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The Anita Diaries - March 18th thru March 24th, 2018

Hello everyone! No more commenting over SESTA at least until we see the timing of when it becomes effective. I’m going to keep being the real Wild Anita for as long as I can before switching over to “prim and proper” Anita. I’ll even use the right fork, knife and spoon at dinner!

This week was a pretty good week, not overwhelming but I did pick up a bit in business and I need to thank all of those fence riders that jumped off the fence within the last few weeks, screened with me and many of them joined me this week as new clientele. Pretty much a GFE week with lots of passionate make-out sessions. I only had a couple gentlemen join me for strap-on sessions (that are a part of my Light BDSM package). On Monday I had two gentlemen, a regular and a new client, both of which are nice men. The new client might not be back with me as he was age 30, younger in thought and didn’t like me touching him too much. The last client of the day was a fun long-time mature regular of mine who enjoyed passionate kissing, some horizontal mambo, “mish” for the first pop and a lot of my sucking action on his cock and rimming, to elicit a yowza response for his second pop. I am always grateful to get a liquid meal when I can. 

On Tuesday, I had a couple of newly verified clients (“thank you!”) and a new regular (his second time with me). All fantastic kissers, I loved it! I think I am much more nervous with new gentlemen visiting because I seek to please and make them happy and worry that I don’t. They all seemed to enjoy themselves though so I am always happy when I notice that. I can say it was a lot of men dining on me that day.  So “Cleo” was swelling larger into a “little dick” with every appointment. They fingered me well so enjoyed “Penelope the pussy” and it ended with much more protein than I expected. All seemed to love naked body to body.  I think it is hard for me to handle gentlemen that don’t want me to touch them because frankly I don’t know what to do with myself for the hour. Thankfully I didn’t have that with any of my Tuesday clients.

On Wednesday, a pretty great day of laying back and enjoying a couple of new client’s with their mouths all over me and just body to body rubbing, deep French kissing, a lot of make-out sessions, yes, and just enjoying getting to know one another. With new client’s, it’s the bonding with our bodies but also with our minds as well. We have some great conversations, and as they know much about me before they arrive as I put it out there in front of them in my blog, they are like old friends when they leave me, with happy smiles on their faces. 

On Thursday, it was “young bucks" day as the two newly verified clients that joined me were in their mid/late 30s. I did enjoy getting to know them and they had much enthusiasm enjoying kissing me and just enjoying having a mature woman sucking and rimming them. They painted pictures of little or no sex at home which in their 30’s, well it is odd. I am sure all of you in the hobby did have some sex in your 30’s at home with the wife. Many of you mature gentlemen tell of how menopause affected your sex lifes in your 50’s, but not as many tell me those stories of “sex leaving” in your 30’s. We got to know each other and they enjoyed fingering “Penelope” and my licking and sucking them to their requested finish. I did share in their misery as I was pretty much ignored sexually after my children were born (I had my children in my 20’s).

Back in 2014 I was pretty much “ready, willing and able” to enjoy all the sex I wanted after joining the worlds oldest profession. Some of my reviews back then weren’t as kind but I can tell you, I always had the enthusiasm even back then, I just didn’t have the mad “mouth skills” I have now. Some men didn’t think I kissed well back then either but I can tell you my kissing has greatly improved and I work on my deep French kissing skills on a daily basis to get better and better at it.

On Friday, I had a long standing mature regular (one of the “originals” from back in 2014) join me for much GFE enjoyment in a 90 minute session and he let me “pop his cherry” via a strapon session. He said he wanted me to be his first. He has enjoyed the rimming always but he kind of knew he had an interest in prostate fun, it was a bucket list item. He admitted that the orgasm from that did come from his toes! His legs were a bit rubbery when he left me but he admitted it was fun.

On Saturday, probably in response to my post of Saturday hours on Friday but I did get a wonderful assortment of three newly verified clientele, of which we all seemed to have a wonderful time in each session. A lot of great “getting to know you” conversations as well as playing with each others parts, passionate deep french kissing (make-out sessions, yeah!), a lot of naked body to body and such great DATY skills from a couple of them. I had multiple orgasms for real that day.  One wanted to take a ride on “Penelope” which I appreciate because it doesn’t happen as often. I get a lot of mutual oral but “fuck sessions” aren’t as often. It gives me great exercise, or should I say “sexercise”. 

So while I was writing this, I had a nasty message from someone via my website contact form that wanted me to know "he" (not sure, it could be a "she")  hadn’t been back to see me due to me having a hygiene issue. I will say that I am always freshly showered and clean for every appointment and my place in Schaumburg is beautiful. I will not be bullied or treated badly by anyone. I can be more descriptive about where they can go but I do have some manners of which is missing by those that are targeting me (probably a competitor due to my success, or someone I had rejected in the past). 

Thank you to all of you who brought me tips, wine, chocolate and flowers this week. As always, it is greatly appreciated and never expected. 

So onto a new week, and looking forward to seeing those that can visit me Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday of this week. It is a shorter week due to a trip out to Iowa that I need to take. Monday thru Wednesday’s hours are 630am thru 7pm. 

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,