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The Anita Diaries September 10th thru September 16th, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen! A fun filled week was had by this wild tigress! I had some great visits from both regulars and new clients. I’ll call it a consistent week of business, not overly busy but just right! Enough for me to have some great protein shakes and meet some real keepers for new clients that I hope will visit again. Some said without me asking that they enjoyed themselves so much they would come back to join me again. One gentlemen said he will join me every couple of weeks because, well, cock time is so important! Ding, ding, ding, yes, I finally got through to someone!

There really isn’t a typical day for me as the first couple of days of this week, I was busy only in the afternoons with morning appointments totally open and the remainder of the week, I was busy in the mornings and through mid-afternoons except Friday I was busy all morning and afternoon. Many appointments this past week were from gentlemen just calling, texting or emailing me asking if I have openings. I appreciate my regulars continuing to call and ask because yes, sometimes I do have the openings and there are sometimes that I have to disappoint. 

I did have my fair share of texts and telephone calls asking “are you available” without being verified. That does get no where as I am not taking a chance on my safety. I do usually lead gentlemen to my website because really, how else will you learn about a provider besides reading? Correct me if I am wrong but you gentlemen out there, I would hope many hobbyists do research providers, both their websites and reviews (whether TER, Escort Babylon or Erotic Monkey) before making appointments? I guess I don’t understand the gentlemen that just call based on an AD they saw without doing their proper research. A provider’s pictures can only tell one part of the story. I also have been verifying gentlemen via telephone call lately as I can take down much information over the phone and check them with that.

It is too unsafe for both the gentlemen and I, to not be careful. I don’t mean to harp on the same subjects but those gentlemen that are not taking the proper precautions with verifications/screenings, they really should use their hands on skippy versus taking a chance. The providers that don’t screen could be being used to setup “Johns”, they could have a pimp in the background ready to rob the John or the provider could be baiting a “John” to get there and taking the money and running or finally, it could be a fake ad that the cops are using to setup the “John”. Just remember someone like me, well, I go to a lot of work with writing my blog, the entire website and all of those legitimate TER and Erotic Monkey reviews, it’s likely I am the real deal.

So the usual trends for my week, well, some new gentlemen fell off the fence to screen and join me. Some new GFE gentlemen that want mutual two way street oral play, lots of deep french kissing, mutual oral, they loved spending time with "Penelope the pussy” and well, they had to admit that this tigress is mighty talented with the tongue and mouth. I had some new clients that also joined me for prostate massages and strap-on play. Those new clients were also interested in making out with this wild tigress. Our lips were locked in deep french kissing for anywhere from 20 minutes or more in each of the appointments as many were 90 minutes or 2 hour clients. I had one new client that spent an hour with me for a combined GFE appointment with prostate play (it’s the $170 hour because prostate massage is +$30 over the GFE appointment) that has already booked again for next week for a two hour meet. He admitted that locking lips with me, his time with Penelope and the prostate play in a 60 minute appointment was just not long enough. I had a role play client that joined me and I was Nurse Anita, taking good care of his parts. Yes, I think I made sure that all that was "leaking" went into my mouth as well.

I did have a new client that meant for it to be more light BDSM for an hour, well, he got “distracted” by everything, well, with me there is so much to hold onto, touch and to kiss and lick, well, hopefully he comes back and we can do more of what he wanted to accomplish. As I said before, I do have a listening ear as to what a gentlemen wants but maybe it would be prudent that the gentlemen either calls me before his appointment to discuss or he books a 90 minute or 2 hour appointment so we have enough time to accomplish all of his desires and dreams. That’s what it comes down to, the gentlemen that join me, either new or regulars, well, I want to give them all their dreams and sensual desires. I want the appointment to be something they take back home with them and use for well, future “wet dreams” that they likely will have for weeks or even months afterwards.

I know I have those limited hours Mondays thru Thursdays 6:30am thru 6:30pm and Fridays 6:30am thru 7pm and well, in October, I’ll have the Saturdays added back 12pm-8pm so some of the gentlemen have to plan to fit in a visit down the road a bit. There is no shame in any of your dreams, many of you have a different “trigger” and it is up to me, Wild Anita or even “Mistress” Anita to find that trigger. Other than Greek Islands and brown showers (yes, I still get asked about those since I give the golden showers), I am totally open to many of those with fetishes and role play fantasies that the gentlemen that come see me are interested in.

Yes, a couple of gentlemen came to see me and wanted me to give golden showers as well. I usually give gentlemen a choice, either I “shower” them in my bathtub/shower or they can lay down in my bathroom (with a towel underneath them) and I can do a 69 over them as some of the gentlemen do want to “swallow” my showers. As usual, all gentlemen can take a quick regular cleanup shower before they leave me to either head home or back to the office.

A couple of my favorite regulars came to see me for a quick “hour” of acting like a couple of horny teenagers, lots of deep french kissing, mutual petting and oral back and forth and gosh, well, just some major frantic couplings that led to some cataclysmic booms. Some great aerobic activity at its best!

Anyway, an overall wild fun erotic horny week with this wild tigress and now the start of this week is upon us! Have a great week, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,