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The Anita Diaries May 28th thru June 2, 2018

Good evening, all. Yes, it was the week that started with a holiday. I opted not to host on Memorial Day after all as I had my son that graduated from college recently in town on that day as well. Afterwards, he headed to move himself into his new apartment at his new campus as he is starting his Masters Degree program in August and will work full-time for the summer before.

I ended up starting my week on Tuesday and had a pretty passionate week! I was quite impressed with my newly verified clientele that joined me as so many have a need for passion in their life and they took this wild tigress to new heights! All I can say is wow!

On Tuesday, I started out with a couple of my silver haired regulars. I have to say that I enjoy my retired seniors so much! I mean that. They are such great kissers, enjoy giving me great pleasure. Yes, “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit” get quite spoiled. These gentlemen have faces that glisten with my pussy juices. I mean they drip with me! I love kissing and licking myself off their faces.  The second of my silver hair gentlemen that day is 85 years old. Such a sweet man. He visits me once a summer (he’s a “snowbird”) as he takes care of his ailing wife. Not a very big man, it just amazes me that he walks unaided. Anyway, to your silent question, yes, he does “cum” during his session. We do a lot of mutual back and forth and then he ends with his triumphant release! My late day client was another regular that just get’s really into my pussy juices as well. He takes a bath in them practically. He loves my mouth on his “Skippy” and my tongue on his cock and shaft, all up and down it, he holds back as he wants to ride “Penelope”. Several positions, missionary, me on cowgirl and doggie, he stops short (amazing control!) and then wants to cum all over my breasts and stomach. I told him, “Go for it”, and he did. He must have saved up for days on that one!

I ended up with a Tuesday evening 2 and a 1/2 hour gentlemen (newly verified) and all I can say is can he make out! Deep French kissing session that lasted about the first forty-five minutes of our meet. We then worked into naked body to body and then I rimmed him and did a prostate massage on him. We went back to a lot of the GFE, make out session and brought him to a culmination boom! He and I got along swimmingly and he said he would be back!

On Wednesday, I had a couple of regulars and a newly verified gentlemen. One of my out of towner regulars visited me early that day for two bareback blowjobs. I usually get him for two pops and both have great protein for me! We start out with along make out session (he is an awesome kisser) and then work on his “Skippy”. I have a pretty good rhythm of getting him off by now. I can tell by his breathing as to how close I am getting to having him climax. And bingo, a mouth full of cum twice! 

Then I had a newly verified gentlemen that looked to be shaking like a leaf when he came in. He doesn’t like internet reading so it makes it tough for him to be comfortable. If he read more about me, he wouldn’t have been shaking so much! We started with a make-out session, he went down and introduced himself to Cleo and Penelope, lots of licking and suction on my clit, then I couldn’t hold in my climax, wow. I went down and licked and sucked him dry! He left with a smile on his face! The last client was another regular that enjoys dining at the Y. I was having a wonderfully satisfying week! He sucked my titties, licked me up and down, landed on Cleo and Penelope and continued to go at it until I came twice. I turned him over for a sensual massage, did some rimming of him and turned him back over and licked and sucked his shaft up and down. He came in my mouth in a wild eruption!

On Thursday, I had a few clients visit, two newly verified clients and a regular of mine. The regular has been coming to see me once a week lately. He is definitely a GFE lover and spends lots of love time on my body, both sets of lips. A lot of naked body to body, deep French kissing and then he dines on Cleo and moves his fingers in and out of Penelope. He provides me my first protein shake of the day! The two new clients, one was more instrumental and the other loves the passion and mutual back and forth. The more instrumental (not a kisser) one just wanted a blow job and then a fuck session, it happened, he had both and left happy. The last client of the day was very passionate. He loved the make-out session, lots of naked body to body, licking and sucking on me up and down. He loves sucking titties and went down and enjoyed meeting Cleo and Penelope. I did get him off orally first and he enjoyed cumming in my mouth. He ended up erupting a second time after we had a very nice “pillow talk” session in between.

On Friday, I started out with a light BDSM/strapon/golden shower client, a regular. He came over and wanted me to punish him with some spankings, and I made him service me. My pussy rode his face and he licked the titties at length and went back to having him service me more. Then I peed on him and he showered off and joined me back in bed. I fucked him with my strapon and played and kissed and licked and worshipped cock while fucking him. He erupted with a huge orgasm that gave me quite a size-able load of protein.  Then after that, a couple more regulars joined me. One was a quiet retired gentlemen from near the airport that drives over to see me once a month. He worships Penelope and Cleo and then we switched to more of a 69 and then he came with a gush in my mouth.  The last client, another regular likes to role play, a rape fantasy. I’m the “girl next girl” that needs her plumbing worked on and he comes in to service it.  He enjoys overpowering this girl next store and tells me I really want it. He tries to tie me up but that doesn’t work as I am strong enough to pull out of restraints. Anyway, he makes me service his cock and then he blows in my mouth for the finale!

On Saturday, I hosted at my place as my roommate visits with his dad that day. I had a few  clients visit including a couple of newly verified clients. One of the newly verified clients enjoys the mutual affection, lots of deep French kissing, naked body to body and loved sucking and licking my clit. He then came in my mouth. The second round was an attempt at intercourse but it wasn’t to be. We call that 1 1/2 pops. One of my “Originals” from 2014 came to see me and I gave him the usual both oral and then he gets on me to ride me home. I’m his frisky filly! We always have a good visit afterwards as we have a lot to catch up on. He was happy to hear that I am now officially a “GILF” after the birth of my first grandchild the other day, a little girl. 

So that about does it for the week. I was very happy to have such adoration from my gentlemen visitors. I just enjoy my clientele so much! Looking forward to the new week as I so enjoy my business! Thank you to all the gentlemen that “fell off the fence” last week! Many said they would be back!

Thank you to all that brought me tips last week. I truly appreciate the generosity of my clients even though it is never expected.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,