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The Anita Diaries - May 14th thru May 22, 2017

So gentlemen, the week from HE Double hockey sticks is over! Yes, I have to admit the Mother's Day holiday did make me a little out of sorts. I am normally zippy and happy and not usually down in the dumps but for some reason that holiday sends me into a bit of a funk. My Mother's Day weekend is a bit difficult usually because my mother did pass away from Ovarian Cancer back in 2008 and my father had a heart attack and died on Mother's Day back in 1987 (I had just finished my Junior Year in College). I basically lived with my mother for almost a year taking care of her in her last year of life. I wouldn't trade that time for anything. She was my best friend and I miss her everyday. 

So anyway, made it through and very grateful to all that sent me well wishes and showed up in person to cheer me up and many emails sent to me to try to get me to snap out of it a bit. I will say it again, I have a fantastic regular clientele and have had very good luck finding new clients that are just as sweet and kind to this overly sensitive Wild Tigress.  

Anyway, I made it through, had a lot of great visitors this past week. Many verified newbies and regulars came to see me. I have to say most of the client's were super passionate and did their best to get me off, kissing me passionately (yes deep french kisses do help get me off), licking my pussy with wild abandon, fingering me, massaging me, the whole nine yards. I maybe was a little more difficult to get off this past week mainly due to the depressed funky mindset I was in. But good news, starting this past Saturday and today, I had so many O's that I was almost ready to self destruct. I attacked many of legs and was humping so hard I thought I would take some legs off with me. At least now I know I am capable of cumming again! 

Quite a few in the past week wanted the prostate, strap-on play and even some came for me to give them Golden Showers. This Wild Anita enjoyed fucking the gentlemen that were into it. I had one that finished the day today and it was his first time with strapon play and he is a CONVERT now. Usually Anita starts out with the rimming, then the fingering (after some lubing up) and then the toy prostate massage and then finally the strap-on. It is a lot of work but I do get off on my gents having a wonderful time!

I had lots of great conversations with my gentlemen this past week including today. I just enjoy so much the back and forth conversations after the sensual passionate time. I get excited knowing my gentlemen are enjoying themselves and the long talks during and after, well it is icing on the cake!

I was grateful to a few gentlemen that brought red wine, candy, flowers and coffee to me as well as the tips. I appreciate the attention and thoughtfulness. 

I had plenty of gentlemen that gave me great ideas for my Las Vegas trip. A couple Las Vegas residents visited me this past week and said I could make a lot of money there in Vegas as an Escort (after they enjoyed my session). I told them that this time I won't be entertaining there as I will be with family on vacation but I will take all good ideas that they can share for the "Don't miss" parts of Las Vegas. Someday maybe I'll go back and see if what they said is true regarding the Escort part.

I think this Wild Tigress is totally looking forward to a break but I will be back ready to do some passionate kisses, cowgirl riding, sloppy sucking cock, and enjoying of my gentlemen's parts. No worries that I don't appreciate all that you have to offer me, he he! Love those lips, strong arm hugs and protein shakes! It's wonderful that gentlemen that visit me want long make out sessions. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,