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The Anita Diaries - May 21st thru May 24th, 2018 (short week)

Good evening all. Yes, it’s your favorite tigress checking in for an abbreviated The Anita Diaries as last week was a quick one since I ended with Thursday as I was sick Friday. I am feeling better tonight after a lot of naps this weekend. Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. 

On Monday, I had an easier day in that a "regular" client bought my day.  Yes, he loves to lick and suck my body everywhere and loves deep French kisses.  A lot of make-out sessions.  We watched a couple of moves including one sad one, “Only The Brave” about firefighters. Well, it was a difficult movie in that I had to have it stopped twice to attack my client as watching firefighters always turns me on! Then the last part of the movie, it was definitely tragic. I hate sad movies, we always expect the heroes to save the day and in some cases that is not possible.  Anyway, lots of heavy lovemaking  after the movie and then he woke me in the middle of night for more. An insatiable lover!

On Tuesday, because of check-in times, I couldn’t check into hotel until 3pm so that was my start time.  My first gentlemen was a recently screened one. He simply wanted two blowjobs and no kissing or passion. Yes, I have a gifted mouth and it worked wonderfully here. He left with a smile on his face.  After that, another newly screen gentlemen that came along to attack me and rip my clothes off!  He had been a longtime reader of the blog that fell off the fence. We were wildly panting and tearing each others clothes down, a lot of naked body to body and then some 69, then after that, the wild sucking, licking I did to completion.  The third and last is a regular of mine that came from the far north. He is a chef and he always gets me cooking for him.  A lot of mutual oral, lots of sucking, licking, naked body to body and then enjoys riding “Penelope the Pussy”. After that, he provided a protein shake. I was so thirsty and thankful for him driving all that way and giving me my sustenance!

On Wednesday, it was all “regulars’ that joined me. The first visitor was a wild senior gentlemen that loves the mutual oral, he gets up close and personal with “Penelope the Pussy” and “Cleo the Clit”.  After some 69 and some licking, sucking, and deep French kissing, this wild tigress had her protein and said “Thank you, sir!”.  Then the next client was the “Pussy Muncher” who again attaches his mouth to my pussy and licks and sucks the life out of me. He then deep French kisses me for a while and I can taste my pussy all over his face. He then gives me a fully body licking and sucking on both front and back. He relaxes me so much. Then I go back to sucking his “Skippy” and he cums in my mouth. Afterwards he goes back down on me and gets me cum again. It was in the double digits again! The last client that visited on Wednesday had brought me the “Magic Wand” and he used it on me until I had to cry “Uncle”!  I bossed him around, gave him lots of spankings, then went ahead and made him suck and lick my pussy and then kissing him off of me. I then decided to fuck his ass and he had nothing to say for it as he said it was the most awesome experience.  Yes, I played with his cock while I was fucking him and he said that explosion came from his toes!

On Thursday, I had two new gentlemen clients and a regular join me for my last day working. It was all GFE (or girlfriend experience without the drama).  The first gentlemen had just fallen off the fence from a few weeks ago. He had to admit, he loved how are bodies fitted together. We were very much “tied up” for the original hour. The wild sensual licking and sucking, deep French kissing and lots of our bodies enjoying the attention. He sucks my titties like he doesn’t want to let go. The second gentlemen was one that had been riding the fence for awhile but was very happy when the appointment kept going into the passionate realm he enjoyed. Then afterwards, he received his “pop” as he kept hoping for a second pop, this wild tigress continued to suck and lick him and low and behold, he came again.  Two protein shakes were in my mouth! The last client that came over was a long lost regular that I hadn’t seen in awhile. Boy did he enjoy the deep French kissing, lots of mutual oral and he used the Magic Wand on me. I had multiple orgasms with that toy! He then decided he wanted to ride “Penelope” so I put a “cover” on him and started riding him, then he got behind me and fucked me, and then the final fucking me missionary and then pulled out in time to finish with his cock in my mouth and blew his cum down my throat. What a day of sucking, licking and fucking!

As I said, Friday I cancelled the girlfriend fun day with Jackie as I wasn't feeling well. My college age son came into town for the weekend and I just spent more time with him. 

A special thank you to those clients that gave me coffee, candy and tips. It is never expected and always appreciated.

I hope everyone has a great week.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,