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The Anita Diaries - May 7th thru May 13th, 2017

Good Sunday evening, gentlemen! Anita is still alive after a Mother's Day brunch that was delicious but I don't do well afterwards with those. (Stomach kickback). I had a nice Sunday afternoon nap and just made myself a soup and sandwich for dinner. This week was okay business wise (nothing spectacular but not bad either), but I definitely hope for a better week this week. I do hope that gents that are on the fence to seeing me get off the fence and know that this Wild Tigress is worth the hour or two or more they want to spend with me. What I do find is that the new gentlemen that get off the fence to verify seem to enjoy themselves and are grateful to me for a wonderful time. Many of the new gentlemen clients seem to want the 90 minute or 2 hour appointments. Yes, I am that wild mature MILF or GILF you seek, not a spinner or cover model (one older gentlemen called me a "Twirler",...he he!!) but definitely the safe atmosphere combined with the wild, passionate fun with a patient energentic mature provider is worthwhile. 

So I did get my provider account back from TER (ID 256588) after I removed my reviews. It is active now for those of you that have seen me that want to post a review. Of course I appreciate all great reviews that give me an 8 or 9 in services. It does help my business as advertising has gotten so expensive (one of the reason why my rates will likely go up again before this year is over). I am sorry for that but it's all I can do to keep my ads running and get business. I do post ads on RS2K, P411, TER (when they let me), EROS, CityVibe, Slixa and AdultSearch as well as Backpage Women seeking Men (only a few times a week for Backpage). I advertise for free with my Twitter Account. Please follow me! . The Twitter Link is also to the left side of my website as well. 

So this week started out great, with a lot of regulars (of course I adore my return clients) on Monday and Tuesday. I worked late on Monday but only one taker for a 8pm appointment, another old time regular. As usual, the passion boileth over all over Anita. Men, just grab me and kiss me when you see me! He he! I love those old romantic movies. Alot of my regulars know that I am indeed the passionate GFE and totally get into the passionate clinches. Nothing like an hour of interplay back and forth, naked body to body rubbing, much oral on both sides until the final culmination, BOOM and Anita either ends up with a mouth full of protein shake (so badly needed, thank you!) or cum somewhere on her body or in the condom (the last I know isn't as fun so I of course have given my gents options such as ripping the condom off and cumming in my mouth, face, chest, belly, or on my ass even). Anita is all about possibilities.

I had a few light BDSM strapon clients this week that loved the experience of me using toys on them and finishing with strapon play and either hand job or blow job. I think the big thing with the prostate massages and strapon play is just making sure the size is right for them. Some men really have to work up to the bigger sizes. It doesn't happen immediately, it can take quite a few visits as they work their way up. Patience is key and also communication. Tell Anita what is and what is not working. I am all for comfort but euphoric blastoff endings!

I have been working at my hand jobs as I do know some men do prefer them. One of my clients this past Saturday did say I got better with my hand job from the last time, we did a role play, him and I in a bar, him rubbing up against my nylons (he is a nylon leg man) and me rubbing myself all over his leg and grabbing his cock by hand under his underwear and rubbing it with lube and moving my hands over him slowly sensually and then grabbing on firmer when he came. He said it was heavenly. As I said before, I work with the gentlmen on their fantasies as I want them to achieve the orgasm of their dreams! And to remember me for a long time thereafter. 

I had a gentlemen that visited with me for two two hour appointments this week, he is a regular. He has slowly moved up the list to being in my top five favorite regulars. He got me off no less than five or six times each visit. All I can say is he is cataclysmic at providing happy endings for this Wild Anita, he he! Someone should be a male escort, but he he, I want him to still come to see me! 

I got to spend time with one of my all time favorite gentlemen regulars after months of not seeing him. I was grateful he gave me a call and set up an appointment. He's the gent I referred to early in my blogs as the gentleman that danced with me during one of our sessions. As I said then, be the client that the provider dances after you having visited with her. That's the kind of client he is. 

Thanks to the gentlemen that brought me flowers, candy, coffee and wine. Thanks to the gentlemen that left tips as well. Though not expected, I appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness of all my clients. 

I was told this week by another provider that I should raise my rates to $300 or more an hour to match to the "normal provider rates" because I would get a better quality clientele, and be low volume. I'll be honest, I think I have a great quality clientele. I have mainly mature (age 40 and up to age 80s) businessmen (management level and up Presidents, CEO's, CFO's, CIO's) and retired businessmen. I feel extremely lucky to have gentlemen that are regulars that keep coming back to see me because they feel comfortable with me and are attracted to me enough to enjoy our passionate sessions. I think if I just had 5 or 6 clients a week (which I believe is considered "low volume"), I would go absolutely NUTS waiting for the phone to ring. 

Even though technically not "low volume" by the definition of 5 ot 6 clients a week, I do limit the client number that come to see me on a day in and out basis mainly because I don't want my neighbors to suspect. I appreciate the patience of those newly verified clients and my regulars that I have to "turn down" at times due to not having the openings. 

I do have Friday, May 19th off due to some personal business but I will be hosting Saturday May 20th 12pm-8pm. Those of you Saturday lovers, please get to me before Saturday to set up an appointment. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,