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The Anita Diaries - October 22nd thru October 26, 2017 (short week)

Good evening, gentlemen! Yes, the wild tigress is back, alive and ready to prowl for her next high protein meal! Last week was a short week due to my personal trip to Reno, Nevada that I returned via a red-eye flight at 5:30am today (Monday morning). Yes, I did have red-eyes and I was trying to catch up on sleep today hence the lateness of this blog. I will be writing a “Reflection” article regarding the Reno trip tomorrow so stay tuned. I’ll try to catch up on some writing this week as time allows.

Well, last week was a disappointing week regarding the business. I had a quiet week, with some great regulars that visited me and a couple of new clients that fell off the fence and verified to see me. Because I had to leave Thursday afternoon, I only had one regular client that could do Thursday morning. One of my regulars was a client that came to me once in 2014 and then found my number again in 2017. He had to admit I am so much better in 2017 than I was in 2014. I appreciated that he said it because yes, I do know I was that bad and I’m thankful everyday for the “originals” that stayed with me. I am sure it was my great attitude and not my oral talents that kept them with me. That I eventually developed more oral talents was probably a relief to everyone (including me)!

One of my favorite originals visited last week. We have quite the high impact aerobic hour of sex! If there is a position we haven’t tried, well that would be news to me! He moved away for about a year and a half but when he moved back to the Chicago area in 2017, he looked me up again and I have been so happy at his return. We both have definite wild streaks so it makes the hour so pleasurable. He loves the GFE plus the prostate play.

For those of you that are interested in prostate massage, I realize it really doesn’t fit totally into the light bdsm area, it is just there due to the fact that it is +$30 more than the GFE (or Girlfriend Experience). Just because a gentlemen likes that area played with, it does not make them gay. Remember, they want Anita to play with their ass. If they wanted someone named Hector or George to fuck them in the ass, then that is a different story. They want me to play with their ass, well, this girl even if I am not a spinner/cover model, I am still sexy for my age. (So to the critics, bite me! You obviously don’t have the proper package!). 

Pretty much many clients from last week were the GFE clientele who want the passionate tigress deep French kissing them and rubbing her naked body against theirs, writhing in wild abandon, she had many that wanted to get to know “Penelope” the pussy and “Cleo” the Clit very up close and personal. I always appreciate the playful gentlemen because isn’t the bedroom supposed to be about playtime? I mean I have had my share of clients that are one dimensionals visit and yes, I know it is the business but I think so many could benefit from sex education from the wild tigress perspective. I bet I could have a full class of gentlemen in my classroom raising their hands and asking to be able to demonstrate what they know! Can you imagine all those hands raising! Sorry, I would have to limit the class size to 30 gentlemen but I have a feeling I would have a “waiting list”. 

So my last client last week was one of my retired regulars that I do enjoy. I mean these retired gentlemen are all about the “journey” and I am fine with that. I am going to guess that 55% of my regular clientele are either senior retirees and/or some seniors that are partially working as many have part-time jobs or do some consulting to keep busy. I cater to them because I know that many so badly miss that physcial passion that they had with their wives at one time that either has dissipated based on the post menopausal lack of interest or some that their wives are no longer healthy and well and able to participate in sexual passion in the bedroom. Now, I do not think men should leave their wives based on this change that happens with women in their 50’s and older. I will probably be the only escort provider that would ever say this so do not fall over in a dead faint. I do not want my clients as boyfriends or husbands and have no interest in that part of their lives. But boy can I give them the fun passionate journey play that they are missing! I extend marriages, I don’t end them.

So have a great week, gentlemen! For those of my regulars that miss me, come hither, gentlemen! For those of you fence sitters, I hope one day you’ll fall off the fence!

Stay tuned for the Reno reflection article tomorrow night.

I have cancelled the Jackie and I double day on Friday, November 3rd but I will be hosting at my townhouse for singles that day. More info on that tomorrow.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,