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The Anita Diaries - October 15th thru October 21st, 2017

Good evening, gentlemen! Everyone’s hot wild tigress looking forward to the new week with vigor. Hoping I get a lot of hot callers coming to visit me on this short week of hosting Monday thru Thursday (Thursday Oct 26 is a half day, done at 12:30pm). I am leaving late Thursday afternoon for a long weekend in Reno, Nevada (back on a red eye flight early Monday morning October 30th). I am going with my special friend (he’s going there on business) and so I am just going to enjoy myself. I might get to escape to Lake Tahoe on Sunday October 29th so if anyone has any ideas on what I can see there that wouldn’t require me to do a lot of hiking (I have the right knee replacement coming up on Friday, November 17th)? If any ideas, please send me an email or text message or contact me via the contact form on this website. 

Regarding this past week of sexual frolic, I have to say again, a proper mix of new clients and regulars. I am always thrilled to spend time with my newly veriied clients and of course my regulars. I had a new client from out of town here on business from one of the western states on Monday that spent a very pleasurable two hours of time with me. Boy can he kiss and he certainly is into the pleasing! We also probably covered most of the favorite sexual positions that this wild tigress wrote about a couple of weeks ago. I am still reverberating from the climaxes even today! I doubt he’ll be back but if he’s reading this, hoping he knows that I enjoyed his company and hope his deal went well! I’d like to think that gentlemen that see me before their business meetings have a spring in their step and especially good luck after being with me.

I met a few passionate gentlemen, a couple of regulars and a couple of new clients on Tuesday (what turned into being my busiest day).  It was a lot of oral from this tigress to them and only one that enjoyed intercourse with me. It is common for me to have clients that prefer oral also known as bareback blowjobs cum in mouth and a lot less that want the intercourse due to the fact that I use condoms for intercourse. It was mainly me serving them that day.

Many of you think, don’t you prefer the two way street (reciprocal oral) and yes, I do but it is the business that I am in. I can’t always have what I want in the hour and as long as the gentlemen are nice and respectfful, I have no problem with it. The ones that push my head down hard on their cocks and hold me down on them, well, that’s what I mean regarding the disrespectful kind of clientele that I prefer not to have. That kind of disrespectful treatment mainly comes from gentlemen that are addicted to pornography video watching as they see women disrespected in those movies and think that it is okay to disrespect me that way. I do love my work and I love my regulars and new clients that treat me well. That’s all I’ll say on that subject as I know it’s more of a controversial topic.

I had some old clients that found me again as well so I was happy to spend time in their company. One gentlemen joined me for an early morning visit on Wednesday, we had some great deep french kissing and I got him off twice with two protein shakes for me. Another of my happy sweet regular clients joined me later that morning. I had a new client, a sweet shy artist that joined me in the early afternoon that day. He and I enjoyed some great conversation and some oral time as well. I always like those creative types. Even though I am not artistic, I am into the arts and a lover of art as well as the fine arts and as you all know I enjoy writing. Someday I want that to be my primary future (in a few years time). I had a very nice senior gentlemen regular finish out my day which is a great way to finish. 

Thursday and Friday can be summed up in how many orgasms can this wild tigress have and more! I had my usual senior gentlemen in his 70’s who comes to see me two to three times a month and I have now found the perfect nickname for him: “the pussy muncher”. A two hour appointment with another seventeen orgasms and he would not let me up until he got every last one of them out of me. He loves eating pussy, and I know not everyone is into that. Some men worry that I don’t keep myself clean enough and yes, I am serious, a shower before every client as well as a teeth brushing and gargling. I had a new client visit me after the pussy muncher. I will call him the “Tatoo’d Adonis”. We had an energetic sensual passionate session of fun, a couple of positions that were on my favorites list that ended with me getting another protein shake. Sending a wink in his direction as well!  Another of my regular’s that lives in the city (Chicago) came out to visit me at the end of my day. I call him the “TLC Velociraptor”, because he could swallow me whole! Seriously we don’t come up for air for at least an hour! 

I had a three hour appointment with a new client on Friday, he drove over four hours to see me in person and we had a lovely time! A lot of deep french kissing, a lot of oral both ways and some wonderful conversation. He brought me a sub sandwich (a man after my own heart, he he!) for lunch and so much more. We both have big surgeries coming up so it will be awhile until we see each other again but he promised to be back.

I had a few clients on Saturday (we can call this “fetish” day), a new client that I did a mother/son roleplay with, another regular client after him that has a nylon fetish. I usually do a bit of a role play with him while rubbing my nylon legs against him and give him a hand job at the same time (his preference).  Finished the day out with a regular joining me for a role play, golden shower (me to him), spanking and strapon session. He knew he was a bad boy when he showed up in feminine panties that were not mine. I told him sternly that he can only wear Mistress Anita’s panties, not anyone elses. 

That completes the week and as I said earlier, I hope I have some great client visits this week as I am only hosting Monday thru Thursday lunch time due to being away.

Thank you to those gentlemen that gave me tips and brought me coffee, candy, gift cards and wine. I appreciate their generosity and thoughtfulness. 

A note to those gentlemen that look at me as more of a curiosity but I am not your normal "type" (meaning you prefer thin, athletic, buxom or petite "spinner" providers), do not visit me so that you can write a TER review that trashes me while you compete for the 1,500,000 prize which is a lifetime TER VIP account. I appreciate great and positive reviews about me that help my business but I don't want unwanted business from gentlemen just passing through that are competing for that prize. I have found a couple of more transparent applicants (via my screening form) in the last few days. Thank goodness I wasn't born yesterday!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,