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The Anita Diaries - November 12th thru November 16th, 2017 (short week)

Good evening, gentlemen. All I can say is just a big thank you to those gentlemen, some regulars and some verified new clientele that gave me such a great week and sendoff to my knee replacement surgery that is taking place Friday afternoon, November 17 at Rush University Medical Center. A lot of tips and a lot of gifts given to me this week including three sets of flowers, chocolates, books, red wine, gift cards and well, lots of soft kisses and licks up and down my body on my front and back.

What I feel right now is gratitude. I am very thankful to have the best clientele ever. As we head into Thanksgiving week, maybe we can all come up with things to be grateful for. Let us focus on the positives and blessings in our life. I will write my “Thankgiving” piece next week and I will have a long list, you will see. So stay tuned as this wild tigress might be a little sedated next week but I will not leave you avid readers hanging. Obviously since I won’t be entertaining gentlemen for the next two to three weeks, my “Anita Diaries” will not be posting weekly as is the norm. But I may still post some “Ask Anita” pieces as well as the erotic stories I promised you.

As I said, a lot of screening forms received so I was busily reviewing, doing my background checks and reference checks where applicable on each. I have many gentlemen that have their own work websites and LinkedIN accounts so screening really isn’t the ordeal that many worry about. I had a gentleman that really wanted to see me today, on my last day but he kept sending me incomplete emails with very little information so I had to tell him no. I proceeded to have several longer clientele visits today so by the time he got up the nerve to fill the screening form out, it was too late as I had no time to verify for the one open appointment slot as I had many that wanted to see me before I took my three week break. I am serious on the screening/verification, gentlemen. I don’t take chances on my safety and those of you fence riders should realize that providers like me are your safest bet for passionate frolic and fun. 

On Monday I had a couple of my favorite regulars starting and finishing the day and a new gentleman (the “Car Guy”) that joined Anita’s wild world of play. I’ll call it passionate make-out session day. I love the comraderie of those gentlemen coming to join me. All of them enjoy the full naked body to body and a lot of passionate deep French kissing. I consider the language of French my strong suit. 

On Tuesday, my clientele was a mix of the GFE with the role play.  There were a couple of new clients and a couple of regulars. I had a gentleman in the morning drive 70 minutes to see me on his day off. He was mature, handsome and passionate. We had a great time with a lot of oral. I also had a new gentlemen as the last client of the day that had me as his mommy and he was my hot handsome son. He really did get the feel that I was that hot, horny mom that never gets enough. Of course, that was life story before I became “Wild Anita”. A marriage where there was virtually no sex. That’s why I have such an affinity with my gentlemen clients. I have been where you are now and yes, it sucks!

On Wednesday, I had a farmer drive almost an hour and a half to visit me for a 90 minute appointment. It was quite a scintillating GFE meet. He admitted he really missed the hot passionate carresses and deep French kissing. My mouth always seals the deal but the two way street, lots of DATY, lots of naked body to body. Yep, nothing can ever replace that. I had the “Pussy Muncher” join me for another 3 hour visit. Yes, this time he got me off 31 times and did another errogenous zones body worship session. I love that when he takes his time to kiss every part of me. I had another handsome mature gentlemen finish out my day with a two hour meet. He loves the hot passionate kissing, rimming and lots of naked body to body.  He also loved “Hot Dogging it” between my butt cheeks. No, I don’t do Greek Island visits but he liked just sliding his hot swollen cock between my butt cheeks. I love that feeling. My butt is better for “Hot Dogging it” than my breasts are for “Russian” as many of you know my breasts are 36C.

On Thursday it was a day full of multiple hour appointments. It can be described as lots of kink! Yes, all kind of freakish but that’s okay, there is never any judgements regarding the kinkier/fetish men. Everyone has their own trigger! A senior author joined me and wanted me to do a role play with him and also bring him back to the passion he had been missing. It started with him watching me urinating and then I got to give him lot’s of spankings. He said he likes it harder, I did the best I could with my paddle but he admitted that I need to invest in a wood paddle, so I said I will look into it. I’ll also work on my upper arm strength when I am rehabilitating my knee as that should help too.  He wanted to be finished with a hand job (soft and slow). There was a kinky Michigan gentlemen in mid afternoon that visited me for three hours and he needed all sorts of spankings (yep, wish I had a wood paddle, going to work on that). It was a mixture of GFE along with some pain and balls twisting, some fucking me, fucking his ass with a strapon and then finishing with my hand and mouth. All I can say is “What a workout”. He had some nipple rings which I had never seen on a gentleman before. He taught me how to pinch his nipples with those nipple rings still on. 

So tomorrow Friday, November 17th, I start my two to three weeks off. Please check in with me periodically here for the articles I promised you as well as my erotic stories. A lot of kissings and subliminal Skippy licks being sent to you.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,