of suctioning on my clit that I really had never seen before. He got me off five times in the hour appointment all within the first twenty minutes of the appointment. He wouldn’t let go at all from my clit (Cleo the clit loved it!) and I finally begged him to let her rest for a moment as she got a little sensitive. After that, I worked my magic on his body including worshipping “skippy”, rimming and we finished with a 69 in which we both came simultaneously (it’s quite rare for me to cum in a 69 but again, his suctioning did it). 

Well, that kind of finished the week off in grand style on Thursday (As I said before I had to take off Friday through Sunday for family time). I do hope the gentlemen that desire me all wake up with hard-ons tomorrow Monday morning and I get lots of calls and texts from my regulars and screenings (via website form, email or text) from new clientele.

A reminder regarding this week: I will be hosting at my West Schaumburg townhouse Monday, Tuesday morning, Thursday and Saturday (12pm-8pm). I will be hosting at a mid-level nice quiet hotel seven minutes from Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg (in my old neighborhood near to my old apartment) on Tuesday 3pm through 11pm and Wednesday 8am through 11pm. Yes, night hours for those gentlemen that complain that I don’t have them often enough. Now last week I offered night hours Wednesday night and I got no takers so hoping this week the response is better. The distance of the hotel from O’Hare airport is approximately a 25 minute drive. 

Have a great week!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,