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The Anita Diaries March 6 - March 12th

It has been a quiet week, gentlemen! I did have my share of my favorite regulars that visited me at my West Schaumburg townhouse (you all know who you are, sweethearts!), and a couple long lost clients visit me in Oak Brook on Wednesday and Thursday and some new friends as well. Thank you to my new friends for verifying with me even though it isn't a comfortable practice. Wild Anita isn't wild to do this but I obviously want to be safe and not arrested or not murdered. I had one gent (should I even call him that?) when I was in Oak Brook on Wednesday call me a dumbass whore who deserves what she gets for doing what I do after asking him to verify. Immediate phone block!

I took Tuesday and most of Friday off. Tuesday was my 3 hour to and from Dubuque road trip to drop off my son's golf clubs and to take him and his sweetheart to dinner. Yes, I will drop everything for my kids! I understand how important certain things are for them including tee times!

Golf time is almost here! Gents, I can't wait until you visit me after your tee times! I have a few that tack cock time on after golf! There isn't a ball girl better than this Wild Anita!

I had one particular long lost client from not too long after I started in March or April 2014 visit me in Oak Brook Thursday. Boy was he a passionate one! I was happy to see him back. Yes, he admitted I was an awful provider in 2014 but I have vastly improved in present day 2017 and he was HAPPY to be back with me again! Thankful he gave me a second chance! 

I'll admit I think of it as a victory to get gentlemen back that wrote me off as "should choose another line of work." ME of the unaltered french skills, the gifted bbbjcim swallow queen, the best rimmer in Chicago, the Wild Gilf that loves what she does and does it with enthusiasm! Yes, not the perfect body so if in search of the spinner barbie doll and I did not meet your expections in 2014 through 2017, please DO NOT find me again as I am what I am and if you wanted me to be the perfect body then, that won't have changed!

Yes, LJPT23, Lewmed48 and ToneTone3, you were dicks back in 2014 and you'd still be the same dicks today! Fattrombone and Hooty141, you were dicks when you saw me (and you didn't wash down there, gross) and you're still dicks today. 

A lot of lowballers in Oak Brook. For those of you that don't understand, lowballing donations is an insult. Amy and I work hard for our money and we don't overcharge for what we do. We are much more reasonable than many providers that do this.  I mean many providers charge $300 and up for you all just to see them by themselves. When Amy and I were charging $300 per hour for 2 women (we charged $320 per hour for dom play and toys used on men), that should be considered a DEAL! You get two for the price of one! I mean guys offering for $60 per girl for a half hour ($120 for both of us). One gentlemen was an old regular of mine and he was upset I couldn't do a half hour for $100 (it is now $120 half hour). For a $20 difference, I had several quibblers. Still scratching my head as to how $20 makes a difference but we can now call these gentlemen the "lonely cock club" as their cocks remained lonely that day, he he!  

Whatever was in the water in Oak Brook overall was not pleasant and I am a bit ashamed of the male population in that area. Not only were we insulted regarding our donations, we were insulted regarding requesting light screening/verification. Many not too gentlemanly men apparent in the Oak Brook area on Wednesday and Thursday. 

Have a great week, gents! 

Hugs and kisses,