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The Anita Diaries - November 5th through November 9th, 2017 (short week) Revised

Good evening, gentlemen! Your wild rested tigress is ready for action tomorrow! Last week was a bit disappointing in places. Not sure why it was as slow as it was. Monday is now my slowest day as it seems like I end up with only one those days. This past Monday a regular of mine joined me for an hour of passionate GFE play. It was a reunion of sorts as he has had his share of family issues that has gotten in the way of cock time. I gave his Skippy a happy welcome back. He loves the two way street so he gave lots of attention to Penelope the Pussy and Cleo the Clit. I always appreciate that!

Tuesday was my busiest day with three regulars and a new gentlemen that verified the prior week. We’ll call it passionate GFE day as three of the four gentlemen were some of the most passionate kissers I have ever had. To say, we attacked each other and tore our clothes off would be an accurate depiction of events. Naked body to body writhing, plenty of DATY and DATO as well as some frantic fucking and sucking action.  I had a great time as some of the time I was able to just lay back and receive some of the best of the best DATY I have had.  I know, some of you are thinking, well I have given Wild Anita some fantastic DATY, does she mean they are better than me? I know, gentlemen, it can be a bit of a competion but I can tell you, this wild tigress will always say “BRING IT ON!” The more the merrier.

I had my first outcall client at an Elk Grove Village hotel on Tuesday evening. He was a sweet gentlemen from out East and we had a fun time during the two hour appointment, very oral and just a great conversation. I do not get many gentlemen that want an outcall with me mainly because maybe I am not the spinner/cover model and some men do not like that my outcall rates are higher than my incall rates. Outcall rates do incorporate two things, the "Risk" I have to undertake to leave my place of residence as well as gas money. In this case, there was no extra charge for parking but should a gentlemen want me to come to an area that charges for parking, yes, he would have to pay that too. 

On Wednesday, it was my birthday and I spent a good part of it at Rush Midwest Orthopedics downtown doing pre-op stuff and attending a class discussing what to expect before/during/after the right knee replacement I am having on Friday, November 17th. Not really a scintillating birthday for someone turning 52. Amy 34 Double EE took me out to dinner that night so it wasn't a total downer! We went to a Japanese steak house where they cooked in front of us. 

Thursday, I did doubles with Amy 34 Double EE for a couple of appointments and then I went back to my place for a singles appointment late in the day. I am sorry to say that it wasn’t worth doing doubles with Amy as I had a slow day with her and not many had requested doubles time with the two of us. I am not sure why two sexy women such as ourselves wouldn’t garner more phone calls and attention. We did have a great time with the two gentlemen that joined us but maybe I am not buxom enough for our duo? Maybe I am the weakest link? She insists she is busy when she doubles with others. Even though she and I do not do each other, the gentlemen do get a lot of attention and believe me they have lots of options with multiple lips, titties, pussies, and generous asses.

I ended the work week on Thursday as my son and his wife came into town Friday for the Veterans Day weekend. He's an E-6 (Staff Sergeant) in the Army and they gave me a bit of news. They are expecting their first child that is due in June 2018. So yes, it will be my first grandchild! 

I am hoping this week is busier. I did verify a lot of gentlemen last week via my screening form and email so I am hoping those that couldn’t fit in last week will join me this week for lots of hot fun scintillating passionate times or maybe they want me to dominate them in one of my light bdsm sessions.

A reminder to those gentlemen that hold back verification/screening until they have an appointment day and time in mind, it is better to verify/screen before you are ready to book an appointment as it makes it much easier and faster to book you later on if you handled that way ahead of time. I have gentlemen that try to screen/verify on the same day as an appointment they want and usually that doesn’t work out too well.

A reminder that I am only hosting Monday through Thursday this week as Friday I am having my right knee replacement surgery and will be off rehabilitating for two to three weeks. An exact return date is uncertain as it depends on how fast I heal and rehab. I will be starting physical therapy immediately after surgery so I am hoping I will be a quick healer compared to the awful ankle surgery rehabilitation I had last November 2016.

I hope to see as many of my regulars this week that I can fit in as well as many new clients that are brave and fall off the fence to join me in my playground!

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,