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The Anita Diaries - March 12th thru March 17th, 2018

Good evening, all. It’s been an up and down week and as you guessed by this wild tigress poor attitude on my Monday March 12th posting, it started out poorly but ended quite well, thank you! I know, suffice to say, if I am in a foul mood, you will all know about it! But I am in a much better mood today so I can just say that the week improved after the first couple of slower days.

On Monday, I had a retired regular make it to my tigress den in early afternoon which ended up being the only client of the day but if I am to have anyone, I do love my regulars. I mainly enjoy the comraderie, the sensual passion (my make-out sessions, oh la la!) and just the ease of which the hour goes when I can just relax with someone I have been with a few other times.

I have to admit, I am a bit more nervous when new clients visit me because I don’t know if I make the good impression every time. I try my best but I am finally realizing (when I read some of my reviews) that I cannot please everyone and not everyone will want to come back. I do have a pretty high ratio of return but there are some new clientele even this week that won’t be returners or if they do, it will be a long time between visits.

For instance, if I have gentlemen that are traveling quite the distance to see me (I had an Iowa resident, Indiana resident that visited me (both that drove four hours), and a Gurnee resident that works a lot of hours), then if they do come back, it will be only periodically when they have reason to travel this direction again. In that respect, I totally understand. I do have many regulars that see me pretty often (once or twice a month even) and for that, I send kisses of thanks in their direction.

On Tuesday, I had a couple of new verified clients visit me. One traveled from out of state and spent 90 minutes with me and the other came from downtown Chicago to spend an hour light BDSM, both in the area for meetings. The light BDSM gentlemen wanted me to fuck him with my strapon and the 90 minute gentlemen was a deep French kisser that enjoys the passion. They both seemed to enjoy themselves but as usual, I always worry that they are having a good time or that I somehow did not live up to the wild Anita or mistress Anita reputation. I could have more visitors that day but everyone wanted the same appointment times and I refuse to have my clients lined up outside.

It’s a discretion thing and it allows me to stay under the radar in my neighborhood. For those of you that are concerned about me in a townhouse community, do not worry that I do anything to alert the media. If I’m at all concerned, I cut off the business during the day before I let anything seem out of the ordinary around here. I want to keep my beautiful place for as long as I can.

On Wednesday, I had a photographer stop by to take more pictures of me in the morning. I had to turn down a couple of appointment requests (sorry, fellas) but I did host a couple of clients in the afternoon. I had been given an offer by a professional photographer to have some pictures taken at my place and since the February photos for this year were studio taken, I took the gentlemen up on the deal of a lifetime and took some home photos. I just posted them in my Photos under March 14, 2018. Hope you all get a look at them that turns up the heat in your loins! Again, please feel free to let me know via email or text message what you think!

The gentlemen on Wednesday afternoon were also new but both again from out of the area so it wouldn’t be often for a return. Both wanted mainly a message and blow job (one a covered blowjob, which was his request, and the other an uncovered blowjob). Neither liked to kiss.  So yes, those appointments seem much more impersonal and as I have said before, it is difficult to make a “connection” with anyone without the deep French kissing, those fun make-out sessions. I do enjoy being that GFE (or girlfriend experience, without the drama) to my gentlemen. When they ask for covered blowjob, yes, I do comply though I have to admit that I wonder why men spend the money on covered blowjobs when their hands are cheaper. Face it, covered blowjobs rarely have the feeling that the uncovered blowjobs do. I can tell the reaction from men when they receive covered versus uncovered. The men that receive uncovered, I mean they bucking on the bed and totally seem enraptured. The covered blowjob guy was largely silent when he came. Both nice friendly gentlemen, so it doesn’t bother me that they chose me because we always get a conversation going and it makes the day pleasant and less quiet. After all, I can’t stand not having business at all as you can all tell!

The remainder part of the week, Thursday through Saturday, well, the time flew and yes, it ended being quite busy. I was much more in a great mood and was humming along, lot’s of smiles and just totally into each of my gentlemen clients that visited. On Thursday, it started at 6:30am with many regulars and ended at 7pm with a new client that had a two hour visit with me. From the very beginning to the very end of the day, it was all GFE, make out sessions with a lot of deep French kissing, naked body to body and lots of of DATY, men love sucking on “Cleo the Clit” and fingering “Penelope the Pussy”, a lot of “69”, my mouth and tongue were working overtime and then the “protein shakes” were plentiful. Yes, gentlemen, back on my high protein diet, yes! The “Pussy Muncher” was back from his vacation and spent a good part of two hours attached to “Cleo” and “Penelope”, at least sixteen orgasms, thank you! 

Their only was a couple of light BDSM parts, the middle of the day I had a “Cross Dresser”, that asked to act out a role play with him, that ended with a hand-job while sucking his nipples and the two hour client at the end of the day, ended with me fucking him with a strapon. He seemed to enjoy it even though he is not typical of the type that asks for kind of service. But even I can have things surprise me and in this instance, this gentlemen traveler that likely won’t see me often if at all in the future, well, he surprised me! We both had something in common, he wrote a book (that I read in one sitting, it kept my interest throughout!), and of course many of you know, I WANT to write a book.  Because of discretion, that’s all I’ll say about his book. He asked me to go out to dinner afterwards so I did join him and then I had to cut out a bit early because Friday was Doubles Day with SexyAss Jackie and I needed to get over to Naperville by 10am. As usual, I always need a goodnight sleep before Jackie and I meet because it is always a high adrenaline day full of constant movement.

Yes, Friday was successful mainly in that all the gentlemen we spent time with were wonderful and at least familiar to either one of us (either Jackie knew them as her client or I knew them as mine). We already had a comaraderie built so it was just nice to meet each other’s clients. In a couple of cases, a couple of her regulars were clients that I had seen a few years back when I had started out in 2014 and 2015. They all seemed to like us together and all seemed to be the typical GFE lovers, wanting constantly to be either deep French kissing us, or naked body to body with each of us, or having of us face sit on them, while they licked and sucked our pussies, and then enjoying seeing Jackie and I pleasuring each other and kissing each other. Again, fucking one of us while the other gets pleasured. I love that because frankly, Jackie has the softest tongue, she has a special gift and can get me off pretty easily. Though I don’t squirt like she does, I do get wetter. For those of you silently asking, yes, she squirted in my face again. Jackie was constantly soaking the bed (luckily she has pads she puts down for that).

We did have one no-show and it really didn't make a lot of sense as this gentlemen verified with me a day earlier and seemed earnestly excited to join us, even talking to me before he was on his way over. I do get angry at no shows because we could have given another an opportunity to join us and so many contact us and act enthusiastic about meeting us together. 

The last gentlemen seemed totally not knowing who to suck and lick first and he was totally loving us fighting over his cock, licking and sucking. He wanted me to fuck him with my strapon so I did and then both of us took turns sucking him orally until he blew his cum into my mouth (as always, grateful or the extra high protein meal!). I felt bad because I verified one additional RS-AVS gentlemen a little too late as Jackie and I ended at 9pm because Jackie needed to get up early as she was doing a weekend outcall downtown Chicago to celebrate St. Patty’s day and needed her rest as she had to be downtown Saturday at 7am.

Save the date as SexyAss Jackie and I will be back together for a “Doubles Day” on Friday, April 20th in Naperville, 10am through 11pm.

I slept in a little later Saturday morning but did have a couple of new clients, one at 11am for 90 minutes and one at 1pm. Both very interesting mature gentlemen and loved our talks before, during and after our time together. In both cases, GFE appointments with lots of passion, lots of body to body, both seemed to love my mouth and tongue, and seemed to love rolling around naked with me, as well as loving to suck and lick my pussy. To be honest, pretty much most of my week was enjoying being pleasured. I had a great week that way. Both appointments ended with the gentlemen having a fabulous oral orgasm. I was a bit tired out from Friday, so I ended early on Saturday so I could go out and get some “Corned Beef and Cabbage” for dinner and have a Martini to finish the week of work.

A special thank you to those gentlemen (you know who you are) for all the tips this week as well as the coffee, wine, flowers, coffee cup and gift cards.

Looking forward to this week as I have had a day break and I am hornily awaiting lots of orgasmic attention from my clientele.

Hugs and voraciously hungry kisses,