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The Anita Diaries - March 19th - March 25th

Good evening, gents! Yes, a lively week full of fun. Enjoyed many regulars and some new clients that took the time to screen via my form or via email (thank you all, sweets!). It wasn't as busy as the previous week as no TER reviews this week but I'll take consistency over super busy or super slow any day of the week! It allows me time to get to know the new clients as well as spend enough time screening and getting back to prospective clients to prebook for this week. So yes, I do have some prebooks for the coming week and I am looking forward to meeting them! 

The bad part of this week, I still have the nasty ear infection and can only hear out of the left ear, not the right ear. My general doctor had no answers so I have to go to a specialist Doctor for Ear Nose and Throat who hopefully has more of a scope to check behind the ear area to see what the general doctor couldn't see. All I know is I can't wait to have this issue solved and to be well. I know it's at the infection stage so is not contagious but I truly want to hear what my gents have to say when they are with me and hate having to strain to hear.

It does impair my hearing during phone calls so for those that find that Anita seems unattentive or just overall not able to understand anything on the phone, I am truly sorry! Sorry, there are some callers that deserve not to be understood. I am White/Caucasian and I am not Hispanic or Polish (no offense to those that are though). So please speak English or if you can't, I'll take a pass. Also know that I do like talking on the phone to gentlemen (some prefer to get more comfortable with me via a phone call first) but I am not going to take a pass on my safety and have you come to my place without verifying first.

So if you cut to the chase and send me an email to verify or complete my screening form, I do promise to be as speedy as possible in its review and I can sometimes get same day sessions in place if the gents move quickly on their end. To be honest, it really is in your court as I am very responsive. If I haven't responded within an hour of its receipt, there could have been a technical difficulty and I hadn't received it. I am willing to take the screening via email or via text as long as the gentlemen is willing to provide all that is needed there. Some are cagey and say they are RS2K registered but alas, they don't provide the necessary information.

Here's the scoop on RS2K (or RS-AVS as they are now known as) for those registered there:  I need your first and last name (first name should be what it is on your Drivers License or ID, not your SHORT name, likely, what your mommy named you), city, state (again, as it is on your ID) and whatever telephone number THEY have for you. It's been a tough week as so many Bob, Mike, Rob, Dick, whomever, think that the short names work with RS2K and they don't. And poor Anita and other providers spend a lot more time verifying than they need to. 

Now, back to the week at hand, yes, many times Anita was found on her knees, but totally enjoying COCK as she should. I mean, what's a girl to do, all I really want is the cum to blow down my throat and provide the protein meal that is needed. Also, some real hot times with new clients and regulars. I had a nice visit after the gents and I were finished. I don't rush my clients but there is always lots of conversation afterwards and I share a lot of my stories or just my everyday stuff with them and they share fun things back. I can honestly say I LOVE my job because of whom comes to visit. It is all no strings and I don't follow the gents out the door but I have a great group of clientele and I add to the list of regulars GLADLY! Wild times between the sheets and fun relaxing conversation both before and after. 

Now, I do have limited appointments to give out because of being in a townhouse versus a hotel or apartment as I can't have an assembly line in my area or make anything look too obvious. So for those of you that have tried and hadn't been able to get in same day or next day, please give me understanding and patience. Some day it will work! I do have many completing screening forms and prebooking appointments so if you call at 9am and get a no, it won't work this morning or afternoon, don't take it personal or think Anita must have 80 men coming over! In reality, I have a limited number that I can accept daily and I won't go over on it.  I don't want to lose the place I live so it is imperative that I stick to the number limits that I have in place.

Lastly, sharing a funny with you regarding the picture that is a part of this post. I believe I AM saving lives however so if all of you that visit me get a huge health bump from getting your cock sucked on a regular basis, Wild Anita is sure glad to help! As long as you don't mind keeping my motor running and some of you do a great job at licking and sucking my clit and nipples, thank you! As well as riding me, yeehaw! So of course, I am happy to help men avoid heart issues by getting lots of sucking action from Wild Anita! Thank you all for those protein shakes! 

Have a great week!

Your wild, voraciously hungry girl,