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The Anita Diaries - October 1st thru October 7th, 2017

Good evening, Gentlemen. Your hot horny wild tigress checking in to give you her weekly update! It was a pretty busy week full of hot sensual fun, a few days I was at my townhouse and part of Tuesday (3pm thru 11pm) and all of Wednesday (8am thru 11pm) at a Woodfield area hotel. So many gentlemen were disappointed that they missed the evening hours of this week. I had a lot of inquiries for Thursday night even though my posts as well as schedule and emails all said Tuesday night and Wednesday night until 11pm. All I can say is keep checking in here as some weeks I might even be able to host a day until 11pm at my townhouse should my roommate be out of town on business. I do post in my blog if I am hosting evenings.

In a prior blog, I did tell all evening interested gentlemen to sign up for my mailing list as I do send out a mass email mailing when evening hours become available. Lately I have to say that those on the mailing list must be challenged for evening time as I haven’t gotten anyone interested in evening hours. The ones that have shown up for my evening appointments are new clientele that just have verified. Thank you again to those that fell off the fence as the gentlemen that did screen and come see me this week all seemed very happy during their sessions.

For those of you gentlemen that are perplexed at the quandary that your wives check your emails, I do have to ask you one question: Have you ever thought of opening up a secret email that she would not know about? I just opened a protonmail account that is encrypted for security of information and even though I paid for mine, there is a free email part of protonmail for those of you only wanting to use it for your “hobby”.  I am sure there are other options out there including free gmail accounts. To be honest, after the Yahoo breach, I would think more of you would be interested in the protonmail option. Nothing appears to be secure anymore but for those of you security conscious sorts, protonmail is the answer.

A broad mix of clientele this week, many mature businessmen, retirees and a few in their 30’s and 40’s joined me at my playground (either at my townhouse or at the hotel). I have to say my light BDSM business is booming! Yes, I do take charge and for those wanting that, I forced them to lick my kitty, sucking my clit and nipples and made me cum, while I either held onto their head and shoulders or held onto the bedsheets and even some face sitting while I hung onto the headboard while I rode their faces. In return, I gave lots of spankings, a couple of golden showers, and lots of prostate massages some that led to strap-on play (or “pegging” as it is referred to in adult entertainment circles). I had a gentlemen that loved foot worship and boy did I enjoy his worship of my feet.

As discussed in other blogs, not every gentlemen that wants a prostate massage wants to graduate to “pegging”. It’s really an individual decision based on what your fantasies are. If you look in my prior blogs, I have some pictures of me wearing a strap-on. For those of you gentlemen that love butt/prostate play and love the look of a mature wild curvy BBW woman such as myself wearing the strap-on and part of you yearns for me to fuck you with my strap-on dildo, well, you may want to open that door up for yourself! There is no shame in it, as so many think it means a gentlemen is homosexual or bisexual based on that and all I can say to that viewpoint is “RUBBISH”.

If you are attracted to me in my strap-on and want me to fuck you, then you are a perfectly normal heterosexual man that has some kinky leanings.  If you want a guy to fuck you with his cock, you may be bi-curious, or have some bisexual leanings or possibly homosexual. In any event, your fantasies and any kinky interests you have, feel free to bring them up to me once you have screened with me or for those of my regulars that may want to experiment into other areas. I want my regulars and any interested new clientele to feel totally comfortable with me to share their fantasies. There is no judgement from this wild tigress.

Plenty of GFE mature clientele visited me as well. My every two week mature 70’s gentlemen visited me for two hours on Thursday and gave me fourteen orgasms. For those that wonder about this guy, please note that he rarely lets go of “Cleo the clit” and fingers “Penelope the pussy” just right. I don’t have as easy of a time “cumming” as I am really focused on “Skippy” and being a pleaser to my gentlemen clients. I suppose most men love that about me but I have just as many gentlemen that really want me to lean back and accept being pleased. 

Surprisingly my hotel days were mostly filled with regulars with only a few new gentlemen clients joining me. I guess many gentlemen are more weary of hotels, thinking  either “setup” or that I could be found out by hotel management and they would be at risk of being busted as well. I will tell you that the hotels I frequent do not seem to care why I am there and because I don’t have an assembly line of men coming through, it is all pretty quiet (as I only do hotels once in awhile and never the same hotel successively). I choose clean non-smoking hotels that cater mainly to business clientele that are there for meetings or seminars in the Schaumburg Woodfield Mall area.

Of my regulars joining me, again it was a reunion of my 2014 “Originals” as well as some clientele I had missed. I was happy to see one regular of mine, a veteran, return for a two hour visit as he had some health issues that he had to overcome. He’s another passionate sort which is my favorite kind as kissing and/or making out, is all so important. Yes, one of my regulars, a Wrigley Field area resident came back after a rather busy few weeks filled with family and friend visitors. He has a voracious appetite for pussy licking as well. Let’s just say my clit turned into a “little dick” quite a few times this past week. So many just love looking at my perfect pussy. 

I also used my berry nipple cream on a few gentlemen’s nipples as well as on my own nipples. Many men thought the berry taste was delicious. It does get ones nipples to tingle. Those men that like their nipples played with and sucked as well as “Skippy’ seem more interested in trying the nipple cream. I had to break out my toys for many of my clientele to use on me as well. 

I think many had read my masturbation blog article and just liked the idea of watching me use the toys on myself while they played with themselves at the same time. Then some wanted me to suck their balls and cock while they used the toys on me and played with my pussy. I had been told by many that I have the perfect pussy so I guess I feel lucky that they feel that way. Yes, I did get my share of protein shakes this week and one gentlemen wanted to give me a facial which I took like a champ as well.

I had a couple of passionate gentlemen from the Rockford area join me (separately) this week. I appreciate those that travel far to see me as it is very flattering. It seems that they had a good time as both said they would be back in the future when both time and opportunity allowed.

For those wondering if I got fucked, yes, I had some gentlemen that wanted to ride my pussy or play with my ass while they fucked me doggie and a few wanted me to ride them cowgirl. As usual, most don’t like to cum in condoms so they asked me to rip them off and take my protein meal from them. It’s okay, I fully accept that sometimes it is difficult for a man to control himself enough to wait so for those that came in condom, I don’t hold it against them. I have some of the highest rated thinner condoms, including “Kimono” “Crown” and “Okamoto 004” condoms, in addition to female condoms.

For those gentlemen wanting to know my favorite positions, I am going to save that for a blog topic to come sometime this week. I always like to leave a man wanting more. 

The only appointments I dread are from gentlemen that only want their cocked sucked and nothing else (no interaction, no kissing, and no two way street). I do excel orally but I happily refer those clients that don't understand what sex and sensual passion really is to others and take a "pass" on that money when I can. 

Thank you to those generous gentlemen that gave me tips this week as well as coffee, flowers, candy and red wine. Lot’s of passionate thank you kisses given to them.

A reminder that this Friday, October 13th I will be with SexyAss Jackie in Naperville from 10am through 11pm. Many a gentlemen have in their bucket list to have two women at once as well as to see two women getting it on. Yep, that is Jackie and I!

I will still be hosting by myself on Saturday, October 14th at my West Schaumburg townhouse from 12pm through 8pm. 

Have a great week, gentlemen!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,